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Health and Medical Issues For other than injuries

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Old 09-08-2008, 03:04 AM   #1
Chris H Laing
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is acne a medical issue?

Hey guys,
Its not really a medical issue I have but this is the only thread that would be appropriate for the post.
So heres the situation, I worked out a lot during the school year last year, doing a lot of bodybuilding body part splits and more compound barbell exercises, a la SS, towards the end of the year. And I noticed that when I started the barbell compound exercises, I began to get a lot of backne(acne on your back ). Then the winter turns to summer and bodybuilding turned to crossfit for me, and the acne went away. But now that schools starting up again I'm already getting more backne. I'm still doing crossfit, and the only difference nutritionally is that I'm eating more to try and put on some size during the school year.
Anyone know whats going on, or is it just my raging teenage hormones?

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Old 09-08-2008, 04:22 AM   #2
Robert Johnson
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Re: is acne a medical issue?

Milk? Grains? Lack of fat? Poor digestion?

Assuming you don't eat rubbish, do eat veg, that is.

Milk seems to make a huge (complete?) difference for some people.
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Edward Stibick
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Re: is acne a medical issue?

Could be the weather situation, added stress due to school, even possibly just a difference in the workout is effecting your body differently. Best solution in my book for backne is a hot shower as soon as you can after a workout with a good showerbrush, works for me.
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Jack Turner
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Re: is acne a medical issue?

As someone that was genetically blessed with acne and sensitive skin i have had the same problem. Mine didnt start till I was about 23 and Im 25 and had severe "backne" that started on a deployment to Iraq. they were large painful zits and they just kept coming. I changed my diet, workout plan, everything I could think of. I have noticed that weather and climate play a role in break outs as well as stress and water intake. I finally went to the doctor and they put me on accutane. Its a rather harsh drug, with a lot of potential side effects. Mainly for me was really dry skin and lips. 6 months of taking this stuff and then stopped about a year ago, and havent had a zit on my back since. There is also antibiotics they will prescribe you first, no of which hepled me. I feel your pain man. Ask your doc, it can be fixed.
It doesnt get any just get better at it.
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