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Old 02-22-2010, 09:47 PM   #1
Chris Rasmussen
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Leveling a Weightlifting Platform (Compound Angle)

Hi everyone,

When I was building my garage gym I jumped right in and built a weightlifting platform according to the steps posted on Mike's Gym. Easy enough... got the wood at Home Depot, the stall mats at Tractor Supply Co. and finished it off with two coats of a stain/poly mix. I was very pleased with my work... I placed my Squat Stands and Bar on the platform and stepped back to admire the finished product. Only then did I realize I might have some more work... the bar was not level! Of course... it wouldn't be... garages have a slope to allow for water drainage. I got out my level and measuring tape and realized I had almost a 2 drop over the 8' platform from the back of the garage to the front. However, it wasn't that easy... I also had a drop of about 1 going the other direction and the highpoint wasn't in the corner (compound angles).

I searched the CrossFit board and got some ideas... and then decided to take the following approach (Caution this approach is only worth the work if you have a compound angle):

Step 1: Find the Highpoint on your floor (all measurements will be taken from here)
Step 2: Lay down a base of 1/8 fiberboard and mark off a 12 grid (picture 1)
Step 3: Measure the drop from the highpoint at each point to get a feel for how much you need to build up each point to be level with the highpoint.
Step 4: Cut out 3/4 particle board sections and glue them down to the fiberboard base with construction glue (picture 2)
Step 5: Continue measuring from the highpoint and cut out 1/8 fiberboard sections to fill in low areas and glue down with construction glue (picture 3).
Step 6: Glue down 1/8 fiberboard solid pieces on top of the finished base.

If you're smarter than I, you can now build your weightlifting platform on top of the base. Use your drywall screws to attach the first level of the platform directly to the leveled base. If not, and you're in the same pickle I was in, then you can role the platform back onto the base using 3 PVC pipe (picture 4). A finished platform is very heavy and the 3 pipe worked very well for me. I didn't use screws or glue to secure the platform to the level base and it hasn't moved at all (picture 5).

I hope this helps... it was quite a bit of work... buy my platform is level and I'm proud of the end result!

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Old 02-23-2010, 10:26 AM   #2
Randy Tarasevich
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Re: Leveling a Weightlifting Platform (Compound Angle)

Nice work!
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Old 02-23-2010, 01:54 PM   #3
Denver Buchanan
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Re: Leveling a Weightlifting Platform (Compound Angle)

Wow, that looks like a fair amount of work. Nice job.

Are all garage floors uneven? Because I also built my platform in the garage, but I have to say it seems pretty level to me. However, I haven't done very exact measurements.
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Old 02-23-2010, 02:21 PM   #4
Chris Rasmussen
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Re: Leveling a Weightlifting Platform (Compound Angle)

I think it depends on the local code and how old the house is. I think in North Carolina that new houses have to have a slope. Mine was enough of a slope to make a difference. I was worried about getting injured if I continued to lift on a consistently angled modal domain!

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Old 08-02-2010, 11:15 PM   #5
Mauricio Leal
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Re: Leveling a Weightlifting Platform (Compound Angle)

Bumping this for a couple questions:

It looks like you got at least 8 levels of fiberboard there.

1) How much square footage of this stuff did you end up using, and how has it held up so far?

2) How long did it take you to do the piece by piece measurement and assembly?

3) Is there a reason the layer contours are so non-uniform (apparently) on the left side (3rd pic)? Did you just do it by trial and error with a level?

4) Any other words of advice/lessons learned from the experience?

I'm looking to do something similar for an outdoor platform project of mine (probably building several platforms, and maybe one large-ish one (20x20')), but with rises of ~1-3" over 8' in both directions I'm considering putting the whole thing on piers. This grid/layers idea seems a lot more stable and potentially simpler/cheaper though, so it might be just the fix I'm looking for. Thanks in advance.
CrossFit Cypher
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