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Health and Medical Issues For other than injuries

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Old 10-03-2008, 05:36 AM   #11
Camille Lore
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Re: Testosterone test confliction

Mike- do you track your food on Fitday?
I'm a bit focused on food lately, have no knowledge of these labs. However, I know that zoning made me tired, cranky and moody.
I now eat much more and have way more energy and my moods are more stable.
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Frank E Morel
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Re: Testosterone test confliction

ah.. no I am not asset ... I am one of many on here that make up a great community.
Creating heaven on earth: one deadlift session at a time.
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Old 10-18-2008, 03:51 PM   #13
Pat Quigley
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Re: Testosterone test confliction

hormonal testing is risky if done in isolation from other hormonal evaluation. If the total testosterone looks good and the free (or more importantly the bioavailable testosterone---yes they can do the assay and calculation for you at the lab) testosterone is low, the question arises as to where did it go. Testosterone is bound to SHBG and to a lesser extent prolactin. Testosterone is produced by testis and to a lesser degree (for males anyway) in the adrenals. The pituitary releases LH to signal the need for release. So an adequate evaluation would include all of the above: LH, SHBG, Prolactin, and some assay of adrenals. As the adrenals will effect the thyroid, it makes sense to look at TSH, T4, and T3. You sound like you are really fit so I'd suppose that you don't carry allot of fat around the belly. This fat contains an enzyme (aromatace) that converts testosterone into estrogen. So looking at estrodial is important. If estrodial is too high or too low, males can experience mood and anxiety problems. The doctor, I'd imagine, ruled out diabetes and any related blood sugar problem. Test would be for serum glucose. As some else suggested overtraining and adequate sleep are to be considered. Further, blood work is more valid for assessing hormones when you have refrained from sex and exercise for 24 hours. Drink a glass or two of water before the draw--- and don't eat before. Early morning is best for the draw. If you need to do multiple draws and follow ups, keep the time of day consistent.

Originally Posted by Mike Shaw View Post
Hello all,

Im questioning some results i have received from my doctor regarding Testosterone levels and would appreciate any explanation.
Ive been on a strength type program (heavy cleans, dead's, squats) with mixtures of CF & BJJ thrown in for good measure.
I eat mostly Paleo yet for a long time i have lacked energy levels, suffered mood swings and irritabilty and thought it was time to get something checked.

Blood work was done and my T levels produced conflicting results:
Testosterone level was: 23 (0 - 24)
Free Testosterone Level: 34 (60 - 110)

The following note was applied:
The free testosterone assay is subject to marked post prandial interference from fatty acids in the foods.
Apparent values may halve in the hour or 2 after a meal.
In males total Testosterone seems to be a more reliable indication of Androgen Status.

The morning of the test I ate what I eat every day, 3 egg omelete with fruit and fish oil, the test would have been approx 3 hours after this.

The doctor feels from his position as an athlete and doctor he would try Testosterone (shots) but said another doctor would look at it and may not be so understanding??? Im on the top of the T levels but well below Free T levels which is apparently what flows through the bloodstream and the body has access to????

Many thanks in advance for any advice offered....

Kind Regards
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