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Health and Medical Issues For other than injuries

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Sean Dunston
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Re: 5 common medical procedures

Hey Andrew-
Sorry it took me a while to respond to this. You bring up good points.

Originally Posted by Andrew N. Casey View Post
not sure if i am following 100% the same line of thinking as you or not.... but i definetly think there is a link between a breakdown of society in regards to values and the problems facing society as a whole.

with regards to the medical care, the problem is made more complex when these medical issues are consequences of a lifetime of poor choices. if you choose to disregard your health your entire life can you really be shocked when it fails on you? and the issue is linked to other issues.
Agreed. This also explores the question of whether the people know the choices they are making are bad vs. good (eating a salad with grilled chicken vs. a BigMac and large fries), or whether they are just doing what they can to keep going each day - feeding themselves.

Originally Posted by Andrew N. Casey View Post
if the same person that makes poor health decisions (smoking, drinking , diet, exercise, etc) also makes unwise financial decisions and fails to have enough money saved to provide for themselves in latter life, now should it become the duty of others to shoulder the cost of this extreme health care the person now needs? and can all of this be linked back to the decline of a wholesome society. is there a common ground that can be found between people that make poor life choices vs wise ones? obviously this is impossible to fully discuss without involving things such as politics, religion, morals, etc... but it does raise some good questions to think about. and think about it we must. because it's not going to just effect us on the big picture, but many of us personally. if you had to, how many of us could afford to start supporting our parents in 10 years and still provide for our family, continue to support our parents for another 20 years, and still save enough for retirement that our childrent don't have to support us? on the other hand, how many of us are prepared to not do all we can to prolong the life of our parents... or ourselves?
I guess we need to be positive ambassadors to the world around us. I try to do this at work, without proselytizing. I get to work early and stay late, eat healthy meals, and bring my gym bag with clothes to change into each night. My co-workers always see the bag in my office... and at night, if they're still here, they see me leaving in my gym clothes. They all know I am a fitness enthusiast, and sometimes comment on it or ask questions - when they do that, then I tell them what I think about fitness: the gym, the diet, rest and recovery, etc. Happy to note that one girl in my office recently joined an affiliate close to her house, and a guy in my office has been asking me over the past week or so about my affiliate.

When it comes to life, money and financial planning - well, I'm a trust and estate attorney, so that lines up very well with what I do for a living. I'm a firm believer in the 10% rule. These days, however, I'm not sure 10% is going to be enough.
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Old 08-16-2011, 08:24 PM   #112
Bill M. Hesse
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Re: 5 common medical procedures

I think using other's money to support other's poor decisions is a form of forced charity that we shouldn't be made to pay. I work in mental health and have to work hard to not lose my mind when I know my tax payer dollars are paying for some medicare abuser to spend a holiday up on my unit.
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