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Health and Medical Issues For other than injuries

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Old 10-19-2010, 09:46 PM   #61
Ted Apollo
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Re: Anxiety - some help, please...

hey justin! good to see you still around the crossfit community.

i'll ask around about zoloft
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Old 10-24-2010, 03:53 PM   #62
Justin Shipley
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Re: Anxiety - some help, please...

Hi Ted Thanks for responding.

For what it's worth, the meds are obviously going to take a while to kick in, but i'm experiencing better moods and markedly less anxiety after supplementing with iodine drops, B-group vitamins, zinc and magnesium ...lots of magnesium.

Sounds like adrenal fatigue could be compounding the issue, if these supps have such a quick effect.

Also making stress-reducing lifestyle changes and changing expectations and thought patterns is helping too
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Old 11-01-2010, 09:10 AM   #63
Matthew Marturano
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Re: Anxiety - some help, please...

Hi Justin,

Here are a few thoughts for you:

1. Anxiety medicines can make you feel better, but generally do not get at the root of the issue, and come with the usual list of side effects. These medications were designed to help somebody get through an acute crisis, not necessarily for chronic conditions. If you choose to continue with the medication route, I would highly suggest finding a doctor who is willing to plan an exit strategy with you.

2. Supplements can help, but you need to figure out what exactly the biochemical factors are that are causing you to feel anxious. As you mentioned, adrenal fatigue is one. There can also be a problem with your inhibitory neurotransmitters (GABA, glutamine) and believe it or not, this can sometimes be traced back to the gut rather than the brain. You also need to rule out a blood sugar issue, such as reactive hypoglycemia. Low blood sugar can induce a cortisol surge that can feel very much like a panic attack or anxiety. Then there is sympathetic/parasympathetic outflow from the spinal cord to consider.

Regarding supplements, here is a resource that may be of service to you:

Nutritional and Herbal Supplements for anxiety and anxiety-related disorders: systematic review

If magnesium is working for you, I am not at all surprised. If you continue to take magnesium, make sure it is a chelated variety (citrate, malate, aspartate, glycinate, orotate) and NOT oxide. Also be sure to divide the doses or you can get diarrhea. Liquid mag citrate is used as a natural laxative. In addition, get plenty of magnesium containing foods. Anything green has magnesium since it is at the core of the chlorophyll molecule. The darker green the better. Parsley incorporated into a tabouli salad is an exceedingly cheap option. Also the cocoa bean is a superb source of magnesium. Dark chocolate, of course. Also, plums and dates are two good fruit options.

3. Finally, when it comes to anxiety you really need to work on your mind. Generally speaking, anxious people do not have control over their own thoughts. This in itself can be anxiety-producing, but allowing your mind to run away with every little thought of how things could go wrong is a serious issue that is not going to go away with any kind of pill or supplement. There is a level of your mind that is trained to constantly look out for threats. That is what it is supposed to do- and it is exceedingly good at it. Your job is to develop a higher level of mind that knows how to trust and let go. In this respect there is a lot of self-parenting that needs to happen, and this will not change overnight. You need to apply the same kind of discipline to your mental training as you do to your physical training.

As a subset of this, if you can pinpoint your anxiety to any one particular area (health, love, money, etc.) rather than just generalized anxiety, it may be the case that you have conflicting intentions somewhere that are causing mental friction. For example, if one one level you are working hard toward financial freedom, but on another level believe that money is evil, you are conflicted and any action you take toward your goal will be met with anxiety. Make sense?

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