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Pukie's Bucket Bogus threads, trolls, and other malarkey

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Old 01-09-2009, 01:17 AM   #11
Blair Robert Lowe
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Re: steroids use

Gillian still does not look as mannish as some of the pics over at T-Nation. Huge difference.

Her boobs look real and she still has curves. I observed this but not as closely as I'd like to or other people at the games would have. Then again, well I'm sure that would be a harder workout than Frellin.

OTOH, there are so many performance enhancers out there and I'm not knowledgeable in all their usage. There are probably some out there that do not make an athlete roided out and would kill E levels and up T levels in women.

As well, Gillian was a former gymnast and holds a record of 1000 pushups in a row which is well into the endurance and hypertrophy stage of training. Just FYI, Libby was into BB as an amateur as well and it goes to show with her ultra low body fat. It appeared she had been into lifting split BB style before CF so while her BF was low, she had already lifted to the point of developing strength and muscles.
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George Noble
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Re: steroids use

Originally Posted by Clay Jones View Post
I think the assumption of guilt is is far more damaging than the presumption of innocence.
Guilty of what? The games are untested.
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Justin Moulden
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Re: steroids use

"What are your thoughts on crossfiters taking steroids and do you take them?
Remember, this girl in the video was competing in the crossfit games. Is crossfit supporting the use of steroids or is it cheating?"

Assuming (I don't know why) OP is not a troll:

The steroid question has been addressed ad nauseum on these boards and others. The Search feature is your friend. The short answer is, yes, there are people among us who are using steroids or manipulating their hormones through other exogenous means. This behavior is not typical. It is neither officially advocated or condemned, although it comes with requisite disdain when exposed.

Perhaps one day the CrossFit games WILL be drug tested, but the logistical and financial nightmare that would entail is a damn good reason not to do it. One of the keys to CrossFit's success is accessibility. Forcing each participant to pay to have drug tests performed in a controlled manner changes the competition from "World's top CrossFitter" to "World's top CrossFitter who can afford to pay for a bunch of unnecessary tests." That being said, this is only the second year. The Games will evolve.

As for Gillian, you do not know her, her history, her habits, or her physiology and neither do most of the rest of us. There exist people in the world who possess far more dedication and willpower and/or whose bodies produce far higher concentrations of the hormones which affect such things as upper-body muscle mass, larynx size, etc. than is typical. And then there are those who use steroids to the same effect.

Which of these is Gillian? Who cares? It is far more beneficial to her and to ourselves for us to assume that she is an example of the power of the human spirit and strive to live up to her example until (and not before) someone can prove otherwise. Labeling people as steroid users without hard evidence is wrong. Plain and simple. It calls into question their hard work and dedication and places them in an unfair "guilty until proven innocent" position. It is the lazy man's way of tearing down another's achievements so he can be more comfortable with his own insecurities.

This is all from a complete outsider's perspective, as I really don't know anything about the people involved aside from what's made publicly available. Just thought I'd sound off.

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