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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Travis Ransom
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Starting Again

Hello all

I have been a big fan of Crossfit for years. I got into really hard 5 years back. Doing WOD's and following the Zone Diet to a T. At my best I dropped to around 160lbs on a 5'8" frame with roughly 8-10% body fat.

Forward to present time and being away from the lifestyle for 3 years. Life changes (kids) kind of change priorities. Long story. Never got completely away from fitness all together, just not CF.

Starting the new year off I wanted to improve my fitness levels and body comp. I started off improving eating habbits and such and began working out with a purpose. I was 174lbs and I would guess somewhere maybe around 15% body fat? Since January I have dumped some weight and weigh in at 165lbs. I'm not following the Zone Diet but my calories intake per day are around 1500-1750 per day. That is in the ball park to the 17 blocks I was eating back in the day.

Now that I cut some weight I want to just start leaning out without losing muscle mass and hopefully start putting on some mass. I think I need to up my calories by atleast 1000 to make sure I'm getting this done. I feel I'm eating a good amount of food now. Should I up the calories with protein powder intake and upping my fat by say 3-5x. What is the risk factors with the Saturated fat in drinking down olive oil. Enough to be concern with?

Sorry for the long wind. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Ian Nigh
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Re: Starting Again

Hi! Welcome back to crossfit!
I think you should not worry too much about counting calories, but focus rather on the quality of your food, adequate sleep and workout intensity, If these things are dialed in, you should have no problem reaching and maintaining your optimal body composition for peak health and performance.
I do think anything under 2,500 calories is low for a male, even on a smaller frame like you mention you have. But hey, like I said, I would not sweat the calories as long as I am feeling satiated and recovering quickly from the WODs, which quality food and sleep should take care of.
As for the worries about saturated fat, there is more and more evidence showing the essential role of good quality fats in hormone balance, energy metabolism,recovery and general well being. Coconut oil is of special interest for its medium chain triglycerides shown to lower blood cholesterol levels among many other things.
I would worry more about eliminating sugars, and by this I mean nearly all carbohydrates including alcohol and grains, which seem to be the real cause of many diseases including obesity, hypertension, heart failure, etc.
One thing that has also worked well for me is intermittent fasting (anywhere from 15 to 20 hours, including sleep) and I have noticed real gains in strength while shedding body fat since I started playing with this. I do 2 or 3 of these short fasts per week with a WOD towards the end of the fast.
This is just based on my limited understanding, but is a formula that works well for me I hope this helps you.

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