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Old 09-23-2008, 05:55 PM   #1
Matt Bogdanowicz
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Location: Livermore  Ca
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US STREND Fitness Challenge Nov 8th

Male/Female Divisions
OPEN <40
HW: Heavyweight Division 200+ (no heavyweight division for women)
First timer: Mini-STREND - 50% bench press, assisted pull-ups and
chins, 20% shoulder press, assisted dips and a 1 mile run (run time
will be multiplied by 3.25 and divided into reps

Send Check/money order to: Pure Athletics 1132 Suncast lane #10
{1 mile south of HWY 50, Quail Commerce Center}
$35 per person before October 30th $45 late registration. No
event day registration
INFO: 916-933-1092 www.pureathletics. com

Elite Divison: 115% bench press, 60% rear military press seated, 115% pull ups and chins, 120% dips. All disciplines STRICT. Bungee cords and buttons are used for chins and pull ups. Dips: Two cords one is slid up to the top of shoulder at lockout and one is slid up to meet bicep at a 90 degree angle determined before you begin the set. Each discipline starts every 3 minutes, for example if you take 60 seconds to max out on reps in bench press you will have 120 seconds before the start of the pull ups. Every one begins the run 15 minutes after you begin the Bench press and run time divided into reps equals STREND factor.
See you there!!!!!
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Old 09-24-2008, 07:53 AM   #2
James R. Climer
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Re: US STREND Fitness Challenge Nov 8th

The linkee no workee....chopped off the .com

also is it Work, and Family safe?

also your post says November 8 (future), the pureathletics web site says
September 20 (past)? I'm interested in attending, but I'm very easy to confuse.
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Old 09-29-2008, 10:33 AM   #3
Matt Bogdanowicz
Member Matt Bogdanowicz is offline
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: Livermore  Ca
Posts: 38
Re: US STREND Fitness Challenge Nov 8th

It was originally scheduled for 9/20, but it is now the 8th of November

just add the .com part, it is safe, just a business website
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Old 10-02-2008, 11:22 AM   #4
Matt DeMinico
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Re: US STREND Fitness Challenge Nov 8th

I've looked at this a number of times, each time thinking "hey this might be interesting", thinking it might have changed, but I keep getting disappointed.

I know it's not my competition, so I don't have a say in it, but it's just... I dunno... Maybe if someone here has some pull with the competition, they could modify it to be more... more of a true test of fitness.

It's Bench Press, Pullups (strict), Shoulder Press, Chin Ups (strict), and Dips. How does this measure total overall strength combined with endurance? It seems to adhere to the bodybuilding mentality of "I can bench press more than I can deadlift", and complete separation of Strength from Endurance (lift such and such, then later on, run x amount) like the typical bodybuilder does (hit the weights, then do x minutes of "cardio").

I dunno, I just see zero metabolic anything in it, and everything is based on push/pull from the upper body. Not to mention everything is strict movements. Not really a true test of human output, especially considering we rarely do any movements in strict isolation, and rarely do we use our upper body without assistance from the lower half. Not to mention, there's no measure of hip, back, or leg strength.

I mean, crap, make it "max kettlebell swings in 3 minutes" or "max bodyweight squats, or 1/2 bodyweight squats, or whatever, in 3 minutes", "max clean and jerk in x time", "max kipping pullups or muscle ups in time"... throw in a few 1RM efforts, etc. Heck, have them do every single thing back to back with zero rest inbetween (unless they want to give up work time) kinda like fight gone bad...
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