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Old 11-02-2004, 06:42 PM   #211
Pat Janes
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127. I'll be doing some more crazy **** tomorrow.
14. - Real pain for real gain.
77. Max out 'til you blackout... Crossfit
436. It does not have to be fun to be fun.
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Old 11-02-2004, 07:23 PM   #212
Lauren Glassman
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I think as long as Mike is willing to keep track of the votes we should let all of the entries in.
I am sure you guys don't want ME to pick my fifty favorites!
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Old 11-02-2004, 07:40 PM   #213
Scott Kustes
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12. CrossFit: The Masochist's Workout
128. CrossFit: Constantly Varied If Not Randomized Functional Movements, Executed At High Intensity
222. Five Rounds For Time - CrossFit
230. Curls? You've got to be kidding me.
342. CrossFit: Metabolic Nitroglycerine

Non PC
76. [Image: Pukie smiling, green mouthed] Got CrossFit?
259. Eating lightning and crapping thunder. CrossFit
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Old 11-02-2004, 08:55 PM   #214
David Wood
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34. Specialization is for insects.

104. have you hugged the floor today? (Back of shirt: No, you can't work in. I'm doing this for time.)

250. Great lift. Now try it with a HR of 190! --Crossfit

465. You have the right to suffer. You have the right to feel pain. If you wish to have an attorney present, the WOD will hurt him too.

Didn't Barry have one that was roughly: "CrossFit -- the opposable thumb of fitness"?
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Old 11-03-2004, 05:05 AM   #215
Lynne Pitts
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For those who don't want to flip through the PDF, let's try this:

1. For a long time I thought I was exercising. Then I started Crossfit.
2. I thought I was in shape until I started CrossFit.
3. CrossFit or Not fit!
4. I'd like to introduce you to my close friend Pukie...
5. Crossfit is my daddy
6. There's a thin line between being hard and being stupid...and we're just the men/women to cross it.
7. Unfit or Crossfit, It's up to you.
8. Crossfit, 'cause chicks dig it.
9. Body by Crossfit
10. Crossfit, the Nicad body, keeps going and going and...
11. Crossfit: So good when it's hard.
12. Crossfit: The masochist's workout.
13. Age reversal system
14. Real pain for real gain.
15. The coach's coach
16. CrossFit: we help you get in touch with your innard self.
17. CrossFit or Armpit
18. CrossFit: people that heave together cleave together.
19. CrossFit: It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that ring.
20. CrossFit: a healthier way to puke.
21. CrossFit: Cleaning up the fitness community.
22. If the CrossFits, bear it. (we all have one).
23. Because a strong back is a terrible thing to waste
24. Puking without the hangover.
25. Some say I'm certifiable.
26. Start working or keep staring - your choice.
27. If you think I am crazy, you should see what they are doing on
28. isn’t for everybody . . . only for people who want REAL fitness
29. No, I am not dead. I have just finished my Workout of the Day on; (in mirror image print): “Another CrossFit athlete has collapsed here”
30. Push yourself beyond the limit, and then push some
31. CAUTION: fast moving objects, wet floors from sweat, and puke are generated from this athlete. Please keep your distance.
32. If you can read this, I have passed out again. Please wake me before my next set.
33. - Git’er DONE!
34. Specialization is for insects.
35. - If you ain't Chinning you ain't Winning
36. - Warning: May Contain Nuts
37. - Putting the Fun Back into Regurgitation
38. We put the FIT back in fitness
39. For those bored of routine fitness.
40. Beyond the fitness routine. Beyond routine fitness.
41. We put the FIGHT back in fitness
42. Craic for fitness addicts
43. General Advisory: Elite Athleticism
44. CrossFit: When you care enough to be the very best.
45. Think you're exercising? Go to
46. It's not steroids. It's CrossFit.
47. Get the F--- outta my way!
48. What the F--- are you staring at?!
49. You call that exercising?
50. Your gym sucks!
51. Go climb a rope.
52. Wanna see my dumbbell thruster?
53. I'm the After picture.
54. I only date CrossFit guys.
55. I only date CrossFit women.
56. Ready for anything.
57. Macho and stupid is... as macho and stupid does.
58. Stop bugging me. My wife does crossfit, and she'll kick your ***!
59. Insanely fit...
60. If fitter is better...
61. Work like you don't need money,
Love like you've never been hurt, dance like no one's watching, and work out until you puke.
62. Tabata like there's no tomorrow
63. Routine is the Enemy
64. You are what you lift.
65. Make natural selection cry for its momma.
66. We're looking for a few good jerks.
67. If you ain't pukin You ain’t tryin
68. I'll show you my jerk If you'll show me your snatch
69. Changing fitness, one jerk at a time
70. We want to share our WOD with the world.
71. If your report card looked like this:
What kind of grades would you have? - ruining the fitness curve.
72. - Where 7 ladies always kick everyone's ***.
73. - Weightlifting gymnasts with the lungs of porpoises
74. - Thrusters, swinging and some other hard stuff. 'Cause it's good for the abs.
75. - Snatches, jerks and some good clean fun.
76. [Image: Pukie Smiling, green-mouthed]
Subtitle: "Got CrossFit?"
77. Max out 'til you blackout...Crossfit
78. You'll get all the rest you need when you're dead...Crossfit.
79. I eat my wheaties out of the skulls of bodybuilders...Crossfit.
80. What are you lookin' at, ya pencil neck geek?
81. Close your mouth and go back to your pec deck...Crossfit.
83. Get outta my way, I'm comin' through!
84. Not right in the head...Crossfit.
85. True steel does not fear the test by fire...Crossfit
86. Never stop pushing it...crossfit
87. We let our performance do the talking...Crossfit
88. No deposit, no return.
89. Pursuing perfection, but accepting excellence.
90. Forget about looks; worry about results.
91. Crossfit formula for success: outwork the competition.
92. Victory comes at a price. The question you must ask yourself is...What price are you willing to pay?
93. You can't hire someone to workout for you.
94. It's always too soon to quit.
95. It's hard to beat a person who never quits.
96. The Crossfit athlete does what losers don't want to do.
97. I didn't hear no bell.
98. Sweat is the lubricant of success.
99. The only discipline that lasts is self-discipline.
100. The two Crossfit rules of perseverance:
Rule #1. Take one more step.
Rule #2. When you think you can't take one more step, refer to Rule #1.
101. Average is the Crossfit enemy.
102. Olympic weight set...$300
Climbing rope...$50
Door mounted Pull-up bar...$12
Homemade Gymnastic rings...$10
Me crushing you...PRICELESS!
103. making friends with max heart rates.
104. have you hugged the floor today? (Back of shirt: No, you can't
work in. I'm doing this for time.)
105. the hammer to my anvil.
106. Crossfit...Run you down and beat you up
107. Pec deck.......Ha...that one is great!
108. Ignore that sound.........its just my heart trying to burst out of my chest
109. if at first you don't succeed, maybe its time you met crossfit
110. Embarrassing fitness fanatics since 1996
111. Humbling fitness fanatics since...
112. "I got owned"
113. Train hard, play hard, stay hard,
114. My balls weren’t always this
115. A tired boy is a good boy. alternatively: a tired body . . .
116. One more rep
I lied
One more rep
I lied
One more rep
I lied
One more rep
I lied
One more rep
I lied...
117. Got puke?
118. Whether you're the mugger or the muggee, you need us.
119. More fun than the South Bronx on a Saturday night.
121. I'm gonna make you my girlfriend!
122. How'd ya like me to kick your a@@!?
123. Under the CROSSFIT Logo
Valor delights in the test
124. It pays to be fit...It Saves to be CrossFit.
125. CrossFit "BRING IT !!"
126. CrossFit: Little Haikus of Action.
127.'ll be doing some more crazy **** tomorrow.
128. CrossFit - Constantly Varied If Not Randomized Functional Movements, Executed at High Intensity
129. You can't handle the truth
130. Vorsprung durch Crossfit
131. CROSSFIT.COM - Don't works all my muscles.
132. If you can read this, then my workout is over.
133. CROSSFIT.COM - Brings out the neuroendocrine in you.
134. CROSSFIT.COM - Try this for size!
135. CROSSFIT.COM - Real intensity, for real athletes.
136. Workout 15 minutes, Crossfit 24/7
137. Exturbo ergo vomitus (I do thrusters, therefore I puke)
138. Front of shirt: Orange road construction sign with: body work ahead; Back of shirt: Crossfit
139. I did Fran
140. Have you done Fran? (or any other girl)
141. -- Try to Keep Up
142. -- This is Gonna Hurt
143. This Is NOT Your Trainer's Workout
144. My Workout Can Beat Up Your Workout
145. Hit the wall... and keep on punching.
146. What you thought you knew was wrong.
147. I Fought the WOD and the WOD Won
148. The Method to My Madness
149. Go Hard, Go Fast, or Go Home
150. WOD is Fitness
151. -- Do the Work
152. Take a Deep Breath. Now Do It Again.
153. It's All in the Lifts
154. Crossfit -- A Better Way to Suffer.
155. Exertus ergo vomitus (I exert, therefore I puke)
156. Whatever we do, we don't do it halfway.
157. The new standard...Crossfit
158. There's no crying in crossfit.
159. Sweat + sacrifice = success.
160. Yeah, this thing’s got a HEMI.
161. All work and no play makes Jack kick your ***.
162. It's not the time you spend in the gym that counts, it's what you put into the workout.
163. Your workout is a very fragile thing.
164. Crossfit's "SHUN" words:
165. Yeah, I puked in the trash can...So what?
166. What's your workout?....IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR WORKOUT IS!
167. Not everyone can be the get used to it.
168. Learn from the legend.
169. Winners never whine.
170. Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.
171. Crossfit...There is no substitute!
172. The person who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the person who will win.
173. No guts...No glory.
174. It ain't braggin' if you can do it.
175. I love doing things most people can't...Crossfit
176. It's all mind over matter. I don't mind and you don't matter.
177. Train hard. Be hard. Hard to beat. Crossfit
178. Pound for pound...Faster and Stronger.
179. Crossfit builds character.
180. If you're happy as a loser, you'll always be a loser.
181. I let my performance do the talking.
182. I can't means I won't.
183. I win, not by chance but by preparation...Crossfit
184. If you want to win...Crossfit
185. Being all heart can't help you win if you're not physically fit...Crossfit
186. Come get some intestinal fortitude...Crossfit
187. I'm a chick magnet...Barbara, Chelsea, Fran, etc.
188. If the record isn't broke...BREAK IT!
189. Fringe my dust.
190. Fear can be conquered...Crossfit
191. The mind controls the body, the body does not control the mind.
192. Reaching maximal potential, one WOD at a time...Crossfit
193. The taste of defeat has a unique flavor...or so they tell me...Crossfit
194. Variety is the spice of life...Crossfit
195. Yeah, I cheated. I used crossfit.
196. To know thyself, one should exert thyself.
197. I don't give up, and I never give in.
198. It can't be painful if it's good for you...Crossfit
199. Crossfit...the shortcut to victory.
200. Crossfit... it will make you a SEXUAL TYRANASAURUS...Just like me!
201. Be a stud, not a dud...Crossfit
202. You can't turn back the clock. But you can wind it up again...Crossfit
203. When you've got it...flaunt it.
204. For fast acting relief, try slowing down.
205. To become a champion, go one more round...Crossfit
206. Clean It! Jerk It! (or just "Jerk It!") CrossFit
207. A good snatch makes you hurt so good. CrossFit
208. Gwen, Diane, etc You don't have to marry these girls to get mistreated. CrossFit
209. Row, thrust, pull-up, puke, repeat CrossFit
210. I stink because I actually sweat. CrossFit
211. Caution: May Cause Dry Heaves CrossFit
212. Jerking it like there's no tomorrow. CrossFit
213. Crossfit: It's what you're staring at!
214. Crossfit: We don't need no stinkin' machines!
215. Crossfit: I'd rather be stronger than I look!
216. Crossfit: Breakfast tastes good the second time!
217. Crossfit: What your sweat glands were meant for!
218. Crossfit: Max heart rate is only a number!
219. Crossfit: The only a$$ kicking you'll love!
220. Crossfit: It's not just an obsession anymore!
221. CrossFit: It's what’s for dinner.....again
222. Five rounds for time:
223. What, you've never seen a pull up before?: Crossfit
224. Thrusting your way to a better you: Crossfit
225. Some days you eat the WOD, and some days the WOD eats you.
226. Have you shot your WOD today?
227. Try it. I dare you.
228. [This next idea is a little complex, but I think it'll work as a visual. Pick a
nasty WOD - one of "the ladies" would be best, perhaps Barbara? Then write
it out - sets, reps, load, "For time," etc. Put it on a shirt with "her" name, and
underneath put "Just try it." and the URL]
229. Puke is just weakness leaving the body!
230. Curls? You've got to be kidding me?
231. Why don't you lift something instead of just staring?
232. Cardio? Riiiiiight!!!
233. Certified ANaerobics Instructor
234. You call it dangerous, I call it functional!
235. Are you using that barbell? No, of course you're not.
236. They laughed at Galileo, Columbus and Edison. Who's got the last laugh now?
237. Crossfit: When you get bored of the routine!
238. Crossfit: Darwin accelerated.
239. The perfect machine Crossfit
240. bodybuilding? (or cardio, curls, etc.)
Yeah, I used to do that. I also used to believe in Santa Claus and the tooth ferry.
241. When I became a man I put away childish things.
242. Your heart only has so many beats: use them wisely - CrossFit
243. Don't they have a machine that does that? Let me use the bar!
244. Pull up bars are not for stretching!
245. It's the functionality, stupid!
246. If you can read this, the ***** (Barbara, Chelsea, etc...) fell on me. (On back of shirt so it's readable when you're lying face down)
247. Breakfast, not just for breakfast anymore.
248. Never let fear and common sense stop you.
249. The last thing you hear before someone barfs at Crossfit: "Hey y'all, Tabata this!"
250. Great lift. Now try it with a HR of 190! --Crossfit
251. I'm here to chew bubblegum and kick ***...And I'm all out of bubblegum.
252. Training for all contingencies...Crossfit
253. Gonna beat ya like ya stole somethin'...Crossfit
254. Wanna shot at the title?
255. Do you feel lucky?...Well do ya, punk?
256. If you ain't pukin', you ain't training hard enough...Crossfit
257. Crossfit...Nothing else comes close.
258. More knockdown power than a .44 Magnum...Crossfit
259. Eating lightning and crapping thunder...Crossfit.
260. I'm not bulletproof...YET!
261. I'm the lunatic your mother warned you about.
262. I'll get all the water I need when I'm dead, it rains and seeps through my coffin...Crossfit
263. Quit wishing and start training...Crossfit
264. Don't cheat yourself.
265. Keep staring...It motivates me.
266. Stop being a slack jaw...Crossfit
267. Unless you train Crossfit, Zip it!
268. Bodybuilders: Look like Tarzan...Weak like Jane. (That's for Dan John)
269. Crossfitters: Rip the arms off of bodybuilders and beat them with the bloody stumps.
270. Gone Bad
271. Out of the box training for functional results
272. Your muscles are for show, my muscles are for go!
273. CROSSFIT.COM - Real Phys. Ed.
274. CROSSFIT.COM - Competence leads to dominance.
275. Crossfit is a dish best served cold - Old Klingon proverb.
276. pain is good, extreme pain is extremely good
277. pain is merely weakness leaving the body
278. Here I lie,gasping, crossfit,
Feels like by a truck I've been hit.
O, woe, by the crossfit bug I've been bit,
No longer am I allowed to merely sit.
279. Oh, Sh@@
I can't breathe,
That's it,
I could be sitting in a bar
Completely lit,
Oh well,
I'll survive
That's it.
To chase once again
Gwen's Dolores.
281. While you be illin', we be willin'.
282. Crossfit: The best time you've ever had feeling miserable!
283. Crossfit: It's a fitness thing; you wouldn't understand!
284. DesCartes: I think, therefore I am.
Glassman: I Crossfit, therefore I puke.
285. That tasted better on the way in.
286. Out of life's school of war: What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.-- Nietzsche
287. The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.
288. your workout program is
289. Everything you know about fitness is
290. "I've got good news."
"Is the guy suing me for recommending he bounce the weight off his chest in
the bench dropping the charges of negligence??"
"No, my brother just banged out Fran 30 seconds better then his last attempt."
291. Leonidas would have approved.
292. Banging our heads into walls because it feels so good when it stops.
293. I fear no man, but some women.
294. The only thing I let kick my butt.
295. The spirit of pain; the spirit of freedom.
296. I get all the bananas. CrossFit.Com
297. Nothing better once you've had the best.
298. All we ask is that you show us your guts/what you're made of.
299. Where you can do Barbara at lunch and tell your wife about it at dinner
300. Strength (fitness) comes in different size packages
301. For the undomesticated.
302. Crossfit: Mess you up.
Do the workout of the day.
Lay on the floor sick.
(CrossFit Haiku)
303. Crossfit: You don't know squats!!!
304. No Crossfit; no fitness
Know Crossfit; Know fitness!
305. Crossfit: Because sweat is not a 4 letter word!
306. Crossfit: Calluses are your friends!
307. Crossfit: Grip it, pull it, clean it, jerk it, snatch it!! You'll love it!
308. Instant whoopass, just add CrossFit.
309. My trainer beat up your trainer. (Picture of Pukie in boxing gloves)
310. Don't worry...Lunch is on me.
311. My honor student beat up your stupid kid.
312. Helen- check
Fran- check
Diane- check
313. Faster. Stronger. Pukier.
314. Work harder. Puke smarter.
315. Work smarter. Puke harder.
316. Tomorrow's forecast is projecting vomit.
317. Personal Trainers: The other, other, other, other white meat! (with a pic of Athena licking her chops)
318. We eat Conventional Trainers and Bodybuilders for breakfast…then puke them up after our workout.
319. YES, I know what I am doing . . .
NO, I don’t want your opinion . . .
YES, I am still using that . . .
NO, I am not done working out even though I am lying on the floor heaving.
320. Get Crossfit or get out of the way.
321. I'm working out. You're staring at my t-shirt. Any other questions?
322. It is a matter of weakness and strength.--Sun Tzu
323. - Transcendent Fitness
324. - Intensity2
325. - The next evolution in fitness.
326. - I’d rather do girls than curls
327. Dumping curls for girls
328. Trading curls for girls
329. Give me girls, not curls.
330. – When perfection isn’t good enough.
331. – Faster, Stronger, Longer.
332. – I don’t suffer from insanity, I love every minute of it.
333. – Physical Enlightenment
334. Judge me all you want...just keep the verdict to yourself.
335. working HARDER
makes us BETTER
moving FASTER
makes us STRONGER
336. You look at me working out and you think I am NUTS . . .
Reality is, you wish your workout had NUTS as big as
338. To boldly puke like no man has puked before.
339. Wanna roll in the gravel?
340. CrossFit: It's not about winning. It's about total Fitness DOMINATION.
341. CrossFit bodies don’t need ‘Building’ They are ‘FORGED’ . . . can you take the heat?
342. CrossFit: Metabolic Nitroglycerine
343. CrossFit: Metabolic Nitroglycerine
Stick with us, and you won't need the other kind.
344. Practice Chaos to Develop Control.
345. Hi, my name is __________ and I'm a CrossFitter.
346. I Took a Lactic Acid Bath at
347. Viral Workouts. Crossfit
348. Hail Crossfit! We who are about to puke salute you!
349. Work 'till you puke. . . EVERYDAY. CrossFit
350. Cardio for people who don't like Cardio.
351. The Poetry of Pain.
352. The poetry of elite fitness (perhaps with a picture of Pukie for suitable irony.)
353. Endocrine Response
Passion and the poetry of puke
354. Endocrine Response?
Ask me how!
355. That bar ain't for hanging laundry!!
Lift or get out of the way!
356. Crossfit: Making friends and influencing people in gyms across the nation!
357. Are you tough
358. Are you up for the challenge?
359. Are you fit enough?
361. How America does
362. I'm Pukie the Clown and I approve these workouts...CROSSFIT.COM
366. Kelly Kicked my butt again on the Workout of the
367. Where the Men are Men, and the Women are tougher.
372. We are not just
373. Exerto ergo sum (I exercise/exert, therefore I am)
374. Bring
375. If you ask me what I am doing one more time . . . I am going to make you do it with me.
376. Your body will thank you . . . later.
377. Your muscles are made to exert.
Your lungs are meant to breathe.
378. Stop 'Flexing', Stop 'Talking' and start getting Fit.
379. Fitness is not about appearance, it is about PERFORMANCE.
380. Stop staring and start Performing.
381. When was the last time you did 30 pull ups in a row?
382. Performance
383. I do CrossFit so I can train harder.
I train harder to be the best.
I want to be the best so I can do more CrossFit,
so that I can train harder,
so I can be the best,
so I can do more CrossFit . . .
384. Train Harder Be the Best
385. Champion Production Facility in progress:
386. Machines are the Enemy.
387. It will destroy you.
388. If I told you there was a place that will make you stronger, faster, harder, give you more endurance, more agility, and more coordination--would you go there?
389. What if you had to give up your fitness reality?
390., consider yourself warned.
391. Crossfit:
Been there, did that...
5 rounds for time!
392. Crossfit: It's called a kip and it's not cheating!!
393. Suck it up, Buttercup.
394. On one side of the shirt:
a picture of someone doing a dumbbell curl.
with the text: "you're wasting your time"
on the other side of the shirt:
a picture of someone doing an overhead squat.
with the text: ""
395. CROSSFIT.COM - We offer bribes to be on the frontline!
396. There are two things an English Crossfitter understands, hard words and hard vomiting.
397. Welcome to crossfit down under
Where the women glow and the men thunder
398. Welcome to CrossFit Down Under
Lift, row and throw, then chunder
399. Complete a workout with this kind of intensity
A path to enlightenment
400. Smoke you like cheap crack
401. You Can't Smoke a Rock!
402. Friends don't let friends do lateral raises.
403. Got sweat?
404. My other workout is a BMW--lifted 50 reps for time.
405. Resistance is futile.
406. Just say no to curls.
407. Just do it...again, faster.
408. Don't be scared, I was wimpy once, too.
409. Dr Tabata seemed like such a nice man...
410. Don't ask, just get busy.
411. Let's go, clock's running!
412. Don't just stand there, tabata something
413. Dear Mom...
414. Move!
415. Let's, lift, lunge, squat, sit-up, pull-up, it
416. It hurts so good
417. The only thing missing is you
418. Domo Arigato, Dr Tabat-o
419. Dr Tabata says do 8 sets of 20 seconds and call me in the morning...if you can.
420. Bucket not included
421. Bizarre Love Triangle WOD Pukie Results
422. Show Me Show Me How You do the lift Again
423. All men die, but not all men really
424. The best always prepare for the worst.
425. While you were eating your second helping, I was doing Crossfit.
While you were watching your third sitcom, I was doing Crossfit.
While you were drinking your fourth beer, I was doing Crossfit.
While you were pressing snooze a fifth time, I was doing Crossfit.
Think about it.
426. Fast enough to run you down, strong enough to beat you up.
427. vini, vidi, Crossfit.
428. Ego delenda est
429. Aut inveniam aut fasciam (I will either find a way or make one)
430. vini, vidi, pukie
431. Crossfit: Hundreds of sweat soaked, panting maniacs can't be wrong...can they?
432. I brachiate for CrossFit
433. Cry, 'Havoc!'
434. But soft, what vomit doth through yonder window break?
435. Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.
436. It doesn't have to be fun to be fun.--Mark Twight
437. (On front of shirt in bold) CrossFit is Numero Uno (on back of shirt) - Pumping REAL Iron Sorry, Arnold
438. Sometimes good intentions are not enough--Mark Twight
439. Second place is the first Loser
440. --CrossFit. Do and understand.
441. --Surprise yourself. CrossFit.
442. --CrossFit. Pure gratification.
443. Fitness is my sport....Crossfit
444. The energizer bunny has nothing on me.
445. Crossfit...Live up to your potential.
446. If I drop dead tomorrow, at least I know I died in great condition....Crossfit
447. Good, Better, Best. I'll never rest, 'til good is better and better is best.
448. I can't wait until tomorrow. Why not? Cause I get better every day.
449. If you ever dream that you can beat me, you better wake up and apologize.
450. If I had a little humility, I'd be perfect.
451. Lot's of people look up to me. That's because I just knocked them down.
452. Most Crossfitters are temperamental. That's 10% temper and 90% mental.
453. Crossfit and sex are the only things you can enjoy without being good at it.
454. What I do best, is make you look bad.
455. You don't have to be crazy to be Crossfit, but it helps.
456. The doctors x-rayed my head and found nothing.
457. All the lies about me are true.
458. Speed, strength, and the inability to register pain immediately....Crossfit
459. A person who has no fear belongs in a mental institution, or doing Crossfit.
460. To you, I'm like the planet Jupiter. You know I'm out there, but you have no idea what I'm doing.
461. Every once in a while, I stop to take a breath.
462. I even brush my teeth hard.
463. The sultan of squat.
464. Nothing will work unless you do.
465. You have the right to suffer. You have the right to feel pain. If you wish to have an attorney present, the WOD will hurt him too.
466. Where we connect with and do several women. They whip us
until we can't take the pain. We like it. We do it for time. We then post about
our experience and share it with our friends.
467. -- Where Kelly and Lynne humble my manhood and the other ladies whip me.
469. Whiskey for my men, Beer for my horses, and a bucket for me.
470. W/T = CrossFit
471. W/T = ΧροσσΦιτ
472. The opposing thumb of fitness.
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Old 11-03-2004, 05:54 AM   #216
Donald Woodson
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This looks like it has the potential to become a real cluster....
There are so many really good entries. Then there are some that maybe the owners of this site would just as soon not have their business associated with. I mean some of the "off color, non PC" entries are great, and even funny, and even reflect how Crossfit makes me feel, but from a marketing perspective, the owner(s) I think, would want to appeal to as large a populace as possible. This would include schools and youth organizations etc.
SOOO... I was wondering, in the interests of simplifying things AND promoting Crossfit's image, maybe we could have the moderators put on pc police hats, and separate the wheat from the chaff?
I mean some of my own entries were just having fun, and I didn't really intend for them to be serious entries. Maybe others agree.
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Old 11-03-2004, 07:07 AM   #217
Lauren Glassman
Posts: n/a
I appreciate your concerns, but I would really like to see what wins. We have a "PC" category and a "not-so PC" category. I happen to like "off color" marketing approaches.

Let the market work it out.

If we put out a shirt that nobody will buy or wear - we will simply discontinue it.
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Old 11-03-2004, 07:43 AM   #218
Donald Woodson
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Oh OK. That's cool.
I'm just having a hard time figuring out the logistics of this here endeaver. Are we all going to all pick four or five, and then look for matches?

As far as I'm concerned, we don't even have to have a vote. This here is your boat and you're the captain. Sure, go ahead and pick your fifty favorites.:kiss::biggrin:
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Old 11-03-2004, 07:46 AM   #219
Matt McManmon
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I choose
129-You cant handle the truth
71-the report card one
287-bleed more in peace less in war
462-i even brush my teeth hard
227-try it, i dare you

Non PC choices
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Old 11-03-2004, 10:50 AM   #220
Mike Minium
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Yowzer--good catch. I must've somehow missed that one.

I'll update the list and we'll have an updated PDF out there by EOD (Lauren's gonna kill me now 'cause this is the fourth revision--the first three happened behind the scenes before it went to press, so to speak. She's the one who has to upload the file to the server).

I've also added it as entry #472 on Lynne's list. Oh, and the exact phrasing was actually " The opposing thumb of fitness."

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