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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 08-10-2005, 09:08 PM   #11
Rick Burgess
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Wow, great post, Brian!

Tanner, lots of good advice here. My two cents: mix up your workouts, make sure you are working in rest days into your routine, get a workout buddy or two so you can push each other. Find an inspirational quote or photo and tape it to your bathroom mirror or put on your computer screensaver. Spend a little quiet time, in prayer if you're so inclined, and reconnect with your reasons for wanting to serve your country. Congrats on being willing to step up! Keep charging!
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Old 08-19-2005, 10:10 AM   #12
Rob "Moz" Moseley
Member Rob
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Some really good advice from everyone here, for what its worth I was in HMF forces for a while 88-92, seems like a life time away now. But one thing that helped me get through all the crap and bull**** that the NCO's through at us all was like Brian says it not personnel it's just a job (the fact is they probably all hated me lol) but it helps mate.
Also visuallisation (spelling!!) I found was a key factor in my pre-training, sounds daft but I was just a real shy 18 year old and all I thought about was serving my Queen and Country following a strong family tradition.
And the other key factor.... GIRLS thay all love a guy in uniform, especially a fit guy so just get out there and pound the road buddy and take all the crossfit throws at ya, those pounds will come off and you'll get fitter and faster.
God bless ya mate.

P.s Hope I haven't offended any women on the board, if so my apologies. (Well maybe ha ha :wink: ).
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Old 08-19-2005, 02:18 PM   #13
Skip Chase
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Well, I just noticed Tanner logged in on July 28, made 2 posts and it appears he hasn't logged back in since.
Tanner, maybe you are coming on the site and not logging in.
Motivation...starts between the ears. You have to 'think about what you are thinking about'. Motivation is defeated by negative self talk. We MUST learn to 'think about what we are thinking about'. If it's negative, 99% of the time, it's not the truth. It is only an assumption or a flat out lie. We must 'catch' those thoughts, realize what they are and change them.
At this moment, you are able to run further, perform more sit-ups and push-ups. You just have not convinced your self to that truth. Our bodies are able to perform a whole lot more than we THINK we can.
As far as a work out program, you found it on this site. I think I am older than MOST of the participants on this site. I've used various training techniques from every decade since the 50's. Training the body for performance has been a part of my life. I've read magazines, research paper, studied under some of the best trainers and coaches in the world, and NOTHING compares to what I found on this web site 11 days ago. I want to earn the right to be CF certified and teach this program. I would put on the top of a marketing flyer, 'So, you think you are in great shape, huh!'
Follow everything you read on this site. Don't change anything, just follow it.
You want a little motivation. Go find a guy in his 50's. ok...Your dad, an uncle, a neighbor...look at them. Now, I want you to say to yourself, 'someone just like you, in their 50's, did Murph yesterday.1 mile run, 100 pull-ups till completion. 200 push-ups till completion. 300 squats till completion. 1 mile run, in honor of a fallen hero'. If a guy in his 50's can do it after 11 days, what the he** are YOU capable of doing. You have not come close to your potential, soldier. God has great things and great plans for you.
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Old 08-21-2005, 02:09 AM   #14
Andrew Arasta
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It's not easy to start doing CrossFit. It's really not for the common man, though most will probably disagree with me. You need an exceptional level of dedication and a drive for personal improvement that most people just simply don't have. Not to mention, it's a very unconventional way to obtain serious results and you can't really understand its potency until you use it in your everyday life. I refered Tanner to this site because he needed to train for BT (met him while playing a game called Counter Strike: Source) and I felt that CrossFit would serve him well. It's possible he's been very busy with duty and such and that is why he hasn't been more active on the boards. But I think you'd be surprised at how many people try CrossFit and quit after their first workout or two. I can speak from experience on this one.

First workout...quit for a good month. Second workout...quit for another good month or 2. Third workout made it all the way to a quasi fourth and fifth workout on the proceeding days. Yesterday was my first rest day since that fourth workout (not doing modified WODs yet). On this rest day I shot 12 guage shotguns and 40 caliber glocks all day so I used my purple/sore pec as an excuse not to workout today. I just hope, unlike many beginners, that I can get back on the horse again tomorrow.
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Old 08-22-2005, 01:23 PM   #15
Russ Greene
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First off, there are some very high quality posts in this thread.

Secondly, some of Andrew's difficulties have to do with my glaring inadeqequacies as a personal trainer. It has been hard for me to determine how hard to make the workouts at first. If it is too hard the newbie will quit or get hurt. If it is too easy, he will be bored, and think, "I don't understand what all the fuss is about, these workouts don't seem special at all." The key, IMO, is offering him enough challenge that he has to work hard, but not too hard, in order to finish the workout. You want to get him hooked to the satisfaction of completing a difficult workout, without being overzealous and pushing him to the limit.

Andrew is one of the types that doesn't like to pace himself, so when I told him, just do 3 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 broomstick overhead squats for 10 minutes, he attacked it, which in some ways is admirable. It also made him feel like crap for the rest of the day, which left an imprint in his mind and discouraged him.

Correct me if I'm wrong, Andrew, but I think what has helped him to stay with the program is the internet crossfit community. This community is invaluable because it offers us people who are at the same stage as we are and struggling, as well as the video of Josh and Greg doing Fran. We see we're not alone in our struggle, and we also see many examples of what true fitness looks like via the posted times of the best athletes and the videos. Without these aids, and without a crossfit facility nearby, the newbie is just alone in the corner of the gym embarassing himself and has no real idea what he's working towards.

Previously Masquerading as Ross Greenberg
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Old 08-26-2005, 07:53 AM   #16
Matt Moore
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I'm in a similar situation myself. I'm at 249 and need to get the weight down before OSUT. Tanner, congrats on joining. As for motivation, we all need to find it inside ourselves.

Andrew, I know what you mean with 'starting, stopping, starting again..' I was on here about a month ago, then haven't really been on since then. Need to be putting out more, and I'll get where I need to be.

Good to see you guys again. Forgot how much I missed this place.

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