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Old 04-04-2013, 02:15 PM   #1
Sonya Cordova
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Location: Morgan Hill  CA
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CrossFit saved my life literally (hope this inspires you)

Well where do I even start?? This is probably one of the hardest posts I will write. Iím allowing you into a place Iíve never allowed people. Iíve kept this a secret. Being open about where I have been is hard for me. It started in 2009. That was the first time I was sexually assaulted. I felt that I had no control, dirty, disgusting, worthless, extremely depressed, suicidal, and self esteem went out the window. It was my choice to continue to gain weight. I figured if I gained weight guys wouldnít find me attractive. I didnít know just how much weight I would have to gain in order to be considered ugly to guys. Just when I thought I gained enough I was sexually assaulted again by a different guy. I was sexually assaulted multiple times from Sept.2009-Oct.2011. Food became my comfort. I could control what I ate. Food became my drug. It made me ďhappyĒ. I ate to get my focus off the pain and brokenness that was inside of me. trust easily. So here it goes. Hope somehow maybe by me opening up will help you or inspire you. Through those 2 years I would try to loose the weight I gained but just didnít feel like it. I was in a place where I just didnít care about anything anymore. I was in a place where I just wanted to die. I hated how I looked and I never allowed myself to face the sexual assaulted that I had gone through. I pushed them to the back of my head. I figured some how some way it was my fault (i see now that that is a lie!!!). The first time I ever told anyone about what I had gone through was this year through my testimony. Telling my testimony has started to free me so much. This year I hit an all time low. The first guy who assaulted me has moved to my very small town and lives about a minute away from me. I run into h
I had a friend on FB that was posting about CrossFit and seemed to love it! It seemed crazy. I like crazy!!!! im all the time. I hated that I have to see him. I hate that just looking at him makes me upset and I have all those feelings rush back. He shouldnít have control over my emotions 2 years later, but sadly he does. I once again became extremely depressed and suicidal. I bought a lot of pills and decided it was time to just end it all. But thank God He had a different plan. That same week I decided I was going to end my life was the same week I walked into a Crossfit box in my town and joined. The people at the desk were so nice and helpful. It was a genuine nice. They made me feel like they really cared which I know they do. I had no clue what I was getting myself into at all. All I can say is itís the best decision I ever made. The trainer for my weekday classes is awesome!!!! I was intimidated at first because I thought I had to be in really good shape to make it through the class and I thought he would judge me. But I found that I push myself as far as I can then well he will push me farther then I ever thought I could go. In the moment I hate him and think heís crazy, but at the end of the workout Iím so glad he pushes me and the class!!!! The thing Iíve come to learn is that the people that teach Crossfit actually care. They want to see people reach their best!!! Working out has truly transformed my life. I am so grateful that I have this community of people who want to see me succeed. I grateful for the welcome greetings I get when I walk in the door, Iím grateful that they actually know my name, Iím grateful that Iím making friends in the class, Iím grateful that my trainer is encouraging, Iím grateful that my trainer doesnít allow me to make excesses when I feel like I canít do something, Iím grateful that I found Crossfit it literally saved my life
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Old 04-05-2013, 01:26 AM   #2
Helen M Brennan
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Re: CrossFit saved my life literally (hope this inspires you)

WELCOME to the rest of your life...

you don't drown by falling into water. you drown by staying there. Edwin Louis Cole
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Old 04-06-2013, 06:54 AM   #3
Steffan Semurath
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Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: Five Rivers  Arouca
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Thumbs up Re: CrossFit saved my life literally (hope this inspires you)

Truly inspiring.

Keep going strong!

You can use this life changing experience to help others.
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Old 05-13-2013, 05:07 AM   #4
Charlotte G Mann
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Join Date: May 2013
Location: Manchester  UK
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Re: CrossFit saved my life literally (hope this inspires you)

Inspiring, thank you for sharing.

I too suffer depression and find CF is a way to escape it, I love the social life it brings with it as well as showing that we're always that little bit stronger, physically and emotionally than we may have first thought.

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Old 05-13-2013, 01:36 PM   #5
Tighe Crovetti
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Location: Collegeville  PA
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Re: CrossFit saved my life literally (hope this inspires you)

There is no better feeling than taking control of your life in a healthy, beneficial way. However, and I say this from a very sympathetic place, I think maybe some counseling would be a good idea for you as well. Exercise can be very healing, for sure, but it sounds like you've been through an awful lot...
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Old 05-21-2013, 05:05 PM   #6
Rich Del Vecchio
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Re: CrossFit saved my life literally (hope this inspires you)

Keep going strong. You can do it. Just remember that you are important.
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Old 05-22-2013, 03:16 PM   #7
Kim Thornton
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Re: CrossFit saved my life literally (hope this inspires you)

Thank you for sharing. I know it was hard. Stay strong and positive and know that people love you. I'm glad you found Crossfit and that it has become your saving grace
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