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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 08-07-2007, 07:28 PM   #1
Matt Moore
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It's been a while since I've posted here, and avoiding the litany of excuses that I could use to describe my absence, little has changed since I last posted. I'm still at the same level and I haven't had the focus nor the discipline to change my lifestyle, habits, and patterns of behavior.

I want to change this, and I'm going to change this.

So here's my situation-I'm currently 5'9" at 260lbs-I'm very much overweight, but my vitals are pretty good-BP is normal, and pulse is about 64. All other stuff is normal or low (ie: healthy). What is not healthy is my level of bodyfat, and the issues this causes me on a daily basis-everything from increased stress to the bad habits formed over a lifetime (22years to be exact) of mostly bad habits.

I used to be a very active martial artist, and at the time, I was probably the most physically fit I've ever been. Since that time however, I've gotten fat and lazy, and I haven't accomplished much. I'd say going back to martial arts would be a good first choice, but alas, I'm working nights, and so I wouldn't be able to attend classes at all. There is a possibility that this may change (as in I'll be able to attend morning classes on Saturdays) but that is an iffy proposition.

I've read pretty much everything I could get my hands on regarding health and fitness. Often times I get information overload, and get paralyzed in my decision making because I'm looking for the 'perfect' plan, despite the fact that I know such a thing does not exist.

So I want to get back into doing the WOD's. I also want to focus very heavily on the gymnastics side of things, and slightly less on the weights, as I have some pretty good strength, but my body control needs some work.

I know nutrition will play a big part in this, and any and all advice you guys can give me about getting on and sticking with a program such as the Zone would help immensely. Often times I was having difficulty consuming enough protein in the past-this is something else I would like to remedy, as well as alter the balance of my fats, proteins, and carbs in order to get my health back in order.

I'm looking at working with Crossfit Philly a few times a week as well, once the semester starts. Until then my schedule is very unpredictable.

At the moment though guys, I could use any advice you can provide as to what my next moves should be from here-where I should focus my efforts concerning the WOD's, and what my priorities should be: weight loss, increase strength, body control, etc.

Thanks a lot.

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Old 08-07-2007, 09:35 PM   #2
Eugene R. Allen
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The most important advice anyone can give you is to begin. Where, how hard, how fast, which exercise...those little details are not anywhere near as important as getting off the couch and getting your CrossFit on. But, just so you have a place to the WOD. But just so you have a more complete recipe do this:

Make your home page and go there often. Subscribe to the CF Journal. Read Foundations and Getting Started. Start building your home gym. Get your diet in order and start Zoning your way to a proper performance enhancing diet. Go to the FAQ's and many of your questions will be answered. Read up on what a certification seminar is like and you'll find that in the FAQ's. Plan on attending a cert some time in the future.

Learn the CF warmup and the Burgener warm up and work your way up to being able to do them. Yes, the warmup is least the CF one is, and you will have accomplished something just to be able to get through that as prescribed.

Do the WOD. You will have to scale the workouts to what equipment you have available to get into a three days on one day off schedule and stick to it as if your future fitness depended on it.

Oh yeah, it does.

Your email makes it clear that the roadmap is sitting in front of you and you have a pretty good idea what to do. You even have a CF facility to go there is nothing in your way.

Get started. Jump in with both feet. You can't cross a chasm in two small leaps. You can't begin an exercise program of any kind without actually begining. Stop reading and start training.

Welcome aboard and keep us posted as to your progress. Good luck.
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Old 08-08-2007, 03:45 AM   #3
Susie Rosenberg
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Location: Albany  NY
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I've been there. I lost 85 pounds, got off the couch, and have maintained my loss for over a year thus far.

It sounds to me like you have "on/off" syndrome. You either take on too much at once and burn out, or you don't do anything.

All the things you have to do lose weight and get in shape are the things you have to do to keep the weight off and stay fit. So instead of thinking of your lifestyle changes as what you do to lose weight, think of your choices, behaviors and habits as things you do to promote health and well-being, things you will do every day for the rest of your life.

If you burn out when going out full throttle, try making changes one small change at a time, incorporating new habits until they become the status quo, and then adding new ones.

For example, don't overhaul your diet and start an all-out exercise program all at once. Start with breakfast. This week. Today. And make a goal that you will eat a proper, health-promoting breakfast every day. That's all. Just do it one day at a time. (Or whatever other goal you choose.)

When that becomes easy, add something else. Say, you vow to do an at-home circuit of 1 round of pushups, squats, and pullups 3 days on, 1 day off. Then 2 rounds. Then 3......

The idea is to make each change sustainable, until you are living the life you envision for yourself.

Better to be successful at incorporating small changes than to fail at sustaining Big Efforts.

Anyway, as someone who failed any number of diets and programs, that worked for me. I wish you many small successes...:-)

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Old 08-08-2007, 03:29 PM   #4
Monique T. Ames
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Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Longwood  FL
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Welcome. Ref to your Zone question, if you can, buy that article from the CrossFit store. It's not expensive and is a great reference. It is issue #21 in May 2004. Invaluable.

Next, go to and sign up (free) and complete the male body fat calculator. It is dead on, and will tell you exactly how many blocks per day (of each macronutrient) you should eat. Be honest about your activity level.

In a nut shell: For ease and simplicity, only eat stuff from the favorable list (CrossFit article pg#3). Stay away from pg 4 unless it's your cheat day. IMO.
1. a little err on the favorable list won't break you. an err on the other side could cause you to not be in the Zone, which is bad
2. you get more food when on the favorable list (ex. bad list: 3 tbsp rice= 1 block; "good" list: 1/2 honeydew melon= 1 block) I rather eat more.

It only gets "tricky" if you want something not on the block list, but that's another discussion.
Keep it simple at first, it's easier. You'll lose weight and have good performance levels.
Cheat once a week for sanity. Do not lower the fat blocks, that will hurt you.

Lots of info, sorry for the super long post.
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