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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 05-21-2008, 05:34 AM   #1
Christopher Day
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seeking suggestions

Hey all, Chris here a Canadian expat living in Beijing. I am seeking some advice on a workout schedule and setting goals for myself, but first I want to give a bit of background information to help in your suggestions.

I am 25, 183 cm and 76 kg. I have been crossfitting at my own pace for a little over a month, this being built over top of a foundation of about 2 years of relatively aimless bodybuilding activity. I can do 14 rounds (kipping after 5th round) of the 1 minute incremental pull-up wod. Recently did 12 rounds of Cindy but felt I could have squeezed out one more. I can do 28 push-ups chest to deck hands shoulder width apart. The squat is my weakness, where my max 5-rep effort with full ROM is 82.5 kg (I am lanky with long limbs, and my lower back is always heavily involved as the load increases, though I do manage to keep my heels on the ground by stepping on thin plates.) My 1-rep max overhead press is 57.5 kg. Finally, I can complete a couple of sets of 100 kg deadlifts, though I have no idea what my 1 rep max would be.

Okay, so here are my real questions. I can only train 4 days a week, in a 2 on, 1 off, 2 on, 2 off rotation. My primary training aim is to increase my strength relative to bodyweight so that I can complete all wod's as RX'd. I am not particulary concerned about gaining or losing weight, but whatever is necessary to get where I need to be. My second goal is to vastly increase my metabolic conditioning. As it stands, I have been generally doing a routine whereby I train squats or cleans ME on day 1 in a 5 sets of 5 SS style, followed by a metcon wod on day 2. Day 3 after rest, I generally I train 5x5 again on the overhead press, followed by another metcon wod on day 4. I tend to select wods that utilize cleans due to my belief that they will help me to generate power and strength.

My real problem is that I don't understand how all of these efforts will fit together. I don't know if I will achieve my goals doing what I am doing. My diet is nothing special: I eat clean as much as possible, a lot of meat and vegetables, some fish, at least 2 eggs a day, generally a muffin in the morning and Chinese style white rice with dinner. I also eat about the equivalent of a handful of almonds throughout the day most days. I am not gaining weight on this diet, though as I said, I am not trying to do so.

What should I change? What should I do? I have no one to talk to about Crossfit in China!
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Old 05-21-2008, 03:21 PM   #2
Larry A Henrikson
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Re: seeking suggestions

Welcome to Crossfit. So, your goal is to increase strength and metabolic conditioning. Crossfit will certainly do that. I was doing bodybuilding type workouts for years before Crossfit and everything changed when switching to Crossfit 5 months ago. I am stronger, faster, and more efficient than ever. Best advice is to start doing the WOD's to the best of your ability. If you can do RX'd, then work on your time. If not, work with a comfortable weight and then increase the next time you see the exercise. I think you should switch to Crossfit full time. There are a lot of WOD's that will target your strength needs and at the same time build your intensity and power output over long periods of time. Crossfit is mostly full body workout, so even if you're not doing squats or deadlifts, whatever you're doing is going to help in the long run.
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