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Fitness Theory and Practice. CrossFit's rationale & foundations. Who is fit? What is fitness?

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Old 05-21-2008, 09:06 PM   #41
Justin Gross
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Re: Let's revamp the CF Warmup

One of my favorite CrossFit slogans:

"Your workout is our warmup."

I throw in a ~400m run each round.
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Old 05-23-2008, 12:35 PM   #42
Jeff Feld-Gore
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Re: Let's revamp the CF Warmup

Wow, this is a really interesting conversation. I have not really posted much in the two years I have been doing Crossfit. I have never really understood the concept of a warm up until it was explained here.

That being said, it took me about 6 months to realize that Crossfit had a recommended warm up let alone that people did a warm up. I was attracted to Crossfit because of its variety of different WOD. I have always gotten bored with working out in the past and loved the variety so it is strange to me that I would start the WOD with the same standard set of exercises. I have tried it for a period of time but 1) got bored with it and 2) didn't notice any real benefit in times/distance/weight during the WOD.

Maybe I have also gone too far in embracing the idea that Crossfit gets you ready for doing anything in "real" life i.e. mugging, carrying large/weird objects. What are we going to do, say "Stop, I need to warm up first"? I am also not doing this to break records or become the best Crossfitter ever but my times are respectable. I also have a limitted amount of time to work out everyday and that is why I love Crossfit is that it is intense but also very short.

Everyday I wake up at 5:30am get dressed, look at today's WOD, sit down and meditate for 10-15 minutes, set up the WOD, do it, then do chores all by 6:30am before everyone else wakes up.

I intellectually understand the need to do the warm up but just don't have the time or desire to tie myself to it.

My two sense.

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Old 05-23-2008, 08:00 PM   #43
Mike Peiman
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Re: Let's revamp the CF Warmup

Good stuff. My two cents:

I've used different approaches, meaning, I've used the full "CF standard" warmup, I've played around with whatever I feel like, and I've skipped warmups entirely. There are pros and cons, and I think the important considerations regarding the reasons we should warm up have been raised:

- psychological readiness
- physical readiness:
-- neuromuscular for all major functions
-- ROM and joint mobility
-- general bloodflow and temperature

Skipping a warmup completely? Sometimes I'd rather sacrifice average power for time efficiency, and just jump right in. I can still ease into a workout (depending what type it is) and ramp up the intensity as I get warm. My effective peak intensity is shorter than if I blasted through the whole thing, but arguable at a higher level as I have less volume to work through at max intensity. Just leads to a slightly different workout, but benefits still abound if you maintain awareness of your physical readiness and capability and don't overdo it.

As far as standard warmup, I do love our slogan "Our warmup is your workout". I ramped up to a respectable work capacity last summer/fall, but focusing on my sport all winter, essentially laid off CF. Getting back into it this Spring, I've found the official warmup to be an excellent tool to add volume and general conditioning to my training. Yes, upon starting back, it was a workout unto itself. Now (again) banging off 30+ pullups etc etc to warmup is no big deal.

And as far as Samson stretch, I go with my instinct and do multiple reps of lunges in place, to "wake up" my hips as someone else commented.

I do find it useful to have a template to go by, as I often get lazy when I'm just playing around, and don't get as thoroughly warmed-up as the "official" warmup does.

What next for me - more skill work and focus on my weak areas, substituting other exercises while maintaining a conditioning-level volume and all the aspects of a good warmup mentioned previously (ROM, function, bloodflow etc).
"Ask not for a lighter load, but a stronger back"
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Old 05-24-2008, 08:32 PM   #44
Leah Turner
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Re: Let's revamp the CF Warmup

I stick to the official CFWU almost exclusively except I only do 2 pullups per round since 4 deadhangs is still my max Other than that I add in pushups or a few handstand pushups sometimes, mix up the different types of situps or do a few knees to elbows, and once in a while subsitute something if I am bored.
"Mein Herz schlägt bayerisch."
~ Papst Benedikt XVI.
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Old 05-24-2008, 08:53 PM   #45
Skip Chase
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Re: Let's revamp the CF Warmup

The CF warm-up makes sense to me. I began performing it, in its entirety regardless of the exercises in the WOD, from the beginning. When we opened our first facility in Oct. 2005 our members learn the CF warm-up during their first visit and they perform it every time they walk in the door, prior to the work-out.

We are following the same regimen at our new Whidbey Island facility.
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Old 05-25-2008, 08:27 AM   #46
Lenora Galitz-Pfeffer
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Re: Let's revamp the CF Warmup

I basically do the cf warm-up, but, do different stretches. I skip pullups if a WOD is very "pullup-centric", or only do 1 round of dips if it's ring dips intense. At the end I practice something I suck at. Sometimes our class at our affilliate has a special warm-up for a given day. Sometimes we start off rowing and sometimes running.
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Old 05-25-2008, 09:45 AM   #47
Alex Europa
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Re: Let's revamp the CF Warmup

One of my biggest downfalls is not doing a warmup regularly. I acknowledge it and have made a conscious effort to start warming up before every WOD. Usually it consists of working the movements that are prevalent in the WOD.

At my cert, Robbie Miller took us through a warmup we dubbed "Invisible Fran," using a brookstick for the thrusters and mimicking kipping pull-ups with the stick in our hands. It was a pretty good WU for our WOD: 20 min of 15 95-lbs thrusters, 10 pull-ups, and ~200meter run.

I've been wanting to try the Burg WU for some time now, and I think this thread will be a good motivator to give it a whirl.

CrossFit Barbarian Fitness / Flickr
"Every man dies. Not every man truly lives."
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