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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Old 12-02-2011, 10:29 PM   #21
Michael Ko
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Re: C5/C6 bulging disc

Originally Posted by Rachel Fazio View Post
Hi Michael,
Got my McKenzie book today! I've already read it into the section about the exercises. Exercise 3 is basically what my first PT had me doing; I can't say it necessarily helped, but it didn't hurt. I think that applying it to my usual posture (exercise 1 version) might make a difference though. Also, exercise 2 really freaked me out - it makes stuff in my neck sound like rice krispies having milk poured on them. I'm taking it slow and just doing those two plus the stretch for lateralized pain for a few days, then I'll expand my repertoire.
Keep doing the exercises. McKenzie exercises are solid.
Question: when you went to PT, did they do anything with your cervicothoracic junction (CT junction), first rib, upper thoracic spine? The reason why I ask is that there are some PT's out there (including myself) that believe that C5-6 bulges are often times caused from lack of mobility in the CT junction or T/S. Not all PT's are created equal.
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Old 12-11-2011, 08:29 AM   #22
Donnette Lewis
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Re: C5/C6 bulging disc

Hello Michael. Wanted to let you know about my experience...I'm a bit older (56) and I had Laser surgery about 3 years ago on my neck. I had arthritis, degeneration and a bulging disk. I've experienced 2 whiplash incidences prior to sugery and a handstand fall in which I planted my face..OUCH! Needless to say, I took all the routes: massage, accupunture, trigger point therapy, PT, yoga, McKenzie ( I still us the vertical back suppport in my car for driving,) ect for over 8 years before I oppted for surgery. I was so mechanical in my movements and in constant discomfort/pain.

I finally researched LSI (Lasar Spinfe Institute) in Tampa FL. This surgery is non-invasive; the heat of the laser "drawns in" the bulge and they cleaned off arthitis deposits while under a twilite anasesia. I needed 2 surgeries working up/down both sides of the cervical area.

I am soooooooooooooo happy I went though the surgeries. As a full time Fitness Associate and an occational Crossfitter my quality of life is toatlly acceptable. I still have some tightness and sorenesses but every muscle in my body does on one occassion or another. I do not believe that any holistic treatment could of alleviated or corrected my condition.

I highly recomend LSI; look them up on internet...they explain the whole proceedure. They do need a MRI to diagnose, but they may have options when needed. Best of luck to you (please excuse any sp errors)
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Old 02-20-2012, 01:32 PM   #23
Rachel Fazio
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Re: C5/C6 bulging disc

Hi all,
Just a quick update. My neck is holding up fine - no major flare-ups requiring steroids since I quit working out in November. The McKenzie exercises seem to be helping with the day to day discomfort. I have started doing some light exercise over the course of the past month or so. I have noticed some increased discomfort, but I wonder how much of that is just normal stiffness/soreness from resuming activity after inactivity. I am still avoiding most all upper-body exercises or anything involving external weights (vs. just body weight), but so far so good. I figure it's been three months now, I should be at least starting to heal up, but no need to rush it since it seems from what I've heard it can take six months. I might try to push myself a bit more when I get closer to that.

That laser surgery sounds interesting! If what I'm doing now ends up not working, I will definitely check that out.

I agree not all PTs are created equal, and no, I don't recall doing any of what you mentioned. You know, I am totally willing to give PT another try, but how can I find a PT that I know is good? I hate to just go around giving my money (and time) to random people who all try to get me to do the same thing again and again. Any resource you can recommend as far as that goes?
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Old 02-21-2012, 06:53 AM   #24
Chris DeCarlo
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Re: C5/C6 bulging disc

based on you age there has to be a postural or structural issue in the neck, have you had an xray? or did mri say anything about loss of cervical lordosis, straightening of cervical spine or kyphotic cervical spine?..

all of you mri finding are not primary issues, they are secondary(caused by) something else happening..that is why pt and other things are not fixing you, they will help with pain and keep you going--- but if your issue is not the primary cause you are in the wrong place...

quick example--- you hit a pot hole in your car and throw off the alignment and it pulls to the left, you left tire will start to wear out faster then the to keep changing this tire over and over again will never fix the issue, you need to get you car aligned and stop the constant wear...

find out what your neck structure looks like, i will bet the farm you are way off normal, i will even go as far as kyphotic based on your mri finding...fix that and you will never have an issue again...
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Old 02-21-2012, 10:50 AM   #25
Sean Smith
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Re: C5/C6 bulging disc

I skipped all of the other posts about from people but have you gone to a chiropractor? They are spine experts. Go to one before you even think about having surgery. They work. I would highly recommend shopping around for one that uses "Gonstead".
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Old 02-27-2012, 07:58 AM   #26
Carline Saintilien
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Re: C5/C6 bulging disc

Originally Posted by Victoria Stiles View Post
A C5 C6 disc that is herniated can cause incredible pain and disability for the person suffering with it. The most common cause of a herniated disc is trauma. The only way you can get new nutrition and oxygen into the discs of the spine is by physically pumping them. It doesn't matter if your injured disc is in the neck or somewhere else in the spine - this exercise will effectively pump new oxygen and nutrition into the disc for faster healing.
Hello, I currently have a C5/C6 disc herniation. I was diagnosed in July 2011. What do you mean by pumping new oxygen and nutrition into the disc. How is this done? By exercise?

Since October 2011 my spine surgeon has recommended a disckectomy, but its my understanding this procedure is performed in the lumbar spine. I'm 5 weeks post-op a anterior labrum repair. I cannot fathom going through surgery again.

And although the pain is uncomfortable and mostly annoying, I am still able to function.

I was injured in a car accident in May 2011 and my neck and back hasn't been the same since. I scaled back on physical activity significantly because of the acute pain I was experiencing in the first several months. I would say the moderate to severe pain changed to mild to moderate pain in October 2011. Now only on occasion do I experience severe pain. And its usually due to increased activity.

I wonder if I should push through the pain since I'm sure added weight will only make things worse for me.
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