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Exercises Movements, technique & proper execution

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Old 04-12-2013, 06:42 AM   #1
Michael V Giardina
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Develop a CF Program - How to program strength and WODs?

I want a better understanding of how to develop a CF program. I have been using the Stow Strength: A Periodized Approach to Crossfit Programming (see link below) for daily WOD development.

My major question is how to properly implement Strength/Skill into the daily plan? I am having trouble coupling good strength task with the daily WODs.

Or any good template for CF programming as a whole that works well for others.

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Robert Fabsik
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Re: Develop a CF Program - How to program strength and WODs?

There are a lot of threads on blended programs of strength and CF. Most popular:
CFSB (Crossfit Strength Bias)
Wendler 5/3/1 with metcons mixed in
Westside/Conjugate with metcons mixed in
also CrossFit Football does it all for you everyday throughout the year.

So search those things.

Good websites to see blended work: (maybe some rough langauge otherwise WFS)
Paulo Santo's site (dont' have it handy--I think SPD Crossfit)

Finally, always keep an eye on your goals and then your volume. If your goal is to get a 400lb squat you probably shouldn't be doing a ton of metcons. If your goal is to be able to rock with bodyweight exercises you might need more time with skills/gymnastics work.

Most blended programs have 3-4 strength days with 2-4 metcons/conditioning sessions a week.
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Andrew Wiemken
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Re: Develop a CF Program - How to program strength and WODs?

The answer to this depends on how strong you are already. As a quick rule of thumb, I would say that until you have a solid, easy 1.75xBW full depth Back Squat, you need to be prioritizing strength anyway. That's an average baseline. Even after that and beyond, Strength will always be the most important physical characteristic and should always be the priority.
I know your question is more complex than this answer reflects, but many people get caught up in the specifics of skill development and WOD programming before they're strong enough to be performing at a decent level.
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