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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Chris Bigset
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Speed, CF and Icometrics

Hi all!

I've been lurking around CF for quite some time (I'm truly impressed by the community) and after almost 4 months of doing starting strength, I think it's time to try CF.

But I have a couple of questions. I'm a martial artist and I wish to train to get faster and more explosive. Do you guys feel that CF is still the best way to go?

A guy in another forum recommended a program of doing isometrics with a rubber band to gain speed as advocated by this website:

From what I can understand, the guy behind this claims that any exercise requiring repetitions trains slow twitch mainly, and teach fast twitch muscles to contract slowly.

Now I understand that this guy is out to sell a product, and it doesn't seem logical that you gain speed by not moving, but does anyone have an informed opinion on this? Is there something to his claims?

- Chris
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Old 07-01-2008, 12:58 PM   #2
Kevin McMahon
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Re: Speed, CF and Icometrics

Well almost all of crossfit is EXPLOSIVE complex body movements. If anyone told me that power cleans was a slow twitch muscle workout i would slap them. Also look at our kipping pullups, double unders, and wall ball throws. There really isnt much in crossfit that is done slowly. So in general i think it helps.

But if you are training to be sport specific, then find some specific stuff. Isometric stuff i dont think would help that much, it would tax your muscles, but not encourage them to move any quicker. i wouldnt do a wall sit if i wanted a faster 40 time. Maybe even some agility running would be beneficial to you. 20 yard shuttles, tuck jumps, basketball, and general sprint work greatly encourage explosive movements and may help with your goal, which is something that you need to make sure you know(goal that is) before you start trying to reach for something.

[EDIT] Ill read the link when i get home in an hour because its filtered here at work.
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