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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Old 02-05-2013, 05:56 AM   #1
Dustin Dunn
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Shoulder Issue

Hey guys and gals,

First, I'd like to start off by saying that I read through the other shoulder posts and didn't quite see the information I was looking for. Second, I've seen an Ortho about my shoulder in the past and plan to see another one if a few weeks. I just wanted to see if anyone had the same problem as me or could possibly give me some insight as to what my problem is.

I'm having some aching pain in my left shoulder. I may have done it while snatching. The pain isn't unbearable. It's maybe a 3. It's mainly uncomfortable. I haven't notice a strength loss and pr'd C&J and Fran just last week with only mild discomfort. My ROM is good. It does make me uncomfortable to put my hand behind my back to tuck my shirt it, but it's not painful per se. The best way to describe it is that it's just "there" and wont go away.

This has been going on for about 5 months. I saw an ortho back in October. He didn't do an MRI then. He did the common drills. Pushed down on my arms in various directions to test my resistance and said my shoulder was solid and doesn't suspect a RC tear. He diagnosed me with tendonopathy and gave me a cortizone shot and said if it doesn't help he wants to do an MRI and look at my labral. It didn't help and I haven't been back to see him, mainly because I work overseas.

I continued to do Crossfit with the discomfort and noticed that it feels better when I'm warmed up and stretched out. I started doing MWOD and it seems to help. There is clicking when I start warming up but when I do the MWOD and stretching the popping lessens or goes away.

I plan on getting an MRI in two weeks when I'm on break. I guess my main question is if it's a labral tear wouldn't I have a strength loss and significant pain? Any other ideas as to what it could be?

Oh, I went to the ortho about the right shoulder in the past year. Same symptoms and diagnosis. The PT said my scaupla was weak and she gave me workouts to strengthen them. The problems in my right shoulder cleared up and it's fine now. My left shoulder problems wont go away.

Also, my posture isn't the best. I'm trying to correct it.

Sorry for the book I just wrote! Thanks in advance.

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Old 02-05-2013, 08:43 AM   #2
Rob Carrillo
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Re: Shoulder Issue

sounds like my problem in a nutshell. I was diagnosed with a partial labral tear in my left shoulder after an MRI with contrast. before that I had a cortisone shot in each shoulder and underwent physical therapy for a few weeks. my shoulders just felt sore all the time! it was more discomfort than it was pain. I laid off overhead exercises for a good while, and am slowly adding them back, and I feel it in both shoulders (left one is worse). I attribute it to overuse / little rest. I'm still training. I do chin-ups now instead of pull-ups, and it's been a long time since I've tinkered with handstand push-ups. I also find explosive overhead movements aggravate them more (thrusters, push press, etc). I do slow overhead press now, and while I feel it, it's not as bad.

doc said I could get surgery depending on my level of discomfort. not quite there yet. I was also told that surgery can cause other problems and make things worse.

I also have some clicking going on that I am convinced is arthritis or something... been taking fish oil, glucosamine / chondroiton, aleve, and my doc even rx'd some fancy schmancy topical ben-*** type stuff out of CO...
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Old 02-05-2013, 10:49 AM   #3
Michael Marziotto
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Re: Shoulder Issue

Like you, I have discomfort.. at times, it can register a much higher level on the pain-o-meter, but I can lift a gallon jug straight armed and tuck my shirt in.

Also similar are the weak scapula and over stretched Rhomboid diagnosis.

Get the MRI done. And skip any further cortisone.

I failed to get the MRI for a while, and a cortisone shot only masked the pain and damage I was doing. As I sit here now, I still have no problem lifting something heavy straight-armed or doing push-ups yet my MRI reads like a war-zone status report...

I guess my short story is don't assume it's okay. The MRI takes ten minutes.
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