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Workout of the Day Questions & performance regarding CrossFit's WOD

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Nik Nichols
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Re: Can't talk straight after WOD

I don't flop because it seems I can recover faster. After a workout I feel pretty rough and breathing is tough too so walking give me something to do and seems to help regulate my breathing. The flop just kills me and I have a real time getting back up. I'm with mikko.

I go hard on the workouts. I pace the workout as I need to to get through them as best I can, but I go hard. I don't really hold back for rest. I use the metcon to push into that uncomfortable zone and try to stay there and maintain. You can't do that a a slower lesser attempt at the workout.

I rest when I need but to me a metcon is for speed and breathing and I treat it as such. Now as the Ops case. 10 to 15 min of not being able to put together words is not good. Know your own body, limits, why you are doing a workout and the long and short tem goals and attack the workout with that in mind.

Also in saying that, I agree that bouncing off the CNS is not good day after day, but that kind of takes care of itself. You hit the CNS hard enough you wont be doing much the next day or two no matte what you try. Metcon every day is not good in in my opinion. But that gets into programming and that is a another issue.
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Ben Joven
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Re: Can't talk straight after WOD

Originally Posted by John LaMacchia View Post
For a solid 10-15 minutes after a hard WOD (in other words, EVERY WOD), I can't articulate complete sentences. It's kind of funny, but I feel like an idiot if someone tries communicating with me during that period. I either babble something incoherent or just give an exhausted smile and nod my head. Anybody else experience this?
Nope. I'm no doctor but just to be safe I would have your blood checked and get an MRI.

Happens to boxers after sparring sessions etc., but that shouldn't be happening to you unless your are massively out of shape.
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