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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Ce Wormuth
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Question about my Diet


I've been CFing for a few months now and i think it's time to concentrate on my diet. During my first months i gained a bit more muscles but stayed at the same weight, so i assume that i lost some fat.
But i still want more
When i started CF i was at 18% body fat. I have no real numbers now, but i guess it's still at 16-17%.
My goal is to get down to ~10% and keep my muscles (maybe gaining a bit more).
So i looked around the forums and the internet and came up with my own diet plan:

It is recommended to eat 1,5-2g protein per kg of bodyweight if you're an active sportsman/want to gain muscles. I weigh 82Kg so that would be around 160g of Protein per day.

For carbs i trust in Mark Sisson, who says that you should eat at least 100g of carbs per day. To be on the safe side i want to take 120g of carbs per day.

If you convert the macronutrients to calories you get the following results:
1g protein = 4 calories
1g carbs = 4 calories
1g fat = 9 calories
So from my proteins (160g x 4 = 640) and carbs (120g x 4 = 480) i get 1120 calories!

The remainding calories should come from fat and here is my problem.
When i tried the calculators on the internet i get different results for the calories i need per day. So i wanted to ask you guys about your experiences.

FYI: I'm 24 years old, 192cm (6'3'') tall, weigh 82Kg (180lbs).
I work out 5 times a week (a few burpees + stabilizers + stretching in the morning/Grease the groove Pull-ups or Dips during the day/the daily WOD at the box in the evening)
Besides that i'm a student so most of the time i sit around at the university and learn during the day.

Question 1: How many calories do i need per day?
Question 2: Is a diet with so many fat good for loosing fat?

PS: i try to eat around 80% paleo. no processed food and grains, but still dairy and some rice + potatoes.

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Joey Shishineh
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Re: Question about my Diet

I say 1.5-2g protein per kg lean body mass (total weight - fat weight = for your numbers = 82kg - 14kg - 68kg) = 136g protein. Anyways, that doesn't vary much.

I am 68kgs and I take in about 180g protein, 80g fat and 150g carbs. You will need more carbs and more fat than me, so I would put you at around 2500-3000 calories broken down as follows:
180g protein = 720 cals
180g carbs = 720 cals
100g fat = 900 cals
1.) total = ~2300 cals. (give or take, most people will probably say eat closer to 3000cals)

2.) Yes, higher fat diet is good for you. fat doesn't make you fat, as long as you eat it in moderation. (fat is very easy to over eat while protein and carbs are harder to)
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Darryl Shaw
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Re: Question about my Diet

As you're at univesity I suggest you make use of the library where I'm sure you'll find many excellent books on sports nutrition and exercise pyhsiology instead of wasting your time reading Mark Sisson's blog.

In the meantime though these should answer many of your questions.

Position of the American Dietetic Association, Dietitians of Canada, and the American College of Sports Medicine: Nutrition and Athletic Performance.

IOC Consensus Statement on Sports Nutrition 2010.

IOC - Nutrition for Athletes. - Nutrition for Athletics.

AIS Sport Nutrition Factsheets.

BDA Food Factsheet - Sport.

*All links wfs*

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Old 06-26-2012, 07:34 PM   #4
Andrew N. Casey
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Re: Question about my Diet

at your age, height, and weight, the answer to your question about calories is yes. eat them. all of them. as many as you can find. lift heavy things often.
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