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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Norman Tasfi
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Re: Dynamic Duo: Crossfit + Raw Vegan Diet

Originally Posted by Mario Coss View Post
Imagine that you also happened to play massive amounts of basketball on a constant basis and you decided to save most of your energy for that.
I'm sure I can find other people who go 100% on the wod and still play ether a competitive sport whether that be olympic lifting, soccer, track etc.

Originally Posted by Mario Coss View Post
Also, imagine that you did go 100% on your Crossfit workouts on days when you decided not to hoop. And then imagine that each time, you were recovered both in terms of glycogen levels, as well as muscle soreness, within 2 days. Most of the time, within 22 hours. No exceptions.
On a Paleo diet or one with animal protein one could easily say go play a sport after about half hour rest or wait two hours in order to play at a perceived 100%. I don't understand if you're playing at a casual level why you would be concerned about being fully recovered, eg. DOMs to be gone and glycogen stores to be refueled, why would you possible care about this? Just go play...if it is a big concern have a PWO meal with some protein and starchy paleo carbohydrates (sweet potato, yam etc.) which tend to restore muscle glycogen over liver glycogen.

Originally Posted by Mario Coss View Post
Just because I don't always go 100% with Crossfit, doesn't mean I don't get a full workout and go 100% with other activities.
During the summer or when I can, usually after my WOD(s), I go play a sport of my choice like soccer after a few hours of rest and I go as hard as I can aswell.

Originally Posted by Mario Coss View Post
...within 2 days. Most of the time, within 22 hours. No exceptions.
I can't really weigh in here as my program is going to be a day and night comparison to yours and I would like to point out of course you will recover faster, you don't push your self 100%. Others who do probably recover at the same speed if not faster. Who's going to be more sore? Someone working at 75% of there potential or someone working at 100%?

May I also ask how long you have been crossfitting for? And your end goals? If your goals, as it appears you state are more for longevity rather then strength etc., wouldn't it be a good idea to drop basketball and crossfit? They as you most likely know aid in an exercise-induced increase in cellular respiration, aka increases the release of free radicals that essentially cause aging and the break down of the body. In a sense being counter productive to what you initially set out to do. But of course it would be silly to propose for someone to stop working out in order to live longer...see a parallel?

Originally Posted by Mario Coss View Post
In friendship-
For sure.
M/5'8"/160/19, Press 140 3x5, Deadlift 380 - 2x5, Squat 240 - 3x5, Snatch 135x2, Clean & Jerk 195, Murph ~36:00, Helen 8:57, FGB 338, Cindy 26.5

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Renee Lee
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Re: Dynamic Duo: Crossfit + Raw Vegan Diet

Originally Posted by Mario Coss View Post
Yeah, sorry for bringing it up in this forum. If you do want to discuss the monetary system and why I submit that money is indeed created out of nothing, you can private message me and I'll be happy to discuss what information I have on this. I too have taken economics classes. 3 in college in fact. In my opinion they do not even begin to educate students on the nuances of the system.
well i'm glad that your 3 college economics classes has left you qualified enough to discuss with Steven the nuances of the monetary system that those classes apparently don't teach. fantastic.

I assume that with those 3 classes you think the gold standard's a better idea?
"catapultam habeo. nisi pecuniam dabis, ad capitem tuum saxum mittam."
Translation: I have a catapult. Give me your money or i'll throw a rock at your head.
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