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Old 06-21-2007, 03:07 PM   #1
Ron Fielder
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Alright guys, I have to tell you about my expereince with Jim at Dynamax. Bear with me because this may get a bit long winded and I am not as articulate as I would like to be at times, nevertheless, I need to give his company some props.
I had made the home style med ball with a rubber basketball and some sand. I had been using this since Dec. 06. For the most part this was good enough and as I was learning the CF methods this was sufficient.
Then I started looking for some CF people to play with and found a group that meets in San Antonio. These guys all had Dynamax Med Balls and after using one during a cold, rainy version of Kelly I knew that I wanted one.
It was more than a novelty, though that plays a part too, because the diameter of the larger ball added a degree of difficulty to the effort. Getting smacked in the face with a 20lb ball on its downward plunge from 10 feet is something that will help you pay attention in your fatigue. :-)
So I asked about the process of getting one, because I hate paying shipping cost. I had no idea that the factory was right up the road about another 50 miles or so. But the owner didn't want anyone to drop by the factory, so he would offer a "Crossfit discount" and that was enough to cover the shipping cost. So it would be best to call, instead of online ordering because only CF people would order the 20lb ball. So after a few months I decided that I was ready to order the ball.
I called Jim at Dynamax and asked him about the CF discount and he said that he would give me one. I also ordered a 10lb ball as well.
The weird thing is that he asked me if I was sure I wanted the 20lb ball, I mean he did his best to talk me out of buying it.
He talk to me for at least 30 minutes about the different sizes of med balls and how a lighter ball would be a much more functional tool for me.
He explained that people who hear about the 20lb will order it online and then be so discouraged when they realize how heavy it is.
I asked him if he was thinking of discontinueing it and he said not at this time but he wanted to do something to prevent uninformed people from buying it.
Well, I think the online price for the 20lb ball is $114.95. He sold it to me for $82.46. The 10lb he sold to me for $63.50.
That is about 28% discount. (hope my math is correct)
After thinking through our conversation that night I called him back the next day and ordered the 4lb ball as well. That one he sold for $52.50.
So for 3 balls I spent $199.
Even better than that I got the balls in about a week and they are so cool! He also through in a sling for free.
The time that Jim spent with me was very informative and I feel that he is more concerned with his customer's satisfaction and ability to get the most out of his products than he is about money and I respect that very much.
I hope to order a 6 and 8lb soon.

I just wanted to share that experience with you guys and encourage everyone to call directly to the factory and see what kind of deal Jim will give you. It may be the same or different from the one I got but I am sure that it will save you a bit of money and the time selecting the right ball will be time well spent.
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Old 06-21-2007, 07:38 PM   #2
William Henniger
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I have shared your experience, he spent a great deal of of his time explaining the limitless capabilities of his products. I was ordering all of our med-balls for our new place in Columbus and he talked me out of ordering all 20's. I ordered a bunch of 12's and 16's with enough 20's to do the FGB in a group.

After doing all of the research similar to everyone in the CrossFit community we brought all of the products into one place. We built a store that caters to the CrossFit crowd and offers great discounts. All of the prices listed on our site are retail but just email me and I will send you a coupon code that discounts the products that the vendors have approved. All of the shipping costs are vendor specific.

If you can't find something just let me know.

Bill Henniger
Rogue Store - Med Balls
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