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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 04-19-2013, 11:57 AM   #11
Daniel Wheeler
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Re: A little dismayed...

Originally Posted by Danny Hamilton View Post
Thanks to everyone who replied. I spoke with them about this last night. That and the fact that they do not cycle their workouts such that someone like myself who can only go twice a week can work out different body parts. I've been doing squats, lunges, cleans and jerks every visit for six weeks now. They got offended and asked my why I didn't like working out my legs. I hate to support a box that doesn't have certified coaches, but if I can talk my wife into trying it one more time, we may have to try Diesel's Asylum. CrossfitNac just really seems like its set up for young people who can go every night and heal fast from injuries. We're learning in our 40s that we're no longer made of rubber. We do break. And after watching this girl do cleans last night, I'm scared. She was bringing the weight up and bending her back so far that the weight was completely behind her core. I kept waiting for her to fall backward and get a barbell in the neck. What makes it so bad is that we were trying to find our one rep max and nobody was correcting her. Anyway, they seem like nice guys but I just keep seeing a lawsuit waiting to happen there. Again, thanks for all your input.
Getting injured and writing it off as you needing to harden up is never okay in any sport or gym.

It takes a grand to get certified, not intelligence on how to actually coach. Find a place and only stay when you are comfortable.
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Old 04-19-2013, 07:26 PM   #12
Blair Robert Lowe
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Re: A little dismayed...

I've been doing squats, lunges, cleans and jerks every visit for six weeks now
What's wrong with that? That's pretty much every weightlifter does.

But in all serious, I would not be happy about being a guinea pig for a new box. No bueno, especially if my safety was of my concern...

And if I wasn't ****ing happy. We do this because we like to.

Diesel's Asylum looks alright but it's hard to say whether they know anything about the Olympic Lifts.
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Old 04-22-2013, 01:35 PM   #13
Julie Lee
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Re: A little dismayed...

they got offended? oh my.

i'd try to find a new box. no all boxes and coaches are created equally and a box like that is going to get someone seriously hurt.

if there are no other boxes in the area, i'd considering following the site's programming w/ your wife in your garage or globo gym.

sorry to hear your box isn't very supportive.
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Old 04-22-2013, 02:10 PM   #14
Bryan Castro
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Re: A little dismayed...

Originally Posted by Lulu Cunningham View Post
Hello My name is lulu, I'm interested in joining the cross fit near by my house. I'm pretty active I run 4-5 days a week, I don't like weight lifting so I'm not sure if cross fit is for me. Please I need some advice.
Have you tried reading the article "What is Fitness" by Greg Glassman ( It kind of lays out the philosophy behind Crossfit and it was one of the main things that influenced me to give it a try.

Best regards,

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Old 04-22-2013, 02:50 PM   #15
Brendan McNamar
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Re: A little dismayed...

It looks like they are the only game in town. With FSA students I expect as long as they help the ladies lose weight they will be successful. They don't update their website or FB page much. I suspect they are doing fine for membership.

This is the problem with lack of competition.

I would head back to your garage and see if you can workout a deal to visit some of the better Dallas gyms on Saturday mornings for additional instruction a couple of time a month.

CrossFitNac is not for you.
Nomadic CrossFit Coach
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