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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Old 12-17-2008, 01:39 PM   #1
Arturo Garcia
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Is anyone else able to voluntarily subluxate their shoulders?

I've always been able to subluxate both shoulders, whenever I want to. This is, according to the definitions I've found, a "partial" dislocation. I have never dislocated my shoulders though. I think this is why I find it so uncomfortable to lay on my side, and I always sleep facing the ceiling.

Now, I've always found my left shoulder to be more "unstable" with weight overhead, and it shows for example when I max out in Dumbell push-press, the left arm lags behind by maybe 10-15%. Also there was a time where I did some Turkish Get-ups, but never went heavier than 40-ish pounds, maybe I should have kept doing it. Then too, I felt less stability with the left one.

About two and half weeks ago, during my last set of weighted pull-ups, and the LAST rep (yeah, talk about bad luck!), as I was gonna raise from the deadhang possition I felt a huge pain and crack sound in that left shoulder. I was only using 25 or 30 pounds I think, for sets of 5 (I am still weak, specially overhand, I can do 50# for 5 very strict reps with an underhand grip). I have been nursing it ever since, but it's still not healed. It's better than the first few days though. I have not rested it even close to 100% though, I've done jumping pull-ups, cleans, push-ups.. you cant really call this true rest. Hell, I've even practised handstands and pressed overhead weights a couple of times I now realize I have not been resting it at all actually.

Anyways, it's funny, because when I try to subluxate this shoulder, it's when it hurts the most now. Which muscles are hurt? Once the pain goes, which muscles should I strengthen?

I must also add that I've always felt that my shoulders get in an awkward possition when I do pull-ups (overhand grip). Not with a supinated grip though. And it's even worse if I get into a tuck-sit possition, it feels awkward to pull from that possition. And an L-pullup?? Getting into the L-hang possition really makes the shoulders feel weird. No pain or anything, but when I have tried to pull from that possition, it's like my brain feels something is gonna rip if I do so, and I just can't (or don't want to). I can hold an L-hand for at least 20 seconds and I can do at least 10 deadhang pull-ups so I know I have the strength for L-pullups, but the feeling that I'll break something prevents me from actually doing them.

I have read that the old timers wouldn't let a newbie lift weights until he worked up to a 100lb Turkish Getup. I have never held a 100# DB overhead, I've push-pressed I think a 90# rightie and maybe close to 80# leftie, so I reckon I'd have quite a bite of work to do with the TGU's if I go down that route.

But my question is: anyone has (or HAD) this problem, and solved it? What did you do? What worked?

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Old 12-22-2008, 10:32 AM   #2
Heath Collins
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Re: Is anyone else able to voluntarily subluxate their shoulders?

I'm having a similar problem, I hurt my shoulder doing L-ups about a month ago. My left shoulder made that cracking/ripping sound you described. Still hurts.
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Old 12-24-2008, 06:56 AM   #3
Jake Thompson
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Re: Is anyone else able to voluntarily subluxate their shoulders?

Turkish get ups and windmills are probably the 2 best once you have full pain free ROM.

Both worked well for my shoulder.

Also find the "band man" article on T-nation and perform shoulder traction exercises.
Jake Thompson
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Old 12-28-2008, 08:50 AM   #4
Kevin Daigle
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Re: Is anyone else able to voluntarily subluxate their shoulders?

Thats odd......I separated both of my shoulders playing football multiple times.....and they are certainly looser than normal but even still, I can't subluxate them. They are more prone to injury though, and I have to be careful
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Old 12-28-2008, 09:23 AM   #5
lisa taylor
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Re: Is anyone else able to voluntarily subluxate their shoulders?

Rehabbing my second dislocation, while I'm not a doctor, I have had lengthy conversations with a few of them on this subject.

Some people just have 'trick' shoulders that are loose, or prone to dislocation.

It sounds like you may have finally crossed that line between 'trick' and 'OH *****'.

Shoulder injuries are a mutha to get to heal correctly. It is a highly mobile ball and socket type joint. That mobility is purchased at a cost of increased vulnerability. Your humerous nests in a shallow dish, and is held in place by the ligaments and muscles surrounding it.

If all you've done is pull a muscle, big deal. Drink a beer, pop some motrin and take it easy for a while.

If you have, in fact injured the ligaments, you've got a problem. You will have noticed throughout your life that shoulder instability does not necessarily mean shoulder pain.

However, comma, ligaments don't have nerves for you to feel them if anything is damaged. Your muscles may be very used to compensating for any congenital weakness, but you're still at increased vulnerability for a traumatic dislocation. Exponentially so if you have damaged the ligaments.


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Old 12-29-2008, 06:22 AM   #6
Arturo Garcia
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Re: Is anyone else able to voluntarily subluxate their shoulders?

Thanks for the input fellas.

Since I've been to orthopedics many times before, I almost know their procedure by now.. if I have not rested, they will tell me to rest, take ibuprofen (or some other similar anti-inflammatory) and ice for a few days, and only go back if that doesn't work. Since I was stubborn enough to keep working out through the pain, I am know resting and taking ibuprofen (today is the beggining of day 4), so we'll see how I'm doing after 5 days of true rest. Hell, yesterday I even chopped some wood which required max effort axe swings (darn wood was hard like a rock), but that didn't seem to irritate it. Gonna keep working out my legs and "core" for a few more days, it seems to be healing.

I need to strengthen those ligaments that hold the humerus in place, that's for sure. I can subluxate my left shoulder very easily, the right one sometimes takes me a couple of seconds to get the "feel" and move it. So I know the left shoulder is more "loose".... holding weight overhead it's always felt very unstable, way more than the right. Like someone stated, maybe I need to do some windmills or turkish getups to build better stability.
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Old 01-11-2009, 09:52 AM   #7
Justin Gross
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Re: Is anyone else able to voluntarily subluxate their shoulders?

Be careful with the ibuprofen. A few months ago I separated my shoulder popped some ibuprofen waited a week went went back to using it. Surprise, I screwed it up again.
'I can't feel it, it must be better.'
I repeated this process for a couple months until I realized that I needed to quit taking the ibuprofen so I would remember that my shoulder was jacked.
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