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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Old 03-04-2008, 12:54 PM   #1
Ryan Whipple
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An overdue self-critique

I started crossfitting last May, right before summer break. Over the summer I was on a language immersion and had plenty of time to work out, eat, and sleep. I felt good, and went from 5'8" 122lbs to 134lbs in two months. I went back to the school year and began to feel suggish, tired, lose weight (bad at my weight), and lose strength. I've spent most of the year scratching my head and blaming it on a constant lack of sleep. However, a minor surgery and a break at home has led me to reconsider.

I don't eat a lot for breakfast...usually I'm just not hungry. Lunch at the dining hall isn't usually that great. I usually eat more of a snack than actual dinner. Basically, I've realized I've been starving myself and, as a result, been both unhealthy and seeing negative results. My family has used the Body for Life diet on and off, so I've spent a lot of time reading through those materials. I know they aren't the endorsed ideas of this board, but at this point anything is a step up.

Some ideas caught my eye simply because they were easy. Eating high-quality snacks between meals seems simple. My favorite so far has been an apple and string cheese between breakfast and lunch. Jerky and yogurt also are easy enough for me to take with me. I really hope that with eating better I'll start to feel healthier and see some gains in my workouts again.

So writing this all out has been helpful, but I'd also like some input. I know that most people use fitness as a way of eating less and losing weight, but has anyone out there been in my position? What was helpful for you? Even if you haven't personally been here, do you have any advice?
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Old 03-04-2008, 01:27 PM   #2
Nick Cummings
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Re: An overdue self-critique

Eat Zone for two weeks and post your experiences.
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Old 03-04-2008, 01:47 PM   #3
Moran Bentzur
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Re: An overdue self-critique

Sounds like you are on the right track. For me, moving to "real" food and being strict about eating every 3 hours has great affect on well being. Now I'm also trying to address body composition and for this quantity control is a must. I'm currently on my third week on the Zone diet. I'm going 85% strict (cheat meals about once a week and using some unfavorable carb blocks) and while it is still too soon to see any real results I'm very pleased by how I feel and how my clothes fit.

I recommend moving in steps. Get into the habit of eating every 3 hours. Then make sure to make the right choices. This is 80% of what you need. Taking the next step if you need it will be easy.
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Old 03-04-2008, 02:07 PM   #4
Joe Bernard
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Re: An overdue self-critique

It sounds like you are in college, I am too. I have the exact same problems as you, except for the losing weight part. Sleep actually plays a big role in your fitness. Getting enough sleep is important because that is the time period during which your muscles recover. I am constantly tired at college, which forces me to workout only 3 times a week as opposed to what I do at home, which is 5 times. for breakfast, I basically force myself to eat a full meal, which helps because otherwise I wouldn't eat anything because like you, I'm not that hungry in the morning. You should add a source of fat to your snacks because you need a good balance of protein:carb:fat and it helps to slow your digestion so the carbs you eat don't all turn to fat. Nuts such as almonds, pecans and walnuts are good, as well as olive oil and peanut butter. Concerning peanut butter, you should get smart balance's butter or a nut butter, as those don't have hydrogenated oil in them. Stay away from the yogurt, it is mostly sugar and carbs and is not that healthy for you. If anything, eat a deli sandwhich over yogurt (yes I know sandwhiches are not good but its better than yogurt).

If anything, eat some unhealthy food so you don't lose weight. I am starting to do this because seeing losses in strength as well as muscle is really disheartening. Even though the food is unhealthy, it maintains my weight and I still make gains despite it. You should try the paleo or zone diet, they are both really good and most people follow them on this forum. I myself follow the paleo diet and it is great because there is no measuring of food, something which is impossible to do in college, and I have had impressive results while on it. The zone is for people who have access to a kitchen and can cook their own foods. Buy one (or both) of the books and read up on it. I bought both and the information in them concerning food is invaluable. I was able to fine tune my diet with them.

From personal experience, the food at college is terrible and expands my stomach. I know its weird, but it's true. I love doing ab workouts and I have a six pack, but when I am at college the only way to maintain it is to eat only enough food for maintenance or sometimes go hungry. I am also forced to eat chicken for almost every meal, which gets borings and my school is terrible at making chicken. I basically try to survive in between breaks so that when I go home, I can enjoy delicious food that is healthy. When I am home, I am able to make really solid gains, like the ones you made during your summer break. Just hang in there, we only have like a month and a half left until we are free to get huge and ripped .

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Ryan Jones
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Re: An overdue self-critique

I haven't updated my driver's license info in 12 years, that means never. And it says I'm 6'0'' 124. Around college time I was 6'5.5'' ~150. I'm currently the same height and between 185 and 190. I always used to skip meals and hardly eat for various reasons. I still am not a breakfast fan. My suggestions are milk, apples, and almonds. Milk is a really easy way to get protein, carbs, and fat. Apples are easy tasty 2 blocks of carbs. And almonds (and all other nuts really) are really easy fat blocks. I'd also make your dorm salad bar your best friend and just storm through plates of salad (with incredibly dull oil and vinegar) as if it was a WOD. These are some things that have helped me. I'm still working on adding more quality weight though.
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