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Old 04-27-2003, 10:54 PM   #1
Ari Vuorte
Departed Ari Vuorte is offline
Join Date: Jan 1970
Posts: 26
Is it possible to exceed my alltime best results by doing CrossFit? And how long I should expect it to take in months? I'm now 34 years old and 165
pounds and not even close to those results.

Here are the stats:
BW:148 pounds
BB:255 puonds
SQ:275*6 reps
DL:374 puonds
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Old 04-28-2003, 05:56 AM   #2
Founding Father Coach is offline
Join Date: Aug 2003
Posts: 391
From what I can glean from your earlier post:

1. You are definitely a hard gainer at 6 ft and 165 pounds. It may be that your diet doesn’t contain enough protein for athletic performance.
2. It looks like you started the WOD at 3 days per week and had to cut to two! This may also be a symptom of malnutrition, but in any case you need more than two days per week of strength and conditioning.
3. Your efforts are FAR from athletic – 4 or 5 pull-ups, 2:00+/500 rows, 4:22/800 runs, 145X10 deadlift, 150 pound bench press. I don’t know if this is because you are not trying hard enough or if this is symptomatic of something else, like diet, out of whack. How’s your health?

I’d like to see you get 165 grams of protein every day for a while and after a few days crank up your workouts both in frequency and intensity.

If you cruise through these workouts at a lackadaisical pace twice a week you’d be likely to show no response. But your numbers are sub cruising even.

It is also extremely unusual for basic lifts at 34 years old to be far below those marks you had at 17. This again suggests poor diet, namely insufficient protein intake.

If after you increase your protein intake and recommit to a greater intensity, your strength, speed, and power don’t increase, I’d like to see you get a complete physical.

And, yes Ari, it should be VERY easy to exceed those bests doing CrossFit.

Keep us posted!
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Old 05-01-2003, 09:37 AM   #3
Ari Vuorte
Departed Ari Vuorte is offline
Join Date: Jan 1970
Posts: 26
First, Great new outlook of the crossfit site it really Rock's! Keep up the good work Coach...

I think what you are saying about me that I'm really a hard gainer is true.

Quote:"You would be well advised to take on the WOD carefully, cautiously, and work first towards completing the workouts comfortably and consistently before "throwing" yourself at them 100%. The best results have come for those who've "gone through the motions" of the WOD by reducing recommended loads, reps, and sets while not endeavoring towards impressive times for a month before turning up the heat. We counsel you to establish consistency with the WOD before maximizing intensity."

Referring the above quote I will give myself a new start because my mistake was that I started with all the intensity in every exercise I could get out of myself. So I will ease into WOD's and gradually amp the intensity up ("go through the motions") and hopefully I will be in my way to being better athlete.

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