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Fitness Theory and Practice. CrossFit's rationale & foundations. Who is fit? What is fitness?

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Old 02-21-2009, 07:06 AM   #21
Amber Mathwig
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Re: Mental Fitness - Better beliefs

I believe in the Golden Rule, every decision I make is based around this. I have found that it does seem to universally apply to all the CrossFitter’s that I have met as well, which is an amazing feeling to be surrounded by like minded folks (something I have not always had in my life).

As far as CF is concerned, I struggled for a bit…I knew it was the best for me, but I was only giving half-*** efforts to the WOD’s and improving my nutrition. Then I heard about Julie Moss and the 1982 Hawaii Ironman Triathlon. I watched the video of her completing that race repeatedly. (Please google or youtube, the government computer is blocking most of the good stuff.) I want that mindset in my WOD’s and in my life…..when the mind and the body are no longer working together, I’m still going to finish the task at hand.

Recently, a dear friend died and he is also someone I think of throughout my days and especially during tough WOD’s. From my February 2 blog…..“John has been through so many medical issues in the past few years - cancer, multiple heart attacks, strokes. Do you know what he did? He said F*** it. He kept on going. He took his pills, and he drank his beers (with salt) and he kept on finding ways to stay active.”

P.S. As well as what Jeff said…..I’m totally using that quote sometime.
I'm on a boat.....
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Old 02-21-2009, 08:49 AM   #22
Ryan Lynch
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Re: Mental Fitness - Better beliefs

Excellent Stuff...

Keep it coming please!

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Old 02-21-2009, 08:53 AM   #23
Ryan Lynch
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Re: Mental Fitness - Better beliefs

Originally Posted by Lauren Hall View Post
In your first post you said:
"On top of the values we hold dear that shape our lives, are the beliefs about ourselves and what goes on around us. Now "beliefs" have nothing to do with reality or fact, they are just the sub-conscience (and often conscience) rules we have that we govern our lives by. They serve us in some way."

Not to be nit-picky here, but beliefs have to have something to do with reality or fact, otherwise we shouldn't believe them. Even your statement that they serve us in some way indicates that there is a very real connection between beliefs and reality.

One common theme I see in the people listing their beliefs in this thread is how much these beliefs reflect a larger reality that we often have a hard time accessing. Convincing myself that I can catch that clean even though I've failed three times has as much to do with reality as the belief that your car keys should be in your hands before you close the door.

What my CF beliefs do are replace false beliefs (i.e. I can't lift that weight, or I'll hurt myself, or there is no reason to be in this much pain) with true beliefs that reflect reality (i.e. I can lift that, I can finish this workout, the pain will over soon).
Beliefs don't have to be based in reality. "I can't do this" is a common belief. No basis in reality, but many people hold it about something and chose to stop and not do it because they have this belief they can't, and thus limit themselves. I have plenty of these limiting beliefs, and I want to replace them with empowering beliefs.

You have some great beliefs their, and those are what I'm looking for. Empowering beliefs. I can lift this weight, I can do one more rep, etc.

Thanks Lauren, good stuff!

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Old 02-21-2009, 09:04 AM   #24
Barry Cooper
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Re: Mental Fitness - Better beliefs

I have three core values. I would argue, btw, that a value is something you believe worth fighting for, something you hold sacred. Something non-negotiable.

(I believe you should) Never feel sorry for yourself

(I believe you should) Never quit.

(I believe you should) dedicate all of your energy to understanding, in all possible permutations of that word, and on all possible topics.
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Old 02-21-2009, 09:46 AM   #25
Jeff S Johnson
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Re: Mental Fitness - Better beliefs

Not long after reading this thread, I ran across this quote that sums it up nicely for me.

"What is competitive greatness? It's being at your best when your best is needed. It's enjoying the challenge when things become difficult, even very difficult. True competitors know it's exhilarating to be involved in something that's very challenging. They don't fear it. They seek it." -- John Wooden

For me, pushing hard through WOD's is mostly about competition and challenge. I'm competing with myself first, others in my gym second and the world at-large each time I go in.
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Old 02-21-2009, 04:09 PM   #26
Jonathan Slater
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Re: Mental Fitness - Better beliefs

I believe in simplicity. Don't over-complicate.
All that matters is: did you finish what you started? Or didn't you?

On a similar note, there are no complex workarounds to achieving greatness - it's just the simple (and usually very hard) things done well, with intensity and dogged day-in day-out regularity.

'Simplify, simplify.'
(Thoreau? Can't remember for sure...)
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Old 02-21-2009, 04:30 PM   #27
Steve Rakow
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Re: Mental Fitness - Better beliefs

CrossFit is the purest form of "that which does not kill you makes you stronger."

What I mean is that CrossFit will humble you, humiliate you, and make you a better person for it. If you've ever had a fear of failure, you'll soon overcome that fear because CrossFit will make you fail time and time again. CrossFit will make you stronger and stronger (mentally and physically) with each and every WOD and keep you coming back for more. What I realized when I started CrossFit was that if you don't push yourself to failure, you aren't pushing hard enough. If you set a PR today, you can celebrate today because tomorrow, or the next day, or the next month, you'll have to face that workout again and try to beat that PR. No excuses, no whining, no complaining, just perform.

This philosophy, if you will, carries over to everything I do in life. CrossFit has taught me that it's okay to fail, as long as you gave it your absolute best performance. Because if you didn't give it your all, then you're just a p**s!
Steve Rakow
CrossFit Ocean City Maryland
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Old 02-21-2009, 04:37 PM   #28
Dustin Boman
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Re: Mental Fitness - Better beliefs

I believe I should do everything in my power to be a good father to my child and husband to my wife. Fitness fits into that belief. If i'm dead i do nothing for my family. If i'm an overweight bum with a mile long list of medical problems i'm only a burden and am a negative influence to my son. Basicly i need to be healthy to be the man I need to be.
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Old 02-21-2009, 08:41 PM   #29
Chris Sinagoga
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Re: Mental Fitness - Better beliefs

"the quicker i finish, the quicker i get to rest"
thats the main thing i tell myself during a workout.

here are some mental strategies that help me

during most of the workouts, i will focus on a number rather than the exercise itself. during fight gone bad for example, if i know i got 40 boxjumps in the second round last time i did it, i will set 41 or 42 as a goal this time and focus on getting to that number.

if i only have about 10 or so reps left to do, i find it more encouraging if i count backwards...9 more, 8 more, 7 more...

looking ahead helps me a lot too. for instance, if i am in the middle of the first round in "Kelly", here's how i would see it: "well, i'm almost done with my first round, so after the next round, i'll be on my third round...and once i finish that, i only have 2 rounds to go...i got this". this helps the workout go by a little faster.

basically, my point is telling yourself positive things really least, it helps me
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Old 02-21-2009, 10:26 PM   #30
David Knutzen
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Re: Mental Fitness - Better beliefs

Chris, I do the same sort of number-game thing. I usually know exactly how far I've got to go in a workout or set. Since crossfit uses odd numbers a lot, it makes it easier to plow through, since there's really no "halfway". You're either just starting (in which case you're fresh on that exercise, and can keep going), or you're more than halfway there (in which case, you'd better just finish instead of complaining!).

Being in the military, I derive a lot from the martial tradition to get through some tough WODs. When I think of quitting, I think of all the warriors of the past who gave it all up. I think to myself, my brothers didn't quit when it really mattered, so who are you to quit now when it's just for fun? Also, it's motivating to know that you're pushing yourself and suffering and dying through a workout so you can be ready. So that some other person doesn't have to do the same thing if they don't want to. Because you know you've got that fire in your belly, and you can push through, so you'd damn well better.
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