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Exercises Movements, technique & proper execution

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Roy Kurian
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Overhead Squat Question

Hello experts please help me with this

When performing the OH Squat the Bar is high above the head as in a snatch, correct? But how do you take the weight all the way up. Is it supposed to be snatched or use a high rack?

Thanks in advance,
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Brendan McNamar
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Re: Overhead Squat Question


In a met-con situation it almost always comes from the floor in the form of a snatch or power snatch. Think "Nancy". Some people can clean & jerk it then spread their hands wider to perform OHS. This works well if you can OHS a lot more then you can snatch.

It can be done for heavier loads. Typically the bar will be taken out of a rack on the shoulders (behind the neck) then push jerked, snatch grip, over head into position. It is possible to control heavier weight overhead with locked arms then it is to snatch it.

Once the overhead squat or squats are done the bar is dropped to the ground if there is any doubt about the ability to bring it back behind the neck safely. When we tested 1RM OHS we always drop the bar. Bumper plate are require.
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Alex Burden
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Re: Overhead Squat Question

When working on technique I will use he rack and then start with the bar on my shoulders and push jerk it into position, dropping it when I am done.

In a WOD at the moment I power clean it push jerk it onto my shoulder and then push jerk into position. this takes a few seconds longer than snatching it up but I need to work on my snatch before I snatch it up in a WOD because when you are tired you make mistakes, this is what I do for the moment.

So what I am saying is, you do what you need to do to get the bar in place today and then work on the snatch over time. It called progress... Make it simple now and build up.
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Shawn M Wilson
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Re: Overhead Squat Question

Both of them covered it.

In a WOD depending on weight I will snatch it or clean and jerk to shoulders then press / snatch balance it up.

If just training the OHS I just use a rack
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