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Old 05-08-2007, 06:32 PM   #1
Brian Dolan
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So I asked the guy that runs our vehicle shop what they do with the old tires off our appartatus and he said, "We throw 'em out....why?". After explaining a bit about what I intended to use it for he laughed and said I was welcome to come get one any time. I plan on picking one up after my next shift.
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Old 05-08-2007, 07:14 PM   #2
Michael Winker
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Great job Brian. Now all you have to do is convince your crew that you're not crazy. I've got the tire, but I'm still working on the crazy part.
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Old 05-08-2007, 08:09 PM   #3
Craig Uchimura
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Location: Pearl City  HI
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Congrats Brian, we got one from the tiller of a two piece Seagrave Ladder. It's aprox. 200 lbs perfect for multiple flips either with other events or Tabata style (we can only manage about 7-8 for the 8 sets of 20 secs). Here's a clip of us having at it. w/f safe.
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Old 05-11-2007, 06:19 PM   #4
David Sailor
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Ok, here's my story about scoring a tire today. I saw a truck this week beside me at light on the way to work. It had huge tires in it so I wrote the phone # down on the side of the truck. I called them yesterday and started by saying "You might think this is strange, but I'm looking for a big tire for an athletic activity." He said, "Oh, strongman. Sure, we have a bunch, come over and take your pick. "
I stopped by this afternoon and they had tires that were immense. One was easily over 8' high and wider than I could reach with arms outstretched. He pointed to a stack and said that those are the ones used for strongman comps and that he would pull one out for me. I asked how much it weighed and he responded, "About 600-700 pounds." I was doubtful as I weigh 175 lbs and am 44 years old. I told him I would be back later tonight with my trailer to get it. I fretted about it thinking it would be too big but decided to head over and if I couldn't flip it into the trailer, then I wouldn't take it. I got there and it was waiting for me, the first flip was tough but it went. The second got it to the tail gate that was folded down. The third flip landed it on the tail gate so that I had to lift the tire about 18" just to get it level with the bed of the trailer, then continue to flip it in. It took me about 5 tries to get that tire in there but it's done and I took it home. I'm dirty and tired, my arms are bruised and my wife thinks I'm whacked. All in all, a good use of my rest day. David
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Old 05-11-2007, 07:00 PM   #5
Don King
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I've never given much thought to large tires until starting Crossfit. Now when I see a big tire, whether it's on a tractor or sitting on a tire lot, I think to myself, "That would be a great tire to flip across a large open space until I puke".

Very strange how Crossfit warps your view of the world. But in a good way.
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