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Old 03-03-2008, 03:41 PM   #1
Jerry Hill
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Robb Wolf, Greg Everett, Pat Sherwood, Mark Rippetoe, and Jason C. Brown

Hey Guys,
I got great input from 5 different coaches all with unique backgrounds and contributions to the CrossFit community. I uploaded all of the interviews to one easy location and sent out a press release; I am really happy on how this interview series turned out!

A huge thanks to Robb Wolf, Greg Everett, Pat Sherwood, Mark Rippetoe, and Jason C. Brown for their time and expert contribution!

Interviews are work safe, I believe once or twice the phrase; "When the ship hits the fan" is used...otherwise...ENJOY!

New Information Offered for Those Who Need to Get in Top Shape in Record Time

Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) — Local Fitness Expert Jerry Hill recently interviewed several of the top coaches in the fitness industry and asked them this key question; “If your athletes life depended on getting in top-shape in record time what would be the most important thing you would do?” and in doing so has compiled what is arguably the most complete, concise and result-producing fitness resource ever available.

The audio series was originally intended for military personnel facing upcoming deployment to the physically demanding environments of Iraq and Afghanistan where high-level fitness is crucial for survival, yet the information is also applicable to athletes before a competition, or anyone who wants optimal performance from their body in record time.

Hill, a former United States Marine and head conditioning coach at CrossFit Old Town in Alexandria, VA interviewed a combat conditioning expert, a strength coach who has authored 3 books, a former US Navy SEAL Team member, a nutritional performance coach, and an Olympic weightlifting coach in search of the answer to his question.

Hill states; “Most of us are on information overload, I wanted to get the best tip from top coaches in order to make an immediate impact on an athletes life.”

Athletes will learn; how a few weeks of detailed planning can change their entire life, the best movements to improve overall strength, why intensity can be the final factor, how to break through mentally and physically, and why you must evaluate your individual needs and train accordingly.

For anyone who depends on the performance of their body for work or whose level of fitness could mean a matter of life or death this interview series is for them. Hill, who has over 22 years of experience in the fitness industry is offering this interview series for free on his website; CrossFit Old Town
"Unleash Your Full Potential"

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Old 03-05-2008, 10:30 AM   #2
Allen Yeh
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Re: Robb Wolf, Greg Everett, Pat Sherwood, Mark Rippetoe, and Jason C. Brown

Cool stuff, any Ipod friendly versions availible?
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Old 03-05-2008, 01:57 PM   #3
Kirez Reynolds
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Re: Robb Wolf, Greg Everett, Pat Sherwood, Mark Rippetoe, and Jason C. Brown

Wonderful work you've done, but I can't use it because I can't download the files.

There's a "download" (javascript tag hidden behind icon of a diskette) link. It just opens yet another streaming window. There's a URL line, but the URL is for --- the same streaming window that is already open. It's not actually a URL for the mp3. Which is a shame, because you've actually made mp3 files (GOOD!) and not proprietary, streaming-only Real or QuickTime files.

Three years I've been on the wrong @#$%$ side of the digital divide. Four more months to go before I get stateside. I apologize if my frustration gets misdirected. But the web page you've got is the website equivalent of a hip adductor machine ("browse audio files"?!?!)

What you need is to simply upload the file and provide a link to the file. Then people can get all sorts of goosy using whatever tools they want to download OR stream it or whatever. What you've got right now, takes a usable version, then forces people to have great bandwidth and only lets them listen to it while occupying that bandwidth. You don't need the fresh and glitzy tricked out template that prevents legit use of the file.

I'd be happy to help you out with it if you provide me a link to your site host's support pages or tell me a little about how you upload files and what service the hosts will help you with. (There's a good chance they've chosen this template for you and funneled you into it and you don't really have much option!). I'm sorry to complain about such an awesome resource you're providing! My intent is constructive and benevolent.
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Old 03-05-2008, 02:37 PM   #4
Lisa Quinn
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Re: Robb Wolf, Greg Everett, Pat Sherwood, Mark Rippetoe, and Jason C. Brown

Thanks Jerry~ Great information and something to relisten too
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Old 03-05-2008, 03:15 PM   #5
Departed J is offline
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Re: Robb Wolf, Greg Everett, Pat Sherwood, Mark Rippetoe, and Jason C. Brown

Great work. Thanks.

And Kirez, you can download it. I'm downloading the Greg Everett one right now. Here's the link:

Last edited by J; 03-05-2008 at 03:17 PM..
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Old 03-06-2008, 02:06 PM   #6
Craig Brown
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Re: Robb Wolf, Greg Everett, Pat Sherwood, Mark Rippetoe, and Jason C. Brown

These are all great info- planning on doing any more interviews?

"And I can crown me Tarzan, King of Mars..." Monster Magnet
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