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Workout of the Day Questions & performance regarding CrossFit's WOD

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Philipp Lendner
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Re: when to and when not to Scale?

I'd like to add something (although that has been said already in this forum): good CrossFit programming means that you increase your GPP, get better at all ten general skills and increase your capacity in the three metabolic pathways. It does not mean to kill yourself every single day. If you follow mainsite rx'd, this probably makes you feel really sore after more or less every single metcon that is posted. Yet, this is not the intension. Instead, good programming makes you feel just a little bit exhausted; only one time a week you should be crushed.
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Stephen Lipa
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Re: when to and when not to Scale?

Originally Posted by Nathan Holmes View Post

Correct CrossFit programming is designed to train you across broad time domains....meaning you should train your body with short, medium, and long WODs, all at as high of intensity as you can manage to have good form for the majority of the time. A general rule of thumb is to use the daily WODs as training and the girls/heroes as tests. By that, I mean scale the daily workouts so that you finish roughly right around the target times. Those WODs were designed to train you in a specific time domain. If it was designed for 10 minutes and it takes you 30, you just missed an opportunity to train your body at the 10 minute range. So scale down. Every once in a while, you do one of the girls to gauge the effectiveness of your training. I have my folks go as close to RX as is reasonable when completing the girls/heroes.

If you are following mainsite or another site's programming, put yourself on a week's delay so you can see what kind of numbers people put up and then try to scale appropriately to hit that time range. Also, remember that the workouts are designed for elite level athletes. The rest of us are supposed to scale down from that. I could write about programming for pages and pages. PM me if you want to discuss it more.
I am going to also second this. As someone who has been doing CrossFit for 5 years now, I can say that the main site programming has changed alot over the years. As stated the WODs are geared more for elite level athletes now. Plus there way more younger, and skilled athletes doing CrossFit now that can handle these WODs way better than in the past. As for the girls/heros those still should be used as tests. However, there are more hero WODs now so individually both the heros and girls do not come up as often in the main site programming as they did when I first started. That is something to keep in mind when using them as tests.

IN general though, no mater what WOD you are doing, you must always think about the purpose of the WOD and you abilities/skills/strengths to perform the movements as the are listed. Do a little analysis and that will help to determine if and how to scale. The longer someone trains CrossFit the easier this will be to determine.
To use myself as an example on that WOD:
As for the front squats, my 1RM is 120k (242lbs) so I probably would have dropped to 185lbs as I have some flexibility issues that prevent me from keeping the FS rack position.
As for the box jumps, well I suck at those, so I would be scaling the height down probably to 20" or even a little lower. The reason for this is that the WOD is taxing the legs with heavy-ish (depending on person) FS and the throwing box jumps right after. Again for me if I kept it as required it would probably have taken me a long time to do box jumps done at 30" especially if the FS were done at 205lbs. That would have taken away the intensity of the WOD.
As for the KB swings, I fine with those and the wallballs not as much but I could get through them at a reasonable rate.

Now even with the scaling I am still going to be slow at FS and especially the the box jumps so this WOD would take me over 20 minutes. Again for me I am not now will or will I ever be trying for the Open. I am more concerned GPP and also function than any type of CrossFit competition. With scaling, I will still be able to move through this WOD consistently and as quickly as possible which will keep my intensity level up.

For you Max, I think that is great time especially for someone who is only less than 6 months in training. I think if you stay consistent with the programming and that you do this WOD again the future your time will be faster. With that being said, I do want to mention that no matter what the WOD is and how times it has been done in the past, every person can have varied results on any given day.
Keep Walking On!
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