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Health and Medical Issues For other than injuries

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Raymond Kaplan
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"Down Cycle" or overtrained or ?

I'm not sure if this is an injury (I don't feel injured) or a training issue, or a health question, but here goes:

So over the course of the last three weeks I've watched my performance level out and just recently decrease. Two weeks ago I had a big week attempting a handful of benchmark and hero workouts: Fran, Ashley, and Jason. Near the end of the week I pulled a muscle in my back in a unrelated activity. Last week I took almost the entire week off nursing the back, and returned to set a 305# DL PR. Sat I tried Fight Gone Bad and put up a 320, which is probably a PR. Monday I returned to absolutely dismal performance on a light bodyweight circut. Yesterday I watched my Tabata pushpress and squat scores plummet. I used to be able to Tabata squat 18 reps, now I was trying my hardest to get 12. My deadlifts were marginal at best, but near the end of the workout my hips started to feel alot more mobile and I was having an easier time.

Am I overtrained? Have I reached some kind of natural down cycle? I've been putting in alot of overtime at work and haven't been resting as much as I should... Just walking around my body feels heavy Has anyone ever experianced anything like this? How do I break this cycle?
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Matt DeMinico
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Re: "Down Cycle" or overtrained or ?

Sounds like it to me. When our 1-year old doesn't sleep, I feel like crap and can't skate or do WOD's nearly as well. Actually, I see it in my skating first, the fine motor control required to maintain position just isn't there.

But it does sound like you're under-recovered. Take a light (like 50%) week, and if you can, try to scale back at work for at least 3 days or so, depending how many hours you're putting in (if you're putting in 8 hours and don't have much going on outside work, just yank the cable out of the TV (and unplug the internet) when you get home, read a book, and get to sleep early for a few nights). It might take a day or two to be able to sleep soundly through the night for 8-ish hours, but you'll feel much better in (hopefully) a short amount of time. You're probably not to the point where you need a full multi-week or multi-month light cycle.
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