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Old 03-17-2010, 09:08 AM   #291
Christy Phillips
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Re: Christy's Chaos

Monday 3/8/10
Rest, 12 hour clinical

Tuesday 3/9/10

MPH 7pm
Rest between each round:
2x 1000m row

2x 800m run

Was really tired tonight...didn't feel like I was at full speed for these except for the final 800m sprint.

Wednesday 3/10/10
push jerk 2rep max

then, two rounds per leg; rest amply between rounds:
max single-leg squat @ 25-lbs.


max kipping pull-up
11 (with 25lbs)
11 (no wt immediately after the 25 lbs)
7 (25lbs)
7 (no wt)

Thursday 3/11/10
Melody's birthday today and did this doozy of a bday wod with her at 2pm

"Lem’s Revenge"
accumulating*, five rounds for time:
1. 5x deadlift @225-lbs.
2. 10x nose-to-floor handstand pushup
3. 15x box jump, 30″ platform
4. 20x chest-to-bar pull-up @ 25-lbs.
5. 25x bear complex @ 95-lbs.

In the first round, complete exercise one; in the second round, complete exercises one and two; in the third round, complete exercises one through three; in the fourth round complete exercises one through four; and, in the fifth round, complete exercises one through five.

Rough! But something sickeningly fun about this...also, I have never done nose to floor hspu and was able to do them all this way for the wod.

Friday 3/12/10
MPH 11am

three rounds for time:
400m run
21x swing @ 35lbs
12 pullups
Best Helen time yet! But its hard to gauge bc if its not done on a track, 400m measured out can vary depending on human error. Want to get sub 8 next time and work closer towards a 7min Helen

Saturday 3/13/10
MPH 1pm
30x squat clean and jerk 105lbs

Then, we were finally able to coordinate getting Steve Low to come in and we did some muscle-up work, discussed training the progressions for muscle-ups and recovery. Invaluable resource of info!

Sunday 3/14/10

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Old 04-05-2010, 07:56 AM   #292
Christy Phillips
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Re: Christy's Chaos

Allllllright, time to update again and once I'm caught up hopefully will just get in here and log my wods daily again...

Spent the week in Charleston, SC and had so much fun going to CrossFit Integrity:

Monday, March 15, 2010

1 round:
Max-rep pullups (performace Paleo WOD)
Still have yet to get to 40! I need to just f'n hang on the bar and get 'um!
rest, then….

“CrossFit Disco”
70 double-unders
60 kettlebell snatches (53lb/35lb)
50 box jumps (24in/19in)
40 burpee wallball (20lb/10lb)
30 chest-to-bar pullups
20 clean & jerk (135lb/95lb)
10 clapping pushups
15:47 (I think)

Run 1-mile

rest…. then

Thrusters, 1-1-1-1-1 reps

3 rounds for time:
Row 500m
12 deadlifts (using bodyweight)
21 box jumps (19in) (MUST BE JUMPS, NO STEP-UPS, for RX)

Then, wanted to work on snatches because MPH was doing that back home and GOT A SNATCH PR!! YAY! (in running shoes haha)

3/18/10:“Reverse Angie”

For time:
100 air squats
100 situps (GHD)<------BIG mistake
100 pushups
100 pullups
I don't know what I was thinking but I did the sit-ups on the GHD bc that's what two of the guys that I had been competing with all week were doing. I felt sore on Friday but as the weekend went on, and the pain got worse, and the abs became more distended and I was moaning in my sleep at night from pain and heat coming from my muscles...I realized I kindaaaa sorta hurt them. Sh*t...

Rest, drove home from SC and got a massage

At MPH- this was before the DOMS really set in and before I realized I overdid it on the GHDs:

2x power clean + 4x squat clean + 8x deadlift
In this workout, you may rest anywhere but on the floor, even to re-grip.

then, for time:
100x unbroken* swing @ 35-lbs.
3:38, 3 (# of times I had to set it down)

Notes for this week other than hurting my abs on GHD: I ate A LOT this week (not healthy, bbq, desserts, huuuuge bfasts etc) and slept a good deal too...felt so good!

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Old 04-05-2010, 08:12 AM   #293
Christy Phillips
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Re: Christy's Chaos

Sunday and Monday 3/21-3/22/10

Rest days. Could not sit or stand fully erect due to sore abs

Tuesday 3/23/10

DNF'd the wod at MPH:
for time:
deadlift @ 225/155-lbs.<------------Scaled to 135
overhead squat @ 135/95-lbs<------Scaled to 75

Did 21reps of each exercise and was halfway through 15 deadlifts, when John checked in and asked if it was really worth finishing (I was feeling it in my back and according to him made 75# OH looked like 150#). That was all I needed to back off and quit for the day. Frustrating but that'll teach me to do GHDs...

Wednesday 3/24/10

MPH 5pm:
This felt good:

five rounds, each for time; rest exactly two minutes between rounds:
21x box jump, 24″ platform
12x burpee
400m run
2:37, 2:47, 3:01, 3:04, 2:40

Thursday 3/25/10

Rest- def still not recovered

Friday 3/26/10

Foam roll and mobility

Saturday 3/27/10

SECTIONALS!!! So crazy how amped and nervous I felt even though I wasn't competing. I was actually shaking for the first hour or so after we got to the venue. I don't even want to know how nervous I'll be when its my turn in Ohio.

After day 1 was over for the athletes, I was able to convince Jon Matzner and Tony (one of the judges) to do the wods with me.

Wt'd Cindy (14# wt vest)
17 rounds + 5pullups, 7 pushups
I think this was 1 pushup less than first at sectionals

then about 20 min later:

3 minute max reps C&J (115)
Tony and Jon took away 4 (so would've been 15) bc they looked like press outs which were not allowed at sectionals. I wasn't as happy with this- the MPH ladies got:
17- Mel
21- Meg
But I like to think if I have a longer rest and in competition mode I could have got closer to 15-18 good ones...

Happy to be able to do these and feel good! The abs are finally not sore!

Sunday and Monday 3/28/29/10
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Old 04-05-2010, 08:24 AM   #294
Christy Phillips
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Re: Christy's Chaos

Tuesday 3/30/10

three rounds for time:
500m row
30x wall ball @ 20lbs.
20x pull-up (CTB)
This was scaled up

Wednesday 3/31/10

overhead squat (max attempt)

then, three rounds; rest amply between rounds:
max strict pull-up

125-130-135x-135x-140 PR!-145x-lbs., 14, 6, 3

Thursday 4/1/10

hang power clean (max attempt)
145 was best for 2rm of hang pwr clean. Got 150 for 1 but most went to a squat clean
then, as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes:
12x box jump, 24″ platform
8x sumo deadlift high-pull @ 95/65-lbs
9 rounds (scaled up to 24" platform- was 20" for women at sectionals)

Friday 4/2/10

MPH 8am:
First time doing:
as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
5x handstand pushup
10x single-leg squat (alternating, total)
15x pull-up
10 rnds+...8pullups

Saturday 4/3/10

push press

Push press felt heavy today, probably bc of Mary yesterday

then, as many repetitions as possible:
4′ thruster @ 115/75-lbs.
3′ swing @ 55/35-lbs.
2′ muscle-up
1′ burpee
Total reps: 145

Sunday 4/4/10

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Old 04-12-2010, 02:02 PM   #295
Christy Phillips
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Re: Christy's Chaos

Monday 4/5/10

six distances, each for time; rest amply between distances:
1x 1-mile run: 4:57 wowww, definitely a PR but again, I think the mile measured out near MPH is short

2x 1000m row
3:57, 3:58
1x 400m run
2x 250m row
0:53, 0:54 Completely crapped out on the last few pulls of the 2nd 250 row, I think I stopped rowing with 20m left...I could have beat my first time if I finished stronger

Tuesday 4/6/10

front squat
10rep max
135-155-165x (got to 9 reps! Failed on 10th)-155x

then, three rounds; rest amply between rounds:
max strict pull-up + max kipping pull-up*
23, 14, 12
*After the first missed strict pull-up repetition, you must stay on the pull-up bar and continue the max effort using the kipping pull-up

Wednesday 4/7/10


Worked up to 113 (x2), then failed 118 over and over and over. In all the attempts, got 1 rep at 118 and stood up with it only to promptly have my wrists wobble and dropped it before it "counted"

Ugh, so frustrating to miss my PR from a few weeks ago by 10 damn lbs

In other news- signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon today! This will be my first (and probably only) marathon...not planning on deviating from crossfit too much to train for it...just do a couple runs from 10miles maybe up to 15 or 18 miles, then just do the 26.2 once and only once.

Thursday 4/8/10

Death by pullups:
Got to 18 + 16 pullups in the 19th minute, 5 PU better than last time

Then MPH's version of Michael
three rounds for time:
800m run
50x kbell swings (25lbs)
50x sit-up

4 seconds slower than the best female time at MPH. The running felt like I had cement legs but I should have pushed harder on the swings and situps- broke up swingsx3 in rnds 2 and 3
Then got a 30 min massage by Whitney! ( (WFS) I'm trying to go once a week for the next 4 weeks before regionals

Friday 4/9/10


Saturday 4/10/10

five rounds for time:
10x deadlift 185-lbs.
20x toes-to-bar
30x squat
this could have been much faster if I could string together the toes to bar...each one was a kip and reset, couldn't get into a rhythm. Danielle did this on Sunday and beat my time by almost a minute...she claims shes bad at toes to bar too, I don't know how she made up the time difference

Sunday 4/11/10

Tight hammies! All week, my legs have been tight, hamstrings, hip flexors, IT bands, the 30 minute massage only just scratched the surface of these issues

Monday 4/12/10

Back squat 5rm
185x (F on 5th)
Eh, wish I was stronger on this but I just don't work on it frequently enough...

Then the Newport Crippler
30x back squat (bw: 130#)
Then Run 1 mile

Still have a knot in my L hamstring, going for another 30 min massage tonight, hoping between that, an appt with the chiro on Weds and all the self-massage, hopefully I can work all this stuff out...

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Old 04-15-2010, 03:51 AM   #296
Christy Phillips
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Re: Christy's Chaos

Tuesday 4/13/10

Fun wod today MPH 5pm:

as many rounds as possible in …? minutes:
3x clean @ 125lbs
6x burpee

We weren't told the number of minutes that we would AMRAP this, just to keep going until they called time. I liked this because I have a tendancy to pace a bit b/c I'm afraid of burning out at the end, especially with 20-30 minute wods...
time turned out to be 17 minutes and I did: 23 rnds + 3 cleans

I didn't get the massage last night- I'll go Thursday afternoon, but all the myofascial release stuff I did with a lacrosse ball and foam rolling helped my hamstrings, the wod actually loosened me up too.

Wednesday 4/14/10

MPH 5 pm:

for time:
10x muscle-up
50x pull-up
100x overhead lunge @ 25-lbs.
100x double under
50x pull-up
10x deadlift @ 225-lbs


I did 7 MU in a row, then 2 then 1, the rest of this wod I just couldn't get into a rhythm. I expected to have to break everything up but I wished I could have strung together more reps. Those OH lunges kill me everytime! I was doing only 8-10 in a row before putting it down
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Old 07-19-2010, 12:13 PM   #297
Sean Dunston
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Re: Christy's Chaos

Congrats for a totally amazing effort this weekend!
You were awesome.

Mount Vernon CrossFit, Owner
USA Powerlifting, Virginia State Rep
My gym- Mount Vernon CrossFit
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