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Fitness Theory and Practice. CrossFit's rationale & foundations. Who is fit? What is fitness?

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Old 09-05-2012, 08:06 AM   #11
Luke Davidson
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Re: So many programs, so little direction...?

Originally Posted by Sean Smith View Post
I would suggest a straight linear progression. 5x5 adding 5# to your sets. When you can't lift that weight anymore, drop down to 5x3 at what you missed on 5x5. After 5x3 is missed, drop down to 5x1 until you top out and then reset. Squat heavy 2-3 a week, eat a bunch of meat, and sleep 8 hours and I bet you'll put on 30# to your squat in 2 months.
This sounds like Stronglifts 5x5 which I have been doing for the past 40 days. Prior I had been doing P90X for 3 years - I looked good, but had lost a ton of strength.

When I started Crossfit/Stronglifts 40 days ago...
I could only squat 225 for a set of two, yesterday I did 285 for 5 sets of 5
Strict Military Press went from 120 5x5 to 150 5x5
Bent over barbell rows went from 125 5x5 to 155 5x5
Power Clean went from 195 to 245
DL went from 300x1 to 330x5

My Crossfit WODs have also improved dramatically just due to the fact that I'm stronger in the legs, lower back and upper body...

I've stuck to the Stronglifts program and am reaping the benefits. There isn't really a magic program out there. You just have to lift heavy, hard and stick to whatever program you choose. In 2007 I bench pressed 370x2 and squatted 450 - at that time I was following a Pyramid (10-8-6-4-3-2) routine - guessing the reason it worked was because I lifted hard consistently and ate well...

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Blair Robert Lowe
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Re: So many programs, so little direction...?

I think leaning up will help a lot with BW ability, and overall CF movement.
It will. Going from 205 to 170ish, my BW ability skyrocketed and I regained a lot of flexibility I had lost in regards to that yoga plow position.

Mekenzie, just do Outlaw. However, I don't think IF really is your best option for GREAT training. It's fine for leaning out but bare in mind your performance won't be that optimal on it. That's fine if leaning out is of more importance.

Sorry, but I would not follow the SS progression of Power Clean or Snatch. Follow Glenn Pendlay's or Coach Burgener's or Greg Everett's. And hopefully under the eye of someone who has a good grasp of them and not just the weekend at a CrossFit Olympic certification or USAW L1.

Instead of SS or 531, I would do CFFB or at least the CFFB Strength work with whatever CF/conditioning stuff you want to. GSLP/70sBig is another solution. Only thing is I don't think the CFFB program is appropriate if you want to get good at the Olympic Lifts. They just aren't done enough, even including the metcons which is not an optimal time to be working on technique.

Progress on 531 is slow. You can probably still benefit from linear gains. You can work on the OlympicLifts before the main lift but 531 would not be go to program if you want to prepare for CF. Even if you tweaked the hell out of the template. 2 days of legs and upper body just doesn't have the same effect of an OlympicWeightlifting program of 3-4 days a week. 531 works great if you are doing other sports and need an assistance S&C program or are limited on time to life.

But my gains when I switched to an OlympicWL program were far more impressive than 9 months of 531 did for me. Yes, I didn't do the assistance work really and I was training 15-20hrs of Gymnastics a week. And I probably didn't eat or sleep enough (though I managed to still get SLOW gains).

You can't do SS and be concerned with leaning out. Not going to happen.
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