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Old 01-26-2008, 06:14 PM   #1
Tommy Desrosiers
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Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Trois-RiviĆ  QC Canada
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Pull-up bar/dip station issue

Well i just moved in a new house with my mom(im 18yo) and she let me do all i want with the basement(legally speaking). So as a new crossfiter, I decided to do a home gym.
That's the room:

Im pretty low on budget so i would prefebraly want to build all i can as I'm pretty good at building things and i can get my hand on pretty cheap wood.

I though what would be the best to do pull-ups and dips on and honestly, i really don't know. I though of a power cage, a separate pull-up bar and a dip station,etc..

So if you guys have any tips to give me, i would really be interessed to know. And if you could supply some pictures of similar things that would fit my needs that would be awesome.

So thanks for your help.

BTW: I can't really directly hang a bar on that beam as it is really low. Im only 5'8 and i can touch the bottom of that beam without lifting my feet off the floor. Sorry for that long post.
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Old 01-26-2008, 06:32 PM   #2
Rob McBee
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Location: Portland  OR
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Re: Pull-up bar/dip station issue

Hey Tommy,

Look up the 'build your own' plans for a lifting platform. Coach Burgener has them on his site: has easy to follow plans too. Local grain/feed supply store will have rubber matting for the edges of the platform and to cover the floor in general. Invest in a quality barbell/bumpers though. Google Pendlay or Elite Barbell, good stuff there.

I got a valve cover box at Home Depot the other day thats perfect for box jumps. It was about $30. PVC for practice O-lift barbells are just a couple of bucks each too.

I originally bought a pullup/dip station and it takes up more valuable space than its worth really. I do all my pullups on the rings so the station only gets used some for higher rep dips. Google "Legend Half-Rack". It will address your rack needs, smaller than a full power rack, and has the pullup bar built on. Maybe a little pricey but more than worth it long term because you'll use it almost every workout.

Anyway, just some thoughts off the top of my head. Have a blast setting up your space. Looks awesome...
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Old 01-26-2008, 06:53 PM   #3
Brian Castillo
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Re: Pull-up bar/dip station issue

this is an easy one.


if you can touch the beam then they will become ring L-pullups.

also search the forums for stuff you can make..paraletts, rings, med balls, weighted gunney sacs for cleans and presses. Basically get creative.

oh yeah, have a good foundation. stall mats.

have fun
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Old 01-27-2008, 11:08 AM   #4
Keith Stevens
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Re: Pull-up bar/dip station issue

Nice Space!!!!!!
A few ideas I've had and/or used
For a pull-up bar, use black or galvanized steel pipe(1 in), and attach it to the floor joist(they seem higher than the beam) with 90 degree angle and 4-6 inch nipple(make room for your head) and flanges.
If you want to make the grip more difficult, place two pieces of PVC on the pipe, not to big so you can move them out of the way.
Homemade rings from PVC, takes a little work, there are great boards on how to make them(I haven't tried yet) or 1-1 1/2 inch electrical conduit( I believe thats correct, shaped like a wide U). These are about $2 a piece, add in $7-10 for straps and you have very effective rings cheap.
For dips, you can use the rings, but if you want something separate, you can attach flanges and black or galvanized pipe the the wall.
These were the first three things that I did, and they all work great.
Medicine ball-$3 basketball from Target, 50lb bag of sand and a tire repair kit.
Cut a hole in the ball(try to keep it small) fill and weigh, use the kit to seal it up. You can duct tape the ball for added support.
Sand bag-Fill a heavy duty garbage bag with sand, tie it off, put that in another bag, tie off, put both of those in a third, seems like overkill but worth it. I started off with way to much sand to begin with so I have made several smaller bags and can add weight accordingly. Place that in a ruc sac and go to town.
Parrallettes are cheap and easy too, let me know if your interested in those as well.
Sorry for the run on, I hope this all makes sense, let me know if it doesn't.
Have fun and use the search function on the message board, you can find anything.
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Old 01-27-2008, 03:07 PM   #5
Tommy Desrosiers
Member Tommy Desrosiers is offline
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Trois-RiviĆ  QC Canada
Posts: 26
Re: Pull-up bar/dip station issue

Thanks everyone for the constructive replies. I've looked around the board a bit and i came with good ideas. Since i'm still registered in a gym for 3 months i will take that time to build the gym slowly to get it to my expectations. I'll make updates in this thread until it is completed with the costs as well. Stay tuned.
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Old 01-27-2008, 04:26 PM   #6
Matt Thomas
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Re: Pull-up bar/dip station issue

If you end up building any of the stuff at the bottom of the page you HAVE to take pictures and post it
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