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Kenneth Ritchie
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Sport psychology, psychology and all that kind of stuff facinates me and I firmly believe that this is the route to all our endevours to succeed in life. I mean if you ask the question "why does one person do one thing in life or sport and another does another"? is it mearly just life. I think not. I have studied this at a fair depth both as a seperate dipolma in sport psychology and as part of my degree therefore the intention of this post is not to totally enter into the abundant spectrum of discussions that could be had with this subject but rather to breifly identify and discuss any relevant issues we all might have on it.

So just what is it that makes people do what they do? The field of Sport Psychology is vast and dates back to the ancient Chinese and Greek civilisations where it was better known as the 'healthy mind in a healthy body philosophy'. In it's widest form sport psychology encompasses the psychological aspects of competitive sport, exercise, fitness, leisure and motor skill development. However given that humans are composites of body, mind and soul then it would be a logical statement to say that in order for someone to succeed they would have to address each of these areas to maximise their potential. We can distinguish a number of contributing disciplines under the rubric of sports sciences. This list of subject areas could be extended indefinitely - whatever area of knowledge impacts on human behaviour has, at one time or another , been enlisted in the service of sport success!
If by now you still do not see the concept of sport psychology then below are some more good reasons as to why psychology can claim an interest in sport. The following are all legitimate areas of psychological concern:

* Sport is about stress (competition ).Stress is the typical psychological concept.

* Optimal performance is about efficient management of energy - mental energy is an important element of this.

* Sport is the typical achievement enterprise. The basis of this in the athlete, e.g. motivation,thinking, emotions, are all psychological concepts.

* Sport is about one person pitted against a standard or opponent. Persons are essentially psychological units.

50 world class performers were surveyed and they all showed that the mind was the key. The respondents said that the contribution of the mind to their achievement was equal to that of the body. Below are some of their comments:

"You play from the shoulders up." - Arnold Palmer

"Sport is like a chess game." - Jackie Stewart

"You have to stalk your prey like a hunter." - Steve Ovett

Having read all this information on sport psychology some conclusions can be arrived at. These suggest that:

* Knowledge is vital to performance.
* Learning can help even great athletes.
* The subconscious mind affects performance greatly.

There are many more conclusions on this but its facinating to discover the concept of learning and just how people do actually learn (WHAT MAKES THEM TICK). This is a facinating subject which I have studied at great depth and opened my eyes to the many different ways in which people learn and as a result end up doing what they do. Writers such as Kolb (1979) and Honey & Mumford (1988) have written many articles on this.

Anyway I hope this may give you some food for thought about what is actually going on in not only other peoples mind but perhaps your own. Why are you doing what your doing? why in that manner? What affects you and your ability?
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