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Old 10-28-2006, 11:27 PM   #1
Rene Renteria
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Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: San Francisco  CA
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I recently bought the Pendlay men’s bar and bumper set ("Ultimate Budget Set" on the Wichita Falls Weightlifting Yahoo! store), which came with Hi-Temp bumpers in pairs of 10, 15, and 20 kg. A 10 lb. iron plate plus collar that weighs a pound and a half acts as my “5 kg” plate. I’ve only lifted previously with somewhat crappy bars at my gym--poorly spinning (if at all) shin scrapers.

I like this new bar; it’s great to lift on a real bar finally. The knurling feels just right, and enough of the center is kept knurl-free that I don’t scrape up my shins when pulling from the floor (see pic). The bushings have no vertical play in them--perpendicular to the bar--but the end sleeves do move laterally--parallel to the bar--a bit, maybe 1 or 2 mm, not that it seems to matter. The spin is good, but I don’t have any other experience to compare them against. I wouldn’t say the sleeves “float”, so spinning isn’t effortless, but it certainly seems more than great enough for lifting, and any other bar I’ve used can’t compare (typical Ivanko and Hampton power bars in a commercial gym setting), night and day.

Glenn Pendlay told me that it should be maintenance free. There is no oil-hole in the ends. I asked about dropping it with iron plates on. He said that while it’s not recommended, he wouldn’t hesitate to drop it with some iron on it, just not multiple hundreds of pounds from overhead onto concrete.

The bumpers are all 17-3/4” diameter. Only time will tell how well the rubber and inserts hold up, but I’m hoping they last a long, long time. The 10 kg. bumpers will get the most use in my set because I’m not very strong, and they’re the skinniest. The bumpers have a bevelled edge (as you can see in the picture). They bounce some, more than in those Ironmind Dimas clips on YouTube with their high quality bumpers but not as much as that yellow set used by Greg A. in that “Fran” video recently posted at AgainFaster (which seemed super-bouncy). More like what is seen in the various Crossfit mainpage videos that have been posted, such as that Greg A. and Josh E. “Fran” video. I could try to post a video if anyone thinking about his or her first bumper set (which this is for me) is interested.

It sure is nice to have proper equipment. A “real” Olympic bar really does make a big difference that is apparent in the first few cleans.

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Old 10-29-2006, 04:59 AM   #2
Dave Campbell
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Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: Albany  NY
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I bought the Pendley Crossfit Bar. I took it to an Olympic gym where I workout 2X per week. Most of them thought the knurling was too aggressive, but they also agreed that their current bars (mostly York) were aggressive when new and have worn down over the years. I'm not pulling tons of weight yet, so the knurling is fine with me.
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