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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Old 05-21-2008, 05:57 PM   #11
Frank E Morel
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Re: High blood glucose...Help!

arthuro ... you dont get shingles from eating crap food..
you could have encountered the virus a year ago, or months before out break.

that is why the blood test is called a fasting blood test.. any blood draws should be done on a fast of 10 hrs min 8. to avoid problems and knee jerk reactions to bld tests.

Sadly, modern medicine involves looking at numbers an not the person. If a hospital lab ever stopped working or the computer system crashed... alot of doctors would not be able to diagnose athlete's foot from elbola. Because they are so dependant on numbers.
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Old 09-02-2010, 05:08 PM   #12
Brad Kuper
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Re: High blood glucose...Help!

So I am resurrecting this thread after my recent lab work.

In early August, my fasting BS was 104. Curious, my doctor and I thought, so we did it again recently. This time, 114.

Mind you, I went paleo 3 years ago. My total carb intake has been about 65 g each day for 3 years. Carbs account for about 10% of my caloric intake. My sugar intake is very low - 1-2 pieces of fruit per day, at most. Often, I eat no fruit during the day. I IF about 2 days per week (8-10 hours each time). My waist is 29.5 - 30" and my BF% is around 7-8%.

I have not had grains or potatoes in years. You get the picture.

Before going paleo, I did the whole grain, Med. diet. I was around 13-15% BF. My waist was about 32". I was not in bad shape by any stretch of the imagination. Never have been. Fasting BS at that time was 85.

Go figure.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know as I continue to scratch me head.
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Old 09-02-2010, 11:24 PM   #13
Kirez Reynolds
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Re: High blood glucose...Help!

Brad, 104 and 114 mg/dl are not very high blood sugars. They're nowhere near being diabetic, and they're not sufficient to label you pre-diabetic. From a normal range of 70-120, they're in the above average range.

(Considering concerns like "Am I pre-diabetic?", we'd be more concerned if you were registering low blood sugars, in the 60s.)

There are a number of conditions which can cause temporary rises in blood glucose, and blood glucose levels can change fairly significantly in short periods of time.

You should get a glucometer and some test strips and test your blood glucose every 2-4 hours for a couple days. This will give you a much more reliable reading of your blood glucose levels. You may find a pattern.

If you know of, or can find, ANY type 1 diabetics around you, they will very likely be happy to help you by loaning you a glucometer. The test strips are the expensive part, they're running close to $1 for each test strip these days. Some diabetics (perhaps most, by my standards) are very lax about their test strips and they have a more-than-ample supply paid by their insurance, and they may be happy to give you a bunch for free.

The glucometer has a little lancet device, you simply swap the lancet out of it and you can use a diabetic's lancet device.

I often use my glucometer to check people's blood sugars for them, and I've loaned glucometers to non-diabetics who were concerned, so they could check their BGs or even experiment for a week.
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Old 09-03-2010, 07:20 AM   #14
Bob Holman
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Re: High blood glucose...Help!

What Kirez said - I'm a Type I and even though I like to keep my BG's around 80 (with a lot of diligence), a reading up to 120 is considered normal.

One thing that is really overlooked is that stress, viruses/allergies and even caffeine all have a real effect on BG's and insulin sensitivity.
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Old 09-03-2010, 08:35 AM   #15
Michael Dries
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Re: High blood glucose...Help!

Bob just took the words away from my fingers.

Stress can have a lot to do with blood glucose levels. Lack of sleep, training, etc.

Have you had an A1C done yet?
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Old 09-03-2010, 09:25 AM   #16
Brad Kuper
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Re: High blood glucose...Help!

Thanks for the initial input guys. A few more things:

1) I did a 500 meter row for time about 90 minutes before the blood draw. Perhaps that could have lead to a cortisol release into increased BS? I would almost think that it would lead to a drop - but maybe it resulted in an increase.

2) Is it possible with the frequent IF that I do that my BS does not drop much during a fast? Perhaps my BS peaks are not very high and my valleys are not very low. After doing this for awhile, going 10 hours with no food is not hard at all. Prior to going paleo, a 10 hour daytime fast would have made me feel lethargic, weak, irritable, poor concentration etc.

In fact, when I went to the lab at 6:30 pm, the tech was very surprised to find out that I was doing a fasting test. She said everyone does it in the morning unless they are night shift workers. She was very concerned if I was feeling OK with a nearly 12 hour daytime fast. Just a few weeks ago I set a PR on the 500 m row and it had been 10 hours since I ate.

3) All my other labs were really good. triglycerides were 40, HDL 60; total cholesterol was 170. My BP is 90/60. There were no others makers of inflammation. Te exception was my creatinine was just over the "high" mark, but I am guessing that is do to a fair amount of muscle, eating lots of meat and supplementing with 2-3g of creatine/day.

4) I am getting a One Touch. My insurance will cover it. It should be an interesting self-study of BS fluctuations.

5) My doctor is looking into the relation with possible drift toward DM-1 with a significant family history of autoimmune diease. We both doubt it, but she si doing due diligence.

Thanks again.
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