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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Old 09-24-2004, 06:17 AM   #1
George Shelton
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I have developed this medial elbow pain at a juncture approximately 2-3 cm below the pronator teres/common flexor tendon origin. It's painful to grip anything, pronation hurts and front squats bother it due to the anterior forearm group being on a stretch. I am resting this to the best of my ability but it's really limiting. Any advice from the PT's onboard ?
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Old 09-24-2004, 12:21 PM   #2
Donald Woodson
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George, I'm not a PT or anything close to it, but it sounds like you have good ol' carpal tunnel syndrome, aka tennis elbow. I got it from bucking rivets in airplanes. You can get some devices at the med supply store that apply pressure to your forearm in a way that causes your tendons to stop rubbing against each other while you work out. I forget what they're called. I haven't had that problem for a number of years. They're just elastic arm bands with a special pad that you locate right over the painful area. Worked for me anyway.
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Old 10-27-2004, 06:05 AM   #3
Jason Davis
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George I am new to the board but deal with athletes on a daliy basis in Sports Med. I feel you symptoms are the reverse of tennis elbow...its commonly called Golfers elbow which is very close to the same symptoms of epicondylitis. The medial side can be treated like any other imflamatory situation. Rest from exercises that cause pain, anti-imflmatories for 2-3 weeks whether you feel better or supress the imflamatory process long enough to heal and ice after any activity. I also suggest a tennis elbow strap. Use it medially instead. It will work wonders in creating a simulated "new" orgin/insertion point for the tendon. If you have been dealing with this problem for several weeks to months and already trying some or more of these ideas with no or little response, doctor time. Find a good orthopedic surgeon to inject both sides. Now I do not like to suggest steriod injections because these do weaken tendons to further injury but if you are seriously going to baby the joints for the next 3-6 months and not go heavy, you'll make good progress. The biggest problem I see with using the steriod injection in conjuction with anti-imflamatory meds is that most people with feel better and quit conservative treatment and go back to full speed lifting. Consider this a warning... How you get better. Pup

Ps...I am treating my left elbow right now for the same thing. Be prepared for a long recovery.
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