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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 11-05-2008, 07:05 AM   #1
Amanda Jane
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Post Crossfit & Rollerderby

Hi Guys,

I am very new to the whole Crossfit training idea (I.e I just discovered the site on Monday!) so I know that I really need to read up and dig deeper to get to know how I should go about it.

I play rollerderby with the Glasgow Roller Girls (Scotland) and I just had a few questions relating to Crossfit and how it can slot in with my sport.... sorry if these are no brainers - but before playing Rollerderby I did no excersise at all so I dont have any fitness background knowledge to fall back on,

Ok, so here goes:

1) I tried a CF workout last night at the gym instead of my regular workout, it was lots of squats with weights (we do squats all the time at derby training but never with weights) and some back extensions. Today my thighs are KILLING me - which is an eye opener as I thought I had thighs of steel from 18months derby training! The question is - I stupidly did that workout last night and now have sore thighs when I have to go to a 2 hour derby session tonight - is this bad for my legs? (Sounds stupid, but I am a blocker in derby which means I am constanly skating in a near squat position whilst applying full contact body blows to my opponents... its pretty tough on the old thighs, so am I damaging them by not giving them a chance to recover?) Would I have to modify what CF workouts I do on certain days so they wont clash with my derby training/bouts?

2) Genetically I put on muscle very quickly - I'm not too worried about 'bulking up' too much though as I've got the boobs to carry it off... what I'm more worried about is having muscle soreness and tightness that ends up restricting my flexibility (does that make sense?) So I was wondering if there are any specific stretch/flexibility routines that crossfitters do to keep up with CF workouts?

3) Over the last 12 months I have sustained quite a few injuries playing derby - the last one was 4 weeks ago and I ended up being carted of to A&E with a busted knee Nothing too debilitating but it seems that my left knee (whilst still being stable) is now prone to ligament injuries. The idea of doing the massive weight lift and my knee snapping out from under me makes me very nervous..... are their substitutions to these heavy weights?

Blahhh... I have millions of other CF questions but I'm gonna be a good girl and go off and read through the forums. Any info is apreciated though - would also love to hear from any other skaters/derby girls who CF if they're out there! Thanks
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Andy Gann
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Re: Crossfit & Rollerderby

This has to be the coolest first post that I have ever read.

1. Your legs will be fine. Here in the CF community we don't buy into the whole 'you have to rest a muscle group for 'x' number of days before exercising it again.'

I play recreational soccer and there have been times that a friday workout killed my hammies (i.e. 105 reps of 65# thrusters) and then I had to play on Sunday. Or better yet, Tabata Squats on Wednesday morning and practice on Wednesday night.

For recommendations on modification to fit your training and performance I would start at the BrandX site for WOD scaling (you can find a link to this on CF main page). Start slow, ease into the intensity/heavy weights and have fun.

2. If you learn correct form on all of the movements then you will become more flexible as your progress in CF. Also - there is a warm up routine that you can find by searching the forums or on the main page FAQs.

3. Correct form will strengthen and stablize your knees and other joints. Make sure that you take your time learning form and easing into the workouts. If possible, visit an affiliate or post videos of yourself performing the movements to get feedback here in the forums.

Anyways - I'm still a CF newb so I'm sure there will be alot more (and better) info coming from other people.

Again -
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Old 11-05-2008, 07:25 AM   #3
David Wood
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Re: Crossfit & Rollerderby

"Paging Doctor DeMinico . . . . Doctor DeMinico to the white courtesy phone, please"

(Sorry . . . that's a joke on the paging announcement they used to make at San Francisco International Airport.)

Matt DeMinico is a long-time member of the board, and a competitive speed skater here in the US. He will probably be in the best position to advise on skating-related challenges. Hopefully, he will join this thread.

Other than that, welcome! To answer one of your questions, yes, you will occasionally be asked to use a muscle group that is not "fully recovered" (by traditional standards) from previous workouts. This is mostly because CrossFit doesn't think in "muscles groups" . . . we are primarily interested in being able to perform at a high level, with our whole body, under almost any conditions (including being tired).

So, unless your soreness is debilitating, then carry on with the next workout (reduce it or scale it if you need to) . . . but don't turn off your brain. *You* always have to be the final judge of what you can do, or not do, on any given day.

Last edited by David Wood : 11-05-2008 at 07:38 AM.
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Old 11-05-2008, 10:52 AM   #4
Matt DeMinico
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Re: Crossfit & Rollerderby

I've been told to come to this thread? Okie, here goes.

On your first quesion:

Your first CF workout (heck, any workout that is different than what you've done before) is going to be hard on you, and you'll be sore for at least a few days after it. This feeling will go away over time, to the point where you don't really get it too often, unless you do something really crazy (surprisingly for me, that was when I did a workout that was 150 squats, 50 pullups, 100 squats, 30 pullups, 50 squats, 15 pullups. My legs were actually kinda sore on the 2nd and 3rd day after this, which is not normal for me. But to give you an idea, I had our athletes do this same workout and they were cooked for dang near a week).

Similarly, you'll get to the point where you can do intensive squat/hip workouts that would leave a veteran CF'er barely able to walk, leaving only the most elite able to complete it without moderate soreness. Case in point, I made a workout about two months ago, it went like this:

5 Rounds for time:
3 Clean (power clean or full) @ 90% bodyweight
5 Strict weighted pullups (no kip).
7 Ring Dips
9 Bodyweight Back Squat

On the clean, I used 155 lbs which was like 93% for me
On the pullups I did strict bodyweight b/c I had a bout with a minor case of Rhabdo after jumping back into metcons with "Angie" after 2 months of solid strength work over the summer... dumb move. Fried my lats and couldn't barely do a strict pullup for almost 2 months after that, where I used to be able to do 7.
On the dips I did strict dips (my pressing strength still sucks, it would have ceased to be a metcon if I did ring dips)
On the back squat, I used 170 or 172 I think.

I weighed in my bodweight around 166 or so.

So, I did this workout, at round 2 I thought "I am an idiot, I should have made this three rounds", but I finished it with decent time.

Later that week we had Drew in from Crossfit Reno and had him do the same workout (with weighted pullups, and ring dips). Drew did the workout without too much trouble, he was just freaking crazy strong (these weights are like I think only 60% or less of his max, so...)

Another guy did it, but was literally cooked for about a week after. And this guy has been doing CF for nearly a year, has a sub 9:00 Helen time, has done Linda as RX'd, beats me in the filthy 50's, and a host of other achievements.

So I guess what I'm saying is, without being super crazy strong, you can still outperform other folks in squat/hip intensive workouts, and get away with it, while still skating in season.

About question #2:

You will have no trouble with tight muscles if you do Crossfit properly. Actually, most folks, without doing any dedicated stretching regimen, come into our place pretty tight, and within a month they're more flexible than they've ever been. As for me, with short track speedskating, we've got to have a very compact position, and I didn't have the low back/glute/hamstring flexibility to get my legs out to full extension while staying in proper position. I tried all kinds of static stretching and got almost nowhere. I started doing weighted back squats b/c I found Crossfit at that time, and my flexibility was magically there in no time.

About question #3

While you'll probably want to rehab the knee back as best you can, once it's rehabbed, I would actually suggest you DO do lots of squats, even weighted ones, all the way to full depth (aka well below parallel). This will actually strengthen everything that holds your knees in proper position and alignment. I had some knee issues from falling (a 17" blade digging into the ice tip first towards the boards, with my ankle and knee wobbling the entire time, and my body going perpendicular to my blade made for some weird forces on my left knee). After doing squats properly, the problem is mostly gone away now.

Plus, the less you use a joint that has problems, the worse it gets. They say if you hold a joint perfectly static for as little as a couple hours, it starts to degrade somewhat.

As far as being able to maintain skating and workouts:

It depends on your recovery ability. I can only go by your avatar picture, but in that picture you look fairly young. The younger you are, the better recovery you typically have. The more you can sleep, and sleep good, the better recovery you can have. The more you can facilitate active recovery (light, easy movements like light bike rides, light swim, walking, light hiking, etc) on rest days, the better recovery you'll have.

Me, I'm 28 and have 3 kids. The oldest sleeps like a log. The middle one at 2 years old gets an F- (that's "F minus") in sleeping, aka he fails miserably. Though he's gotten a lot better lately, and normally gets up only once a night (consistently) and sleeps for about 9 hours a night on average, sometimes 10. The baby, at 8 months, my wife handles, though he's a miracle baby as far as being happy and easy to get to sleep, he still doesn't sleep through the night.

So, with that alone, I've got a pretty crappy outlook for my recovery from workouts. Couple that with a job where I sit at a computer desk all day, plus owning 2 other businesses, plus speedskating training, am contemplating a run for state representative or congress, writing a book, and trying to spend as much time as I can with the kids, my recovery from workouts is difficult at best.

That being said, our speedskating workouts typically are hard enough that I count them as a workout for that day, and try to adhere to a 3-on, 1-off, 2-on, 1-off schedule, which works out to a 7 day cycle. If I'm overly under-recovered, I'll take a workout day and instead do some active recovery only.

If you've got a match scheduled, you can always re-arrange your workouts if you want, but what you'll probably find is, once you get into the swing of things with Crossfit, you won't have to re-arrange much of anything, except for avoiding ridiculously tough workouts right before a match maybe.
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Old 11-05-2008, 03:58 PM   #5
David Wood
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Re: Crossfit & Rollerderby

Thank you, Matt. (Sorry if that came across as a requirement to contribute, but I was pretty sure you'd have the most complete perspective.)
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Old 11-06-2008, 04:32 AM   #6
Amanda Jane
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Re: Crossfit & Rollerderby

Fisrt of all - wow! thanks guys... I'm so happy that you took the time to read my post and get back to me

I had a 2 hour training session last night which was my first time back on skates after my last injury and I've gotta say it felt pretty good. I think the time I spent trying to get the proper form on my squats the night before actually helped me get into a good low position which was much easier to sustain (i.e my back was'nt arched over and killing me within 2 minutes skating!) Also - being sore from the night before made me much more aware of what I was doing and I got compliments on my form!

Matt, thanks for all your excellent input. My team has only really started to get into the ultra low skating position recently (after a visit from two derby skaters from the US told us to) and allot of us are struggling to get that full leg extension whilst staying compact (which is VERY important as you really dont want to be upright if someone body checks you! )

I also hear you about the knee injury - I've been off skates for only three weeks and there is a definite difference between the flexibility of my right and left (injured) knee... I think I am quite guilty of 'babying' any injured limbs I have- which I know isnt doing me any favours.

I'm also 28 and sit at a desk all day... and outside of my day job I'm an illustrator too which means sitting at a drawing board all night! I used to ONLY have my roller derby training sessions as workouts but I know thats not gonna be enough anymore by a long shot - especially since I found out last night we have a bout in January (so no slacking off over the holidays for me!)

many thanks again to you all - and if you ahve any brainwaves / ideas / opinions you want to shoot my way please feel free!

Lucky Hateball #8
Skate 'till you puke!
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Old 11-06-2008, 10:02 AM   #7
Henry Miller
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Re: Crossfit & Rollerderby

The only think I would ad is the day before a big game should be a rest day no matter what. You should switch the workouts around to make this happen (do 4 in a row once in a while for example). I'm not sure how often your games are, if they are every day you should do crossfit every day as well to get better. If they are weekly, then rest the day before each game, and crossfit after the game - that way you are at your peak for the game.

If it is a practice day continue to do crossfit that day - but make sure there are several hours between the two so you can get some recovery.
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Old 11-06-2008, 11:26 AM   #8
Nick Cruz
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Re: Crossfit & Rollerderby

Welcome Amanda!

I dont have much to add except to say that my sister just started Roller Derby about 6 months ago. She just got drafted and doesn't have her first bout for a little while. She also just started Crossfit. Her team does use the low position ALOT and she is finding that all the squats that she uses in CF is helping her out a bunch. Not to mention her increased metcon capacity. I think that by the time she has her first bout she will be one tough cookie!

By the way, she will be visiting Scotland in January I believe. Maybe she can roll with you gals! Her name is Ruby Rocker and she skates for the Psycho Ex-Girlfriends out of Orange County California.

Again, welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay!

Fullerton, CA There will be blood!
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Old 11-06-2008, 11:46 AM   #9
Jamie J. Skibicki
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Re: Crossfit & Rollerderby

I just checked out roller derby pittsburgh. Holy crap that looks awesome. They need this for dudes. My ankles can't take the pounding of the rugby pitch anymore, but I like hitting people,it's fun.

Side note, holy puberty batman, those chicks are hot.
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Old 11-06-2008, 11:51 AM   #10
Jacob Cloud
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Re: Crossfit & Rollerderby

Originally Posted by Jamie J. Skibicki View Post
They need this for dudes.


Go see it in person, it's a helluva lot of fun. Used to go all the time back in Austin. Go Putas del Fuego!
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