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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 02-26-2003, 06:59 PM   #1
Mike Minium
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Could someone explain to me (or post a relevant URL) how to do a 2-arm dumbbell swing? That's one of the exercises for the WOD tomorrow.


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Old 02-26-2003, 08:37 PM   #2
David Wood
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I'll take a chance on answering this, and hope that someone who knows better will correct me if blow it . . .

Grab an appropriate-sized dumbbell . . . somewhere between 20 and 60 lbs (probably), if you've never done them before.

Hold both hands in the center (hope there's room for both hands). You may have to overlap fingers a bit.

Take a stance with feet a good foot or two wider than shoulder width. Good squat position . . . feet flat and slightly turned out, head up, back with natural arch. Bend your knees a bit and let the DB hang down in front of you, between your legs, holding it with both hands.

Do a small dip with your legs, and on the rise, swing the DB up about 45 degrees.

As the DB swings down, dip with your legs again (bend your knees) and let the DB swing between your legs. Fold slightly at the hips (try not to bend very much in the waist) and let the DB swing back between your legs a bit.

As it swings back up, straighten your legs to give it some momentum and swing it up to horizontal.

Repeat the swings, gradually adding amplitude in front, but not too much behind. Most people end up swinging it to about 45 degrees up, but you can go all the way to vertical if you're so "inclined". Don't swing it so hard that you lose your grip, or it swings over your head and pulls you out of position.

Try to keep a good squat "attitude" in your torso through all the swings. The power for the swing comes from hip extension, not shoulder rising.

Quit before you drop it.

If you get to 20 or 30, use a heavier weight next time.

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Old 02-27-2003, 10:41 AM   #3
jim cupples
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Thank you! I had the same question.
Is there a glossary of terms available that one could reference?
I would also be interested in alternatives to the daily workouts when equipment is not availble, (ie,rope climb)
Great info here, thanks to all.
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Old 02-27-2003, 05:03 PM   #4
jim c
Posts: n/a
I just got out of the Exercise Topics.
I got the info I was seeking and then some.
As a newbie, I have alot of reading to catch up.
Great info, thanks to all.
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