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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Jack Turner
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Shoulder Pain from Cleans?

Over the past two weeks there have been alot of WOD's involving cleans and being in the rack(front squat) position. I dont have access to bumper weights and have to set down the weight very gently or I get the boot from the gym. I think the transition from the rack position to the hang position (whiling setting the bar down) is injuring my shoulder joints somehow. The pain only occurs when doing this movement and it got to the point today when I had to stop the WOD.

Does anyone have this problem or know a better way to get out of the rack position without dropping the weights? I know if I had bumpers this would end. Looking for another option. Thanks.
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Old 09-15-2008, 04:06 AM   #2
Christian Lemburg
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Re: Shoulder Pain from Cleans?


Jim Schmitz, noted olympic lifting coach, has an article about how to lower the weights at He also shows how to do it on his olympic lifting video (which is very much recommended anyway, see

Basically, the idea is to absorb the shock of the weight coming down using your legs. You guide the weight down and catch it at thigh level, lowering your stance and absorbing the impact with your legs by bending them a bit more. This takes some practice, but you will find you get used to it in no time.

If your shoulder joints hurt, you are probably not bending your legs enough. Remember to keep the bar close to your body (your back will thank you), and catch the bar softly, not with an abrupt shock.

Do you know any olympic lifting guys near you who could show you how to do it? If not, it may be a good idea to buy the Jim Schmitz video.

I catch nearly all of my snatch and C&J attempts in the Jim Schmitz way (if I drop to often my neighbours complain too much). With lifts above 80-85% of my max, I catch them behind the neck for snatches, and in rack position for C&J, and transfer them to the squat stands after that. There I can dismount weights until I feel comfortable to take the bar down to the floor again. That works very well.

There are existing discussions about this at and and


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Jason Gregg
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Re: Shoulder Pain from Cleans?

Mine is doing the same thing and actually i was about to post the same question. Only difference mine hurts when i catch the weight on the clean. I moved my hand position around and found a spot where it didn't hurt and also noticed I wasn't using enough legs and using to much of my arms and shoulders to get the weight up. Also, I was letting the bar out to far from my body but unfornutely I noticed to late and have decided to take a couple weeks off from doing anything overhead or that puts alot of strain on my deltoids just to be safe. Then I'll start again with lighter weight and add extra delt raises with 5 pound dumbells in my warm up till I'm sure everything is ok.
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