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Old 05-25-2006, 09:25 AM   #1
Mark Miller
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Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Annapolis  Maryland
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Looking for some help. I am developing a program for my rugby team off season. I was going to have them do the girl name workouts Mondays and Fridays have them do O-lifts on Wedensdays with Speed Agility and Quickness workouts on Tue and Thurs. Does this seem like a good plan? It would run for approx 10 weeks. The real challenge is providing substitutions for the members who do not have access to equipment. Any suggestions for sub of dips, ring dips, or the O-Lifts. I was thinking they could makeup some homemade kettlebells for the O-lifts and but what about dips? Anyone done this?
All suggestions accepted.
Thanks Milla
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Old 05-25-2006, 09:58 AM   #2
Chris Siler
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Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Jacksonville  NC
Posts: 35
Subs include dips from a bench, chair, bed of a truck, etc. Check this mboard for instructions on homemade rings. Sandbags are a good for everything including some o-lifts. Crossfit East message board has an interesting program for offseason basketball that would be easily adaptable. Hope this helps.
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Old 05-25-2006, 10:25 AM   #3
Mark Madonna
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Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Cayucos  California
Posts: 50
Touch rugby for skills to keep it fun.
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Old 05-25-2006, 03:19 PM   #4
Catherine Imes
Member Catherine Imes is offline
Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: St. Louis  MO
Posts: 309
I put together a workout for my Rugby team last fall for those interested and had a few things to consider in addition to access to equipment.

O-Lifts are technical. Do your teammates know how to do these? (Maybe they do) Do you have time and expertise to train them? Power Cleans and Power Snatches are less technical, but I certainly couldn't assume my teammates could do them without some instruction. Don't get me wrong.. I think they are valuable for everyone especially for your tight 5 players.

Sandbags are an excellent idea for substitution especially for any conditioning. You can use them for thrusters in addition to cleaning or snatching them. They are extremely portable so you could haul them out to a track and incorporate them into a workout with running.

Good Luck.

(Message edited by cimes on May 25, 2006)
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Old 05-25-2006, 06:51 PM   #5
Charlie Reid
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Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: San Diego  CA
Posts: 233
I second the use of sandbags.
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Old 05-26-2006, 01:07 AM   #6
Karl Steadman
Member Karl Steadman is offline
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Glossop  Derbyshire
Posts: 598
I had some buddies of mine do a modified 'Helen', done CrossPit styleee!

3 rounds for time

tackle and drive x20
kbell swings x21
pullups x12

couple of 'em lost it.....and all of them loved it!

The key seems to be to use the CF methodology and adapt for sport specifics. The method i use is to make the running or perhaps rower in any given WO, the specifics for the given sport.

I had the lads do this Mon, Wed, Fri, with focus lifts on the Tue, Thu combined with either plyo work or speed/agility work.

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Old 05-27-2006, 05:19 PM   #7
Don Stevenson
Affiliate Don Stevenson is offline
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Sydney  NSW
Posts: 1,038
I strongly reccommend some O lifting (mainly the power versions) and some strongman training with tyres, sand bags and carries.

If you are doing O lifting it's going to have to be more than once a week to be effective but there is nothing stopping you from doing a short O lift session finished off with some conditioning work like carries or tyre flips.
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Old 05-31-2006, 12:09 PM   #8
Mark Madonna
Member Mark Madonna is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Cayucos  California
Posts: 50
Mark Miller,
Have you started your program yet, I just wanted to hear back, I trained two U23 So Cal Women today, they did the CFWU x 3 and
12 kg kb 1 arm snatch 7, 6, 5, reps per arm
16 kg kb swings 15, 12, 9 reps
32 kg kb dead lift 15, 12, 9 reps
10 lb dumbells Thrusters 15, 12, 9
Jumping Pullups 15, 12, 9
they finished with Situps,

Tommorrow will be 5x5 deadlift if I can talk them into it, or sprinting hills 10 sec, 10 sec slow down, 10 sec rest, repeat, because they did not want to deadlift

Their U23 games in Boulder Colorado are in 2 weeks.
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Old 06-01-2006, 04:35 AM   #9
Dan MacDougald
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Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: Atlanta  GA
Posts: 275
I've been training the Georgia Tech team for a while without equipment using a lot of tabata interval work on such stuff as squats, bottom to bottom squats (murderous), burpees (murderous), jumping lunges (voted most murderous), pushups, situps. I intend to add tire pulling and sandbag drills. Sometimes I get really evil, like let's do 300 squats for time, or rounds of 50 squats and 400m run.

This is all very good, but I've recently become convinced that it is necessary to add very high intensity sprint intervals of varying distances up to 400m, and including shuttle runs, to this mix, and when doing these I think it's important to make the rest interval long enough so that they can go all out on each sprint. There is a definite tendency when the rest interval is too short for them to just jog or lope through the work/sprint interval. I've had good luck telling them over and over to rest between sprints as long as they need to, but that each sprint interval must be an all out gut busting effort, and to stop when they can no longer do this. I am a constant cheerleader of HARD EFFORT. Thus they set their own rest interval, and this works pretty well with a group containing all sorts of fitness levels.

If you have equipment, like dumbells or kettlebells or medicine balls, then you can get even more creative, as the other posters have suggested.
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Old 06-02-2006, 04:50 PM   #10
Mark Miller
Member Mark Miller is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Annapolis  Maryland
Posts: 153
Mark Madonna- I sent out the program for the players. I as of yet have not been able to set up a session with them. So at this point im trying to K.I.S.S. so this week was

Day 1
3 rounds for time
400m run+21 d-bell swings+12pullups (helen)

Day 2
sprints/runs 2x400 and 4x200

Day 3
for time
100 pullups+100 pushups+100 situps+ 100 air squats (angie)

Day 4
Touch Rugby /Some Agility Drills
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