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Old 06-04-2010, 04:39 PM   #21
Kevin Shaughnessy
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Re: Squat form check - Knees Out

Originally Posted by Kevin Shaughnessy View Post
Am I on the right track? set 1 set 2

My thoughts on this technique adjustement: It didn't feel all that great. It wasnt significantly harder, and I didnt have to focus on staying on my heels to have my knees not go to far, but extension was harder to keep, and it felt like alot more stress on my lower back.
I wanted to add that my LB felt pretty tight after these sets.
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Old 06-04-2010, 06:03 PM   #22
Joey Powell
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Re: Squat form check - Knees Out

Alright, right concept. Now the problem is that you are "trap dooring" the eccentric (down) then bouncing out of the bottom by sort of just falling. This is rocketing your hips up faster than the weight (#2 of 1st video of this series) when you change directions. At times you compensate by driving knees forward the last bit of the lowering on some reps.

The hamstrings cross both the knee and the hip. as such if you will use them to open the hip it feels like what a scissor jack looks like when you change a tire. Since they cross the knees as well, use them on the way down. Imagine your bar is banded (think bands from westside barbell dynamic effort) to the ceiling and your feet are strapped to the floor.

Now turn off "gravity" and PULL with your hamstrings into the knees at a moderate pace to lower yourself. Then switch from pulling with your hamstrings to close the knee, to pulling with the hamstrings to open the hip at a moderate pace. This constant tension on the hamstrings makes the lift smooth.

Remember stretch reflex is not necessarily a "bounce" as much as it is a stretch assist in the case of a squat, or the hip will out run the barbell.

Now you need to tighten down the abdomen to make up for the sheer stress.

1. Think about the internal muscles that run ALONG the spine and tighten down while pulling your rectum up.
2. Inhale into the abdomen, then use your abs to tighten on the "soccerball" you just inflated.

this now protects the back...just like a deadlift.
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Old 06-04-2010, 08:42 PM   #23
Chris Mason
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Re: Squat form check - Knees Out

WTF are you doing? Your last set looks a lot worse than your first vids. It looks like you are doing good mornings...

Are you trying to box squat?

A little hint, stop listening to every single suggestion.

If you want to see basically perfect box squat form watch this video (WFS)

Mimic that to a "T" and you will be doing just fine.
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Old 06-05-2010, 07:13 AM   #24
Jeff Schanz
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Re: Squat form check - Knees Out

To help with what Joey is saying...

The weight is moving toward the front of your foot at the very bottom where you start the drive back up. This takes the stress off the hips and onto your legs. So you started the initial drive with your legs and then your hips took it the rest of the way up. This is why you're hips are finishing way before your torso. See what I mean by the hips being stronger than the legs?

This is why you need to get some proper footwear. Why is everyone trying to squat and deadlift with bare feet? Is the economy that bad that we don't have shoes to train in?

You have to be on the heels the entire time, ESPECIALLY at very bottom where you initiate the drive up. The heels and the hips work together.

Reminder...look at the ground in front of will help with the hip/mind connection. Always remember, be inside the hips and on the heels from start to finish.

Much better Kevin, you're almost there.
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