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Old 12-09-2005, 11:07 AM   #1
Tirzah Harper
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Just starting out here...right now I have 3-4 days/week M-Th to go to the gym.
My question is, is it more beneficial in your experience to work out at an all-out balls-to-the-wall intensity and (as a newbie) only work out every other day or so (recovery time), or to scale down the intensity so I can work out M-Th?
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Old 12-09-2005, 11:33 AM   #2
Neal Winkler
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Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Shiloh  Il
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Personally, if you are not currently in good condition, I would scale down the intensity and then see if you are sore the next day. If you are still sore even on the scaled down intensity, go for a scaled down intensity AND everyother day routine.

Unless you are already in awesome condition, these workouts are going to make you extremely sore if you go balls to the wall, and most likely you'll still be pretty sore on your next-workout day on the everyother day rotation.

Being sore, in my opinion, is not fun and it runs the risk of giving you a reason not to workout, so I would argue that it is best to avoid it in the early stages of training especially.

Now, if you do the everyother day routine, that only gives you 2 days at the gym to workout. However, just because you're not at the gym doesn't mean you can't workout. You can do some bodyweight exercises while at home to give you a third (or even fourth if you like) day of training.

So, basically what I am saying is the first thing you should do is try a scaled down WOD and see how that treats you. If you are ok the next day, then try another scaled down WOD. However, if your not, then workout everyother day at the gym, and one (or two) bodyweight day(s) at home. Do this until your body gets used to this sort of training.

Others around here seem to like being sore, so they may disagree.

Either way, have fun and welcome to CrossFit.
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Old 12-09-2005, 01:34 PM   #3
Gus Sonnenberg
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Not that he needs the confirmation, but I agree with Neal. The rest inherit with MWF has helped me. That and it enables me to get after the WOD as hard as I can-which is more satisifying then purposefully holding back in my opinion.

I still get sore even after 3 months of "only" MWF routines.
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Old 12-09-2005, 03:07 PM   #4
Ian Holmes
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I would say that you should be sore the next day. If you are not sore then you are not doing a crossfit level intensity... while at the very beginning you don't want to kill yourself, intensity is still needed.
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Old 12-09-2005, 05:22 PM   #5
Graham Hayes
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Mix it up depending on how you feel, on Monday you should be fully recovered and ready to rock, so go for it. If by Thursday you're toast then do something lighter...which will probably help with recovery anyway.
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