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Becoming a Competitor

I am twenty one years old. I am one semester away from finishing college, with a degree in musical theatre performance. I have a traditional personal training certification, and have recently been hired both at my University and at a local gym, but I have very little professional experience. I have a girlfriend who is an elite level dancer, and the company that she wants to dance for next year is in Brooklyn. These facts I know, but beyond them I have no idea what the rest of my life holds. I do know that I love acting onscreen, and I know that I love CrossFit. I know that I want to make brilliant pieces of film and television, and I know that I want to take CrossFit as far as I possibly can.
Tonight I begin my journey to whatever level of competition in CrossFit that I have the potential to reach. The first phase of my plan, which I will execute between now and the end of 2012, is to acclimate my body to a paleo diet (which I have already been implementing) and to a lack of caffeine (which I am now ditching, as it has become a crutch and it makes my thoughts and feelings uneven). Essentially the idea is to cleanse and prepare my body and mind for the training ahead. I am about to buy the kindle edition of Ori Hofmekler's The Warrior Diet, and will possibly be utilizing those principles in my diet as well.
I am going to perhaps abuse the function of this forum a bit and use it essentially as a journal- not just a training log but as a documentation of the tests and triumphs of life in general. Caffeine is something that I have tried to kick multiple times over the last four years or so, almost always without success. This will be the first major dragon that I have to slay on my journey. I had coffee twice today, so tomorrow will be the first of many without. A whole different kind of suck than the kind experienced in WODs awaits. Here goes nothing.
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Re: Becoming a Competitor


No coffee today. Had a couple headaches throughout the day but nothing unbearable or long lasting. Luckily I discovered the show Homeland and started watching that today, which helped with being distracted from any withdrawal symptoms. Started reading The Warrior Diet last night and today and decided to start implementing the strategies. Don't know how accurate I'm being at this point but this is what I've eaten for the day.

Mint tea
A piece of an orange at the grocery store

Nighttime feast: (Eating currently)
I may have gotten a bit overzealous here. I got so amped up about the being able to overeat at night that I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach:
Started with an entire plastic container of arugula, doused in (probably too much) olive oil and vinegar. I'm now slowly making my way through a mixture of an entire container of mushrooms and a dozen eggs. I plan on getting down as much almond butter as I can afterward, while watching the Lions game.
This is the first day, I haven't finished the book, and I didn't really do any exercise today, so as of now opinions of the diet are still up in the air. Because I didn't do much activity, I didn't really have strong feelings of hunger until right before I made dinner. We'll see how that continues. I took a 30 minute + run the other day, and my legs have been annoyingly sore the last couple of days. Hopefully my body feels more up to exercise soon, though I'm saving really intense and regimented training until January 1st. Because I'm cliche like that.
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