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Exercises Movements, technique & proper execution

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Old 04-05-2006, 08:13 AM   #1
Thomas Girouard
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Hurt myself 3 weeks ago doing cleans. Docs say MRI is negative, but it hurts like hell. I have some ROM back, but cannot lift my arm to horizontal and have very little strength. I've been x-fitting for over a year, but have suddenly lost motivation. I have had injuries in the past (mostly hamstings) and have worked through them. I feel like I'm going to lose all the benifits gained. Please help. Looking for some solid advice for full body x-fit type WO's that can be accomplished with one arm while I rehab and recover.
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Old 04-05-2006, 08:47 AM   #2
John Seiler
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I've been limited to one-arm stuff before and know it's no fun (severed both tendons in left forefinger.) Obviously, you'll be spending a lot of time with dumbells. You may be forced to use some cables and machines for a while if you have access (i.e. one arm assisted pullups or seated rows.) You can still do some Oly lifts with the dumbell. The one thing I did when I got the use of my other hand back was to continue doing one arm stuff with both hands until the injured limb had equalled the non-injured limb in all the exercises. This prevented me from favoring my weak arm when I went back to barbell work.

Also, use this time to focus on your legs and core. If you can't support a barbell for squatting, it's time to get intimate with explosive bodyweight exercises and Tabata drills. If your budget allows it, consider a hip-harness for squatting (

Most importantly, do NOT let this get you discouraged. Do not accept anything less than a full recovery! Put it in your head right now that you WILL fully heal and you WILL come back even better than before!
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Old 04-05-2006, 12:27 PM   #3
Jesse Woody
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I am just returning to normal after shoulder surgery. I kept up my fitness with a lot of one-armed dumbell work, such as one-armed overhead squats, cleans, thrusters, snatches etc.

One armed pushups are great for full-body tension. If you want some great met-con, combine a one-armed squat-clean to thruster with situps and jumping, one-armed's a killer.

The Clean to thruster is one of the best dumbell met-con exercises I found, as you will find a huge bluting of the overall effect of common exercises (such as regular thrusters) when you only use one arm.

Of course regular squats and pistols are great too, especially if you can't get your arm into that abducted/externally rotated position to get under a bar. I have started looping a towel around the barbell on my left side so that I can keep it on my back while keeping my arm in a safer spot.

Either way, it will be hard, and at times boring, but it is possible to keep up some semblance of fitness. Good luck!
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Old 04-05-2006, 04:22 PM   #4
David Wood
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I smashed up a rib this winter in a hard fall skiing and couldn't use my upper body for much of anything for 3 weeks, and couldn't use that side for 6. No pullups, no overhead lifting.

The stationary bike became my friend. I can't say I actually enjoyed it, but you can hang on to a lot of your fitness just doing variations on that . . . tabata sprints, easy cruise, hard 10 minutes . . . essentially I was putting myself through a spinning class.

Eventually, I could do one-arm work with the other side. Lots of DB snatches.

It's a pain, but you WILL survive, you WILL get well, and you WILL lift again. The only question is how big a hole will you dig yourself into while feeling miserable.
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Old 04-05-2006, 11:41 PM   #5
paul arestan
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If it can help you keep motivated, research has shown that you gain strength on the injured side if you keep training the good side.
I can't remember where I read it, but a test group was training only one side for a while; at the end of the test, a 20% increase in strength was gained on the side that hadn't been trained.
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Old 04-06-2006, 05:07 AM   #6
Fiona Muxlow
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Injures are a way of making you do things you would never other wise have done
I busted my shoulder a while back.
Single arm dumbbell work and one arm pushups got me through. Its suprising how easy they are when your only other option is to face plant.

My CFWU while one armed progressed as such
Sampson stretch= arms by side/holding injured arm above head/stretching both arms above head.
Squat arms crosed over chest/ held out in front/ overhead squat.
Crunch situp to full situps
Back extension as rex'd
Sub'd Box Jumps for pull ups (took 2 months to be able to even hang and over 4 to be able to bench / but i could handstand in about 1.5)
And One arm pushups for dips.

I had to sub' stationary bike rides for runs and rower for the first 2/3 weeks as the jarring and shoulder movement during running was to painful.

Check out then look under s for shoulder
it has some great "wand" exercised for shoulder rehab. Basically using your broom stick to regain range of motion. I used them and had full range back in about 3 week, strength took longer.

PS my injury was and impact one caused by shoulder point being forced in to the ground at great speed. I ended up with a sublaxation, rotator cuff tear and a chipped clavical.

On pauls point once i started being able to two arm pushups again i stoped with the one arm ones, last month just for fun i decided to see if i could do them again, for some reason i used my bad arm instead, and was still able to do them even though i hadn't trained them on that arm at all.

Rehab smart/ rehab strong
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Old 04-06-2006, 02:13 PM   #7
Thomas Girouard
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Thanks to all for the input and encouragement. Because the pain had not let up, I got a second opinion and was advised yesterday that I have a small (5mm) tear in my supraspinatus... pardon the spelling. Doc has me back on anti-inflamatoires and recommending PT until the pain is gone. Then strengthening exercises for the rotator cuff.

That said, motivation is better. Made it to the gym yesterday and did a modified CFWU, 10 minutes on a treadmill at an 8 minute pace and then 6 sets of 25 BW squats/25 situps. Good to get the juices flowing again.

Will do some DB work tonight at home. Again, thanks for the help and I look forward to more suggestions.
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Old 04-08-2006, 07:08 AM   #8
Craig Van De Walker
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Try doing:
One arm C&J for reps
One arm SN OHS combo for reps (killer)
OA pushups
Stretch bands on pullup bar (or gravitron)and do one arm pullups.

As well as any other lower body work. You should easily be able to put together months of programing.

My favorite is the one arm SN OHS combo for reps. I do them both with a DB and with a bar depending on equipment that day. You can eaither do a SN then OHS ea. rep. Or do one SN and multiple reps of OHS. I actually use a variation of this as a metcon workout. Pick a weight and do 30 reps for time.
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