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Old 10-10-2008, 02:56 PM   #1
Chris Sinagoga
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Crossfit Season 3 Wrap-up

i'm 18 years old and i'm a freshman in college. this is my third year in crossfit and unfortunately i have to stop today cuz i am starting basketball next wednesday and i need to take a few days off to get my body fully recovered.
i was thinking about this crossfit season (which for me was when high school basketball ended in march till now) and i realized had by far my most productive season. i'm actually pretty proud of myself.

things started off by meeting pukie for the first time when i did a 367 on fight gone bad, missing my pr by 2. only to destroy it 10 days later with a score of 408. pr'd in kelly early april with a time of 18:44. did nancy in 15:33 (although i used 70# on ohs). one of the tougher ones of the summer i did was AMRAP in 20 mins of 65# thruster 10x and 10 pullups where i got 14 rounds + 10 thrusters. did the murph in 36:58 in a a huge downpour for one of the coolest workouts i've ever done! for once the murph was actually fun. did elizabeth for the first time as rx'd in 8:47 and diane in 7:56. the 3 rounds of run 800 and 50 pullups took me by suprise and i did it in 19:05. that one killed me. lost to Brian Hassler (posts as brian t) for second time in metcon workout for the 135# thruster and double under. i did 15:59 and he did 12:59. though i got him back on the next day's workout with 135# cleans and GHD situps.
10 rounds for time of 12 pullups and 12 burpees was torture but i got a 15:31. got a 10:33 griff. got 145# 3x of overhead squats (beat brian by 10 lbs!), then 245# front squat and 265# back squat (3x of each). then brian went to cali and i had to do the wods by myself for awhile.

beat my pr in the thruster/pullup 10x workout doing 15 rounds even. the wod with 45 double unders/135# cleans/ring dips/double unders was terrible but i got to use the rings i ordered for the first time and finished (barely) in 16:11. did not do any of the Games wod's but i'm gonna try to get in the games next summer. brian came back just in time to see fran kick my *** with a 4:25, missing my pr by 10 secs. did jeremy as rx'd in 9:50. karen was interesting (and exausting) and i finished it in 6:37. beat my pr of tabata by 21 with a total score of 486. then on the last day of summer before i had to go to school, i smashed my pr of helen, doing it in 7:58 (my previous was 9:something).

then i started to do the workouts at school with an indoor track right outside the weight room. pr'd in angie with 13:32. still trying to break 30 for murph but beat my pr doing 35:39. did 175# front squat 10x (tied brian!). did 315# deadlift 3x for a pr. did linda almost as rx'd (bench was 155#) in 28:48 and almost died. i think i had a slight case of rhabdo or something cuz the next day for fight gone bad, i had to quit (yes, quit) midway through the second round cuz my lower back was completely non-functioning. i made a full recovery just in time for chief to kick my *** (although i never dropped below 5 rounds). beat my pr in fran. doing 3:51, as well as michael, doing 15:34. first time doing grace as rx'd was a 4:24. finally hit a sub 20 filthy 50, doing it in 18:51. virtual shoveling took me by suprise but i did it in 16:58. finished 8 rounds of nicole, peaking at 25 pullups and dropping to a low of 13. beat old pr by 14 secs in the 400 & 50 squat workout running it in 9:07. ended up learning a regular handstand (not against a wall), and got my first full pistol and regular muscle up. got 160# 5x of push jerk. beat my pr by 21 mins! for the 135# dead/clean/fs/pj workout, doing 19:35. and instead of doing Mr. Joshua (rip) today, i had to end the season with the fight gone bad i had to make up. after working out my strategy, i knocked out a score of 425, beating my pr by 17. what a way to finish!

crossfit has been a huge part of my success as an athlete and i'm kinda bummed i have to stop it for awhile. i just can't do both at the same time, i tried before. thank you coach glassman, b, rip, tucker, and all the people responsible for creating the best workout program on the planet.
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Old 10-10-2008, 06:21 PM   #2
Shi-Jeng Goan
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Re: Crossfit Season 3 Wrap-up

Chris, you've had quite the summer indeed. I'm always looking to catch you on the workouts, and seeing your success first-hand has really inspired me to work hard the CrossFit way. I'm really glad you introduced me to CrossFit and it has truly changed my life. Thanks, keep up the great work, and look out because I'm going to catch up to you soon!
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