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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Old 03-30-2006, 07:31 AM   #1
Brian Todd Hassler
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for the past couple of days my lower back on the right side around the sacroiliac joint has been bothering me. everytime I get into the car i get a shooting pain in my glute all the way to my knee. This morning after squating yesterday and the L-pull up workout the day before it is really painful and i am having to limp when i walk. I just read the sciatic thread and it sounds similar but i wanted to throw it out there if anybody had any ideals or solutions. The worst part is i am stubborn about going to a doctor and stubborn about missing a WOD
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Paul Symes
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I started having SI pain nearly 2 years ago and I'm still not over it. Now, every morning it's anyones guess as to what muscles have decided to freak out while I'm asleep and pull my pelvis out of shape.

The sooner you can get strightened out the better. It could be a twisted pelvis or sacrum or it could be the joint itself playing up.

If you are twisted it could be spasming muscles trying to pull you back into shape (maybe piriformis or gluteus medius)which might explain the leg pain too

I'd stop squatting and go to see an osteopath, good luck.

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Kevin McKay
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I have had that for 10 years off and on. It really SUCKS! Pauls assesment sounds right on. Allot of walking seems to really help every step I feel a little piriformis stretch. Sometimes I can get it to pop back by stretching but when it really locks up it usually takes a couple trips to the chiro. There must be something to stretch and something to strenthen to prevent this but I have not found it yet. For me squating to low seems to agravate it. Just take care of it before it sets in.

Hope that brain dump helped

Here are good stretches
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