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Digital Coaching Post pictures or movies for critique and coaching

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Old 11-18-2009, 09:01 AM   #11
Paul Sousa
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Re: Deadlift Check 1x5 275#

Here is a video I posted on Rip's Q&A of me doing a set of 275 for 5. In order to avoid hitting the knees on the way down keep the arch in your back and start with your hips, not your knees.

http://www.****************.com/ (WFS)
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Old 11-18-2009, 09:18 AM   #12
Justin McGinley
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Re: Deadlift Check 1x5 275#

Michael Pilhofer said everything I was going to say.

You are lucky. You have very small problems here, and none of them are the kind that are likely to cause any injury.
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Old 11-18-2009, 10:22 AM   #13
Michael Pilhofer
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Re: Deadlift Check 1x5 275#

Originally Posted by Colin McLafferty View Post
I do have a question about how to correct the bar going over my knees. When I touch the barbell to my thighs at the top, finishing portion of the deadlift, that makes it hard for me to bring the barbell down without it touching my knees. Normally, the bar bangs into my knees that preferable to what I did in the video? If so, good, if not, how would you suggest I get it to clear my knees without banging and without going too far forward? Thanks.
First off I should have prefaced my comments with the fact that your doing a very good job on many of the pieces, most importantly keeping your chest in extension. These are the finer points of detail that all of us need from time to time. As they say, EVERYONE needs a coach. This will take your lift to the next here we go.

If you watch the DECENT of the bar, notice that the first thing to move, that initiates the bar returning to the ground, is your shoulders. You LEAN the bar down to the ground. Here is how I help my clients work this out. I will also say that this will reinforce how the top 1/2 of the lift is performed as well.

Take a PVC at first (just because you can completely screw the pooch with PVC and you will be safe). Stand up with the PVC as if you were at the TOP of the deadlift. (hips and knees open, arms long, chest up)

Simply un-hinge your hips and knees the smallest amount possible. Meaning let them close just a bit. This starts by you pushing your hips back just a wee bit, and your knees should bend ever so slightly. This has nothing to do with your shoulders leaning forward, or collapsing. NOTE: You are keeping your chest in complete extension during this entire process

Next, keeping your knees slightly, just slightly bent (i.e. they will almost be straight and locked...but not quite), I want you with CHEST UP!!!!, push your hips back, and back, and back some more...until the PVC reaches the top of your knees. You should feel the bar ride right down your thighs as this is happening. As you push your hips back it is imperative that you keep your chest in complete extension. Depending on hamstring flexibility, you may start to feel a healthy stretch coming on as the bar descends down your thighs...this is a good thing. It means you are engaging your backside!

Once the bar has reached the TOP of the knees, you will hinge from your knees and return the bar to the start position, compressing everything keeping note to not let your knees run forward on you. You will continue to push your hips back and down and bend just slightly at the knees to return the bar....making sure not to shove the knees too far forward.

Once this makes a little sense, try it with LIGHT weight. The bar + wood plates, or technique plates. I would deadlift it up to the top, and do a little game or returning it as I stated above to just the tops of your kness and STOP! Now think about this. This is also simulates the bar position, or should, of how everything should be if you had dead'd is up to this point. Now, keeping chest in extension, HIPS FORWARD!! That will get you back to the top.

Do that partial return, HIPS FORWARD game for a 3 reps then return it to the ground and start over.

Hope this helps, and hope it wasn't too much info.
Michael Pilhofer
CrossFit MSP
/ Minneapolis, MN
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Old 11-19-2009, 04:57 PM   #14
Colin McLafferty
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Re: Deadlift Check 1x5 275#

Hey Michael,

Thanks so much for the detail and attention you're giving my case. I practiced as you recommended with PVC tonight. I definitely felt that big stretch in my hamstrings.

I focused on bending ever so slightly with my knees and hips. On the descent, I push my hips back while keeping tension in my hamstrings because my knees remain just slightly hips do go pretty back and low though.Does that sound correct to you? I felt like I was sort of "lean"ing into the descent as you suggested. I'm pretty sure I did it correclty.
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